Conspiracy to Uproot Islam from Land of Haramayn

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Political Comment - The Conspiracy to Uproot Islam from the Land of the Haramayn

“Indeed, those who contend against Allah and His Messenger - it is they who shall find themselves among the most abject.” [al-Mujadilah-20]

In conjunction with the events of Riyadh Season 2021 consisting of over 7000 events including 70 Arab and six international concerts, in addition to 10 international exhibitions and 350 theatre shows, and in conjunction with the first edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival (RSIFF) in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, attended by a sizable number of world film “stars” from various European countries and Hollywood, among them gays, feminists and gay rights activists according to Middle East Eye (MEE), thus reflecting a debauchery aiming at promoting liberalism and freedom of speech, the first three-day Riyadh Philosophy Conference organised by the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission at King Fahad Library in Riyadh, was launched on Wednesday 8 December. The conference gathered an “elite” of intellectuals and personalities involved in thought and philosophy from Saudi and other parts of the world. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission, Dr Mohammed Hasan Alwan, said in the opening speech of the conference that “Saudi is one of the countries of the world that is changing most, and no country could match it in terms of dynamism for revival, an issue which will have various philosophical, intellectual and cultural overtones.”

Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman put forward in 2016 a reform plan under the theme of “Vision 2030” based on investment in the entertainment sector among others. He also announced in October 2018 that “the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be completely different in the next five years.” He also said, “if we succeed in the next five years, the countries of the region will join us” adding “this is the war of the Saudis and this is my war, which I am personally waging.”

Effectively, in the past five years, he has killed off the traditional religious image of Saudi; and Jordan joined him through the Netflix films which were designed to corrupt young girls and boys, and through the concerts which were officially immunised against the coronavirus to the exclusion of other social events. Saudi was also joined by Tunisia through waging a war on the Shari'ah rules and spreading poisonous films such as Black Medusa and what it entails in terms of debauchery and destructive feminist concepts.

As for the philosophy conference in Saudi, it is the most dangerous on the awareness of Muslim youth as it includes a host of “workshops addressing contemporary issues” and sheds light on the “role of philosophy in understanding the world today.” The conference includes various activities designed to “embed the value of philosophical thought among young generations and incentivise their interest in it,” according to what has been stated. The West’s aim from recommending the inclusion of philosophy in the educational curricula is to poison, and even destroy, the Islamic personality and reconfigure the awareness among the youth and shape their thought according to what philosophy, its cognitive resources and its outputs that contradict religion involve such as making reason the judge of good and bad instead of the Shari'ah texts, weakening Muslims’ link to religion and its authority while injecting them with the constructs of Western culture such as the methods of scientific research in humanities rather than the natural and experimental sciences. All this is to be effectuated through the gates of “openness to the world today” and perceiving it with its contemporary tools such the philosophy of “enlightenment” which stipulates that reason can do away with religion thanks to science, as well as marketing all this to Muslim youth in its quality as proud achievements, thus encouraging them to adopt the secularist and liberal democratic values and concepts which are built on Relativity of Truth, man’s centrality and denying the authority of revelation to eventually imposing a cognitive boycott on Islam, its values and its history, accepting the corrupt reality, submitting to the colonialists and their imported thought and acquiescing to the collaborating rulers and client regimes. They have exploited the Open Skies Policy to generate interaction between cultures while coating their corrupting of the Ummah with “reform and renewal” with the help of the herds of “cultural elites” who assumed the attribute of “enlightenment” to deal Islam a blow, distort it and cast doubt on its constants.

