Turkish Prime Minister visit to Tehran

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Answers to Questions


Sixth Question: What is the reason for the sudden visit of the Turkish Prime Minister to Tehran on 04/03/2016, and what are the dimensions of that visit?

Answer: The sudden visit of the Turkish Prime Minister to Tehran on 04/03/2016 was upon the request of Iran rulers. Although during this visit the possibility of signing a deal to export Iranian gas to Turkey at preferential prices was discussed, the key reason for the visit was discussing the issue of the Kurdish entity in northern Syria.

It is true that Iran has served America's projects in Afghanistan and Iraq, while at the same time America facilitated imposing her policies in Iraq and imposing Shi'ism in Syria, but it does not mean that Iran is the one who is the decision maker in Iraq, Syria or even in Yemen and Lebanon. America has succeeded in involving Iran who is a subordinate state of her, and depleting her in Syria and Iraq the same way she has done to Saudi Arabia in the war in Yemen. America who is the only international decision-making state has plans and strategic interests she wants to accomplish in the region, so she uses her both "Shi'ite" and "Sunni" agents as the fuel and firewood to make her projects successful, particularly the Greater Middle East initiative.

It was clear that Iran's reaction to the Kurdish entity project in northern Syria was passive. Therefore, America involved Russia in the Syrian file, because Iran rulers fear the repercussions of the Syrian Kurdish entity. We should keep in mind that Iran has more than seven million Kurds, and the first Kurdish movement which intended separation was Qazi Muhammad Movement, who founded with Mustafa Barzani Mahabad Republic in 1946, and the movement lasted 11 months, with the support of Joseph Stalin. If we think over the fact that Iran has nationalities other than the Persian race like the Arabs, the Baluchis, the Azeris and other influential sect ( Sunni sect), we will realized how extreme the danger against our country is, and which the rulers know. Yet, they will remain inactive if America succeeds in imposing the Kurdish province in Syria. The risk of partition in Syria threatens not only Turkey, but also Iran on a larger scale and faster than wildfire.

This is what makes the rulers of Turkey and Iran shiver out of fearing the federalism project, especially after the statement of the former CIA director, Michael Hayden, who said that the Middle East is now witnessing "tectonic" changes. The term is derived from the movement of tectonic layers of earth that causes earthquakes and moves continent, and so the changing of terrain. Hayden said in an interview with CNN (26/2/2016), "We are seeing a melting down of the post-WWII Bretton Woods American liberal order. We are certainly seeing a melting down of the borders (agreed upon) drawn at the time of Versailles and Sykes-Picot. I am very fond of saying Iraq no longer exists, Syria no longer exists; they aren’t coming back. Lebanon is teetering and Libya is long gone."

Such a statement and other statements alongside the US moves urged Ahmet Davutoglu to stress on March 6th; two days after his visit to Iran, and on his way towards Brussels to attend the European Turkish summit, that Turkey rejected projects to divide Syria, pointing out that his visit to Tehran was successful, and he concluded by saying, "We do not want a partitioned Syria... 100 years ago, Sykes-Picot partitioned the region. We should not allow again the division into small pieces." The rulers of Turkey and Iran, despite their awareness of America's partitioning plans, have not comprehended that their affiliation to America prevents them from opposing practically her plans that resolved to replace the new Kerry-Lavrov agreements with the old Sykes-Picot agreements. Although America's agents in the region, have realized that they are heading to their doom and dismantling their countries sooner or later, they cannot escape their involvement in these wars nor do they can save themselves from the political traps America set for them. In fact the reason for the inability of these agents to react is their silence towards the oppressors, connecting their existence to the consent of America, adopting capitalism as the ideology of the state and refraining from depending on their Ummah and the spiritual, intellectual and physical capabilities she has, which enable them to expel America and the western countries and to uproot their influence in the region.


7 Jumada al-Oulah 1437h

16 March 2016