Saudi and Jordan and Plan B

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Answers to Questions


Third Question: Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir confirmed that Jordan would be a partner in Plan B should the truce in Syria encounter a stumbling block. What is Plan B and what is Jordan's role in it?

Answer: Plan B, i.e. the alternate plan, is in fact an internationally and regionally-backed American plan to impose the federal system on Syria by force in case the political process in Geneva hit a stumbling block and failed to achieve this. As for the details of plan B, America wants Jordanian ground troops to enter southern Syria and Saudi and Turkish forces to lead the so-called Islamic alliance to intervene in northern Syria once they have gathered in southern Turkey under the guise of fighting Daesh; in fact, America's aim is to entrench all the warring factions in their respective positions in order to shape the provinces in preparation for the rise of a federal Syria. Officialising and protecting the borders would turn the provinces into a reality over which the various factions would negotiate.

Jordan's role in executing plan B, should the truce in Syria fail, is to have a host of combat units enter the area of Dara'a in southern Syria. The firing of missiles from US batteries from Jordan into Syria under the guise of shelling Daesh positions is a prelude to staging a ground incursion under the command of the Alliance Forces with the pretext of combating "terrorism", especially if a host of incidents were engineered, akin to the incident of Irbid, that aim to steer public opinion in Jordan towards supporting the intervention of some army units within the international alliance or the Islamic alliance forces under the guise of protecting the security and borders of Jordan.

With the Saudi foreign minister confirming Jordan's participation in implementing plan B, the reality of such participation will contribute to fragmenting Syria into ethnic and sectarian entities united temporarily by a frail federal system that would soon disappear and be replaced by independent entities. Once the Syrian state has disappeared, southern Syria may be annexed by Jordan under the pretext of giving the Syrian refugees a safe haven and protecting the remnants of the "Sunni" population in the south, which would be sandwiched between the Alawite entity and the Druze entity to the east. This would reassure "Israel" once the armed Islamic groups have been annihilated.And in the context of the possible pushing away of the armed Islamic groups, especially al-Nusrah Front, we can perceive the operation of Irbid that took place in the beginning of March and what it carries in terms of security dimensions aimed at instilling fear in people's hearts about the possible cooperation between the Jihadi movements in Jordan and their counterparts in southern Syria. The scale of the political and media coverage of the operation was remarkable since it was designed to build public opinion in favour of Jordanian military participation in America's projects to destroy the Ummah, especially in the governorate of Dara'a, with the alternative plan B and under the pretext of fighting "terrorism" and securing Jordan's borders. The enemies of the Ummah from among the Americans and their allies will only refrain from destroying and weakening the Muslims' lands temporarily, until their plans to fragment the Muslim countries are completed by exploiting some of them to perpetrate further crimes against the Ummah. Hence, if the collaborators are happy to proceed in serving their masters, then how long will the freemen of the Ummah keep silent over this?

7 Jumada al-Oulah 1437h

16 March 2016