Communiqué to the Islamic Ummah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

                                                                                                 Communiqué to the Islamic Ummah

The US has set about fostering the enormous shock she instigated from the gates of the Emirates to liquidate the issue of Palestine after she had harnessed the regimes and the masses of the Middle East to absorb the final outputs that she engineered through the Arab Spring. America has led the children of the Ummah towards total paralysis to the point where they became unable to stand up to the collaborating regimes after they had been subjected to all kinds of oppression, victimisation, intimidation, and humiliation. She generated the appropriate atmosphere for the regimes to break the resolve of their masses, violate their sanctities and perpetrate the most repugnant of treasons, namely normalisation and alliance with their arch enemy, the Jews. In the past few days, US president Donald Trump has been talking about the agreement between the Emirates and the Jewish entity to normalise their ties, and mentioned that leaders of other states had contacted him enquiring why they had been excluded from the agreement. He also indicated that monarchs, presidents, governments and dictators used to call him to dissuade him from moving the US embassy in "Israel" to al-Quds, but he ignored them and stressed that the ceremony of opening the embassy in al-Quds quelled all the claims of possible serious fallouts as a result of his decision.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived yesterday in the region to begin his Middle East tour to corroborate what they refer to as the “Arab-Israeli peace efforts”. He will soon be seconded by Donald Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who is expected to visit several countries. Pompeo arrived today in Khartoum on a direct flight from the Jewish entity, and he intends to visit several Gulf States, starting with Bahrain and the Emirates, whereas Kushner and his team are expected to visit "Israel", Bahrain, Oman, Saudi and Morocco as a part of their tour expected to start at the weekend.

Although the visits of Pompeo and Kushner, and before them the US president’s sponsorship of the "Israeli"- Emirati agreement, come within the context of shoring up Trump’s forthcoming electoral campaign, in addition to supporting Netanyahu in his domestic tussle, what is more dangerous in these events is that they help execute the so-called Deal of the Century which aims at liquidating the Palestinian issue, coercing the Ummah into capitulating completely to America, and establishing peace with the Jewish occupiers. These events epitomise even the war on Islam and the Muslims, as per the statement of the Emirati ambassador to Washington reported by "Israeli" newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth in which he said that “Islamic expansion encourages extremism and undermines stability”, and he described the Muslims’ Jihad and history as the “ugly legacy of animosity and conflicts”. 

America, who has arranged this agreement between the Jewish entity and the Emirates, and to whom the rulers grovel and portray as the fair arbiter, is in fact the enemy who fostered the Jewish entity after Britain enabled it to exist and to seize more lands in 1967. It is America who hampered the withdrawal from those lands and sold the Arabs and the Palestinians the delusions of a fully independent state existing side by side with the usurping entity, and who reneged on all her pledges and promises and enabled "Israel" from imposing the fait accompli on all the Arabs and not only the Palestinians, simply because she had known they were vulnerable and humiliated by her agents from among the rulers. It is America who will coerce the Arab states into dissolving the Palestinian refugees in their countries so that she may draw the curtain on the issue of Palestine for good, so that the Jewish entity may remain exclusive to the Jews.

What America and all the Kufr camp do not realise is that the Islamic Ummah, irrespective of all the terror perpetrated against her by the ruling gangs the Kuffar have been supporting, and regardless of all the forms of deception, rejects categorically being in the same camp as the Jewish entity. Those puppets they call rulers do not represent the Ummah in any shape or form; their conciliation and peace will remain dead letter and their endeavours will be in vain no matter how much they spend in terms of wealth to buy silence and loyalty. They can never dream of normalisation with the Ummah as long as Islam remains within the veins of her children.

What the UAE has recently perpetrated, and what some of the ruling gangs in the region intend to perpetrate in service to their masters, is designed to tame the Muslims so that they may accept to coexist with the usurping Jewish entity. The accursed Sadat deemed the issue a mere psychological barrier between us and the Jews and chose to ignore their usurpation of the Palestinians' land and their vilification of their sanctities, as well as their unspeakable carnages that shamed humanity as a whole with the women, children and elderly they slayed. He also chose to ignore what was embedded in the hearts of the Muslims in terms of the Qur’anic verses telling them of Jews’ Kufr, treachery and slaying of the prophets unjustly.

Dear Muslims

The fig leaves with which the rulers have been covering their shameful acts have fallen off and their reality has been exposed. They (the rulers) are intellectually and emotionally totally separated from the Ummah. The Islamic Ummah has rejected them and has been yearning for the day she will rid herself of them. Their depravity and jostling to serve their masters will not be wiped from her memory. She will exact punishment from them for all the crimes they have perpetrated against her. The fake masks behind which they have been hiding can no longer shield them. The Ummah will sooner or later avenge the crimes perpetrated by the traitors, their sponsors and Donald Trump and the other oppressors of the world will not be able to come to their aid.

Dear Muslims

What the US president said regarding the ceremony of moving the US embassy to al-Quds, and his decision to ignore all the warnings of some rulers about the consequences of such an undertaking, claiming that the success of the ceremony quelled all the claims that his decision would cause serious consequences, all this reflects his oblivion to the reaction of the Islamic Ummah since he relied on the iron-fist approach of the ruling gangs in the Muslims’ lands should the Ummah protest against their traitorous behaviour and their subservience to their masters, the enemies of Islam and Muslims. Hence, will the Muslims keep silent over the bullying of those puppet rulers who are now desperately jostling for perpetrating this grave treason, they call normalisation, in total disregard of the Ummah and her men?

Dear Muslims

The depraved rulers, the slaves of America and all those who support them from among the Ummah’s children, be they influential figures, senior officials, civilians and military alike, need to be confronted. All those who support the rulers from among the children of the Ummah and who do not make them hear your rejection of what they are committing in terms of crimes against her, her sanctities and her future, including the so-called normalisation with the Jewish entity, are in fact aiding the criminals and the Ummah will categorise them as traitors acting hypocritically and currying favour with the oppressors and protecting them. The usual excuse of being mere employees executing orders will be of no avail to them before Allah, the Almighty, and before the Ummah. The real response of the Ummah to the despicable crimes of the rulers and those who lend them their support will be shocking to them, and it will sweep away their rotten thrones. Their masters, who keep disparaging and belittling the Ummah and her powers and faculties, will witness from her that which will prove to them that she is far greater than those midgets tampering with her fate, without taking into account the fate of their repugnant acts and the fate of their tools who are grovelling to normalise their ties and enter into alliance with the Jewish entity.

“The Unbelievers spend their wealth to hinder (man) from the path of Allah, and so will they continue to spend; but in the end they will have (only) regrets and sighs; at length they will be overcome: and the Unbelievers will be gathered together to Hell;” [al-Anfal-36]

Hizb ut-Tahrir

6 Muharram 1442h

25 August 2020