Clashes with Tunisian security forces

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Answers to Questions


Fourth question: What is the truth about the clashes between the army and the Tunisian security forces with the groups, accused of being affiliated with Da'esh, near Ben Guerdane -the city bordering Libya?

Answer: The main aim of the clashes that took place in southern Tunisia between the Tunisian army and the Da'esh-affiliated "armed group" in the city of Ben Guerdane is to stir up the situation in order to prepare a favourable public opinion in Tunisia, which is strongly averse to any military intervention or any Tunisian participation in any such interference within Libya.

America who designated Tunisia "a strategic non-NATO ally", and put it at the top of the list for the receipt of financial aid and military equipment among the Arab Maghreb countries, wants Tunisia to open her airspace, land and sea to the US Army and the armies of Europe so that they can launch their ground invasion or air strikes from her against Libya.


7 Jumada al-Oulah 1437h

16 March 2016