Dear Muslims,

Your children should be wary of what is concocted against them by arming themselves with intellectual and political awareness, mobilising themselves for the vital issue and the ferocious war against their religion, and repel the intellectual and military onslaught of the Kuffar which is threatening to destroy the Ummah and the future of her children with the collusion of her collaborating rulers. Mohammed bin Salman admitted during an interview with the Washington Post in 2018 to have harnessed religion and mobilised Wahabism at the behest of the West for the sake of foreign agendas and declaring war on Islam in the cradle of the Islamic religion. He has set about executing what he had pledged to his masters in the White House as he deems the war on Islam and its conveyors his personal crusade; and he is about to uproot what is left in terms of religious monuments and rites in the land of the Haramayn so that he may be joined by the rest of the Islamic lands, as he promised, and follow in the footsteps of his partner, the Satan of the Arabs, Mohammed bin Zayed, who has turned the Emirates into a house of prostitution, debauchery and intoxicants, and who used, with the help of bin Salman and the rulers of the Gulf, the riches of the Muslims to fight Islam and buy the loyalty of the leaders, politicians, academics, media professionals, “scholars” and “sheikhs” whose disregard for religion has led some of them to propagate the profligate events of Riyadh Season 21. This is what former Imam of the Holy Mosque Adel al-Kalbani did, exactly like what “sheikh” Abdul Fattah Moro did in Tunisia. Wallowing in the obscenities of the rulers has even led the Imam of al-Haram al-Makki, sheikh Sudais to sing the praises of the enemy of Islam and the Muslims, Donald Trump, and the treachery of other “sheikhs” who have not only entered the hole of the lizard but even relished dwelling in there, led them to make the blood of the Muslims violable in the Gulf War, side with the rulers against the masses, make their obedience an obligation, justify the carnages perpetrated against the Muslims in the “Arab revolutions”, legitimise treason, peace and alliance with the usurping Zionist entity, and recognise its “right” to exist. Those profligate and depraved rulers harnessed the riches of the Muslims to recruit spies, support the collaborators and criminals, destroy the Muslims’ lands in the “Arab Spring” and establish the projects of normalisation with the Zionist entity. They however deprived the oppressed Muslims in Gaza, Kashmir, Burma and the displaced women and children living in refugee camps of those riches, knowing that the plight of those oppressed Muslims is but the construct of the guided, criminal and reckless policies of those rulers who blessed the oppression of the Uyghur Muslims in China and concocted an “Abrahamic” religion to efface the boundaries between Islam and Kufr and integrate the Zionist entity in the region. They also spent the funds of the Muslims generously, wastefully and profligately on their luxuries and entourage and on the disseminators of Westernisation and libellers of the Islamic religion, as well as the propagators of debauchery, decadence, sordidness, whoredom and profligacy from among male and female “artists” whom they turned into icons and role models. All this has been occurring within a frenzied campaign against Islam, its constants, and its foundations, especially the Prophetic Sunnah which epitomises the Islamic way of life in its political aspects and moral splendour.

Dear Muslims,

The calamity of the Ummah in her religion due to the doctrinal desertification and the bulldozing of its values is tremendous, and her material losses, pillaged for her enemies and their poodles in Muslims’ lands are immeasurable. Sincere scholars, parties and influential figures should spread awareness about Islam, its sanctities, and the duty of Muslims towards it. They should infuse in the Ummah the spirit of struggle and standing up to the Kuffar Westerners whose confrontation can never be through importing their way of life, consuming their culture, concluding alliances with them and mortgaging the country to their interests.

The “scholars” and “sheikhs” ought to emulate their predecessors, the beacons who made sacrifices, and refrain from betraying Islam and letting it down under the pretext of eating carrion meat being permissible out of necessity, return to the rulers their merchandise such as carrion, swine flesh and the crumbs of their tables instead of making of them a feast, enjoying eating them and calling those not driven by necessity to join in; if they serious about supporting their religion and their Ummah, they should get involved in commanding what is good and forbidding what is evil and adopt this action as a muzzle to deter the traitorous rulers and regimes from conspiring and perpetrating falsehood. They should arm themselves with the succour of their Lord Who says, “If you help the cause of Allah, He will help you.” [Mohammed-7], derive their inspiration from the bravery and stance of the classical scholars and rely on their popular support credentials. They are capable of overcoming the state of horror from the rulers by truly relying on Allah the Almighty, believing in His Qadaa and His Qadar and realising that the oppressive rulers suffer pain even as we suffer it and that we are hoping from Allah what they cannot hope for, and that the forces of the Ummah and the influential sections therein are capable of surpassing the roles Imposed by the systems of corrupt governance and the collaborating rulers. The sincere scholars are even capable on their own to awaken the resolves of the oblivious to the plots, deceptions , betrayals and conspiracies of the rulers, and capable, with the help of Allah the Almighty, to lead the Ummah, seize the initiative, topple the Kufr regimes, establish the religion of Allah and resume the Islamic way of life if they reenergised their drive and mustered the forces for it; they would only need to take the root causes into account, have iman in the rules of Allah the Almighty and His support, and rely on Him. This is what is becoming of the “scholar” who would be ashamed of Allah his Lord finding him where He prohibited him, or not finding him where He commanded him.

“Those who convey Allah’s messages, and stand in awe of Him, and hold none but Allah in awe: for none can take count as Allah does.” [al-Ahzab-39]

11 Jumada al-Oolah 1443h
15 December 2021