Communiqué to the Ummah


Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

Communiqué to the Ummah

The wave of protests has been intensifying across the region. After the ousting of the Tunisian and the Egyptian rulers from office and the events spreading to Yemen, Libya and Bahrain, and finally to Syria and Jordan, the winds of change are expected to reach most of the Arab region.

What is remarkable is that the Kafir America and the West who had appointed those rulers, sponsored them and protected their own interests through them for decades, now seem to support the desire of the masses to get rid of those rulers, when it was only a short while ago that the Kafir America and the West did not display animosity towards them.

Zein el-Abideen was secular and the whole of his ruling clique were Ataturk-style radical secularists. Hosni Mubarak was America’s godfather in the region. The Yemeni president was America’s right-hand man in the so-called war on terror. As for Gaddafi, he air-lifted Libya’s nuclear facilities in wooden boxes to George Bush Junior on the eve of his second presidential election so that he could prove to the American people that his “war on terror” policy had been successful. This helped Bush win his second term in office. So what is occurring and what has changed with those rulers that led America to dump their services and currently appears to be working assiduously to help the masses in getting rid of them?

What is striking and also remarkable is the blatant absence of any Islamic slogans among the people’s demands as if the irate masses who resent their rulers have never heard of Islam and the obligation to implement it, despite the fact that Islam is the Deen of the overwhelming majority. Opinion polls in the West reveal that the majority of the Muslims want Islam to be implemented. In a survey conducted by Gallup in the Arab region, 94% of the Arabs surveyed said they wanted Islam to be the main source of legislation and 64% want Islam to be the only source of legislation. In fact, most of those surveyed said Islam constituted a fundamental aspect of their lives. So how does this tally with the absence of Islam and its slogans among the masses’ demands?

In answer to this, we say that this American rebellion against the rulers and her support of the masses and their choices were not conceived on the spur of the moment. It was rather an execution of a project that the American administration had announced more than five years ago, namely the Greater Middle East Initiative. The project included replacing the police regimes in the region with popular ones. Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State during the Bush administration, expressed a tremendous enthusiasm for the democratic transformation in the Middle East even if this led to changing and replacing the affiliated and allied regimes. When she was told that interactions in the region would only lead to chaos or the dominance of Islamic groups and that they would not necessarily lead to a victory for democracy, she did not hesitate in saying that the status quo was unstable and that the chaos generated by the process of the change towards democracy would at first be some kind of creative chaos that would probably produce a better situation than the current one experienced by the region.

By generating popular regimes that the Ummah would embrace, America aims to consolidate her presence in the Muslims’ lands to secure her unilateral supremacy in this century. She believes Islam is the main enemy and its return to lead the Muslims through one single State will threaten the West’s existence and its interests in our lands and in the whole world. What reassures America about the possible success of her plans for the Greater Middle East, which covers the Islamic world from western China to the Atlantic, is the emergence of support from the Ummah for the new regimes based on her conviction in the Western civilisation’s thoughts which had crept into the minds with a deliberately vague understanding in order to ensure that the line between Kufr and Islam remained blurred.

The Kafir America realises that the masses of the region are incensed by their rulers and have rejected them because of their excessive oppression, crimes, corruption and squandering the pride and dignity of their subjects, and because they have abandoned the Ummah’s Deen and prevented it from being the basis of her life and the source of her unity and might. America is certain that the Ummah is on the verge of erupting and she only needs to bell the cat.

Egypt has been the country where America’s preparations to change the ruler are blatant. Several organisations and personalities opposing the regime have come to prominence. The Al-Ghad party led by Ayman Nour is the most infamous party in terms of collaboration with America and al-Baradei is among the most prominent personalities being groomed to be a substitute for Mubarak. The American embassy played a filthy role in dispatching several Egyptian youths to the Freedom House Centre, which is linked to the American intelligence services, to coach them on democratic values and leadership, saturating them with Western culture. They were the ones who subsequently led the Facebook revolution. Had it not been for the event of al-Bouazizi in Tunisia which sparked the revolution from Tunisia, Egypt would have been the first candidate for the occasioning of the changes that had been pre-planned for Egypt and other countries of the region.

The discarding of Islam’s slogans was calculated and premeditated. One of the journalists mentioned that when a demonstrator in Egypt attempted to hoist the slogan of “Islam is the Solution”, he was attacked and prevented by some demonstrators. She literally said: “They were going to devour him”. The leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood prevented its members who had partaken robustly in the Egyptian protests from raising the slogan of “Islam is the Solution” and even from raising the Qur’an since its raising means that it should be the source of the Muslims’ constitution, under the pretext of safeguarding the “national unity”, despite the fact that democracy that the West and its surrogates brag about exhorts the minority to respect the wishes of the majority, and the majority in Egypt and the other parts of the Muslims’ lands are Muslims.

The real reason for discarding the slogans of Islam is America’s desire to deceive the Ummah into making huge sacrifices for slogans which in reality are not from Islam. However, most people are oblivious to their denotations which conclusively contradict Islam such as “yes to democracy”, “yes to the civil state”, “no to the police and theocratic state” and the like. If lives were sacrificed for such slogans, it would make it extremely hard to retract for those who based their stance on them. Under the deception of preserving national unity, America would prove through those who have appointed themselves as leaders of the protests that Islam and its slogans have no presence among the aspirations of the masses and that people are calling for secular slogans that separate religion from life.

Dear Children of the Noble Islamic Ummah

You have proven beyond any shade of a doubt before all and sundry that you have the qualities of bravery, ardour and exceptional sacrifice. Your sacrifices in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain in the face of the tyrant rulers have been tremendous. As for sacrifices in Libya, they have exceeded what the world expected from you. It had been hoped that the high sacrifices would have led to the disintegration of the cloud of Kufr and its rules which were the reason behind the fading of the Ummah’s grandeur and the loss of her power and dignity, depriving her of the pleasure of Allah for almost a century who has commanded her to convey the message of Islam to mankind to bring it out of the darkness and lead them to the light of Islam. It was also hoped that awareness would be generated about the dangers of America’s eager endeavour to execute her devious schemes to obliterate and dissolve the identity of the Islamic Ummah by thrusting her towards effectively embracing the Western thought, severing her link with her Islam, fragmenting her further and dividing her opinion in order to keep her paralysed, feeble and stripped of her faculties for decades to come, Allah forbid.

Dear children of the Noble Islamic Ummah

It is Islam alone that safeguarded your unity and protected your grandeur and dignity. With your Islam, you were mighty in front of the nations of the world; your State was even the superpower for several centuries. The Kufr of democracy that has become embedded in the minds as being the right to choose the ruler and the opposite of oppressing people contradicts the Aqeedah of the Muslims that stipulates worshipping none but Allah (swt) and never challenging His legislation. “Do they seek the rule of the days of Jahilya?” [5-50]T.M.Q.

Democracy gives people the right to legislate rather than to Allah. It deserves to be repulsed by the Muslims, not to be raised as one of their slogans or to call for it as if it were a pillar of the Deen.

The Kufr reflected in the call for a civil state or in the raising of the banner of “no to the theocratic state” should not concern us as Muslims, let alone raising as one of our slogans. This is because the civil state means the state that separates religion from life and confines religion to the acts of worship related to the relationship between the Muslim and Allah to the exclusion of his relationship with other people and with the state, and even the relationships of the Islamic State with other states. Just like Islam has ordered prayer and fasting, it has also decreed the transactions, the penal code and the treaties. There is no difference between the ayat (verses of the Quran) related to the rules of Salat and the ayat related to the penal code, contracts and treaties.

Dear Muslims

The Kafir America and the West are gathered to fight your Deen and to obliterate the Islamic personality from your lands. They direct their agents to exploit your sacrifices to breathe new life into secularism and the secularists in our lands. Despite their ardent secularism and their wholehearted call for democracy, they would overlook anything contradicting their democracy if it meant keeping Islam out of the realm of life. They have been tried and tested in this and the Ummah has long been burned by their fire. They call for the need to coexist but they refuse to accept Islam and those who call for its implementation although it is the Deen of the Ummah. They call for human rights but the way they deal with the Muslims is devoid of any humaneness. They call for pluralism but all the constitutions of the Muslims’ countries ban any party established on the basis of Islam, the Deen of the Ummah. They call for respecting the wishes of the majority except in the Muslims’ lands where the majority must respect the wishes of the minorities such as the Christians, the communists and the Baathists whose shelf life has expired.

Dear Muslims

Despite of all the aforementioned attempts by America, the Kafir West and their agents in the Muslims’ lands, headed by the rulers of Turkey whom the Kuffar adopt as a replica for alienating Islam from society and from the state, you are, by Allah, capable of settling the battle of the thoughts and the emotions or what America refers to as the battle of the “hearts and minds”, in favour of Islam and the Muslims.  You are also capable of thwarting the plans of America, the successor of Western colonialism and the leader of the Kafir West in its attempt to obliterate the features of Islam and to dash the hopes of the Muslims in regaining their unity, glory and might. This can only be achieved through the adherence to the Islamic thought and the rejection of the Kafir Western thought.

Therefore, we ought to focus on spreading the general awareness about the Islamic thoughts, emotions and rules among the mainstream youths of the Ummah because the fundamental plane of the struggle with America and the Kafir West revolves around the existence of Islam as the basis of the Ummah’s life and the Aqeedah upon which the Islamic State is built, or the permanent exit of Islam from the battle with America and the Kafir West. If this were to happen, Allah forbid, it would signal the demolition of the Ummah and it would leave her enslaved and robbed for generations. Our Ummah was the beacon of the world for centuries and she is more deserving than America to lead the world. We are, by Allah, stronger than her with our Aqeedah and the rules of our Deen. This is what America and the European states dread. They try to deceive us with decaying and phony slogans and with hired agents. They also devise the plans to win this decisive round against us if we did not shoulder the full responsibility towards our Deen.

"Verily, these people will be destroyed for that in which they are engaged, and All that they are doing is In vain." [7.139] TMQ

Hizb ut-Tahrir

26 Rabi’ al-Thani 1432h

31 March 2011

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