Political Observation - Operation Breaking Dawn and the Continued Political Biddings in "Israel"

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Political Observation - Operation Breaking Dawn and the Continued Political Biddings in "Israel"

Political biddings between the "Israeli" right and the far-right continue to be the main driver of the performance of the coalition government led by Lapid, the American support for which has been evident since US backing was mustered for it with the aim of embellishing its profile at the Negev Summit that took place on 27/28 March 2022, with the participation of the Egyptian, Emirati, Moroccan, and Bahraini foreign ministers and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. This is due to Netanyahu’s persistent attempt to unsettle the government after America had conspired to topple him in the “al-Quds Sword” Operation, as the coalition government led by Naftali Bennett suffered a security failure, impotence and confusion as a result of the fedayeen operations inside Palestine, especially since the security factor is the most influential in the tendencies of the "Israeli" electorate.


Following what seemed to be a security failure by the coalition government, Bennett initiated his security operation in Jenin last May, which was tainted with a major breach as a result of the assassination of Aljazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh, then Netanyahu's incitements against the coalition government continued until he succeeded in narrowing the gap between him and the parliamentary majority of the government, whose attempts to shift the crisis abroad in the shape of a military operation in Gaza were hampered by the international situation, namely the war in Ukraine. However, now that the regional and international conditions have become favourable in respect of the ongoing war in Ukraine, which has succeeded in achieving part of its objectives regarding the endeavours to impose sanctions against Russia, amass international support for Ukraine, and embedding the new security climate in Europe, in addition to the fact that waging a war in the region would serve America in terms of diverting attention away from the show of force China is performing against the backdrop of the visit to Taiwan by the speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to accentuate her military presence in the South China Sea, and now that the "Israeli" elections are three months away, with the reins of power shifting from Bennett to Lapid who is less religious and more secular than his predecessor, whose standpoint towards Russia is more obstinate, and for whom America facilitated a welcoming visit in Jordan, who declined the visit of Netanyahu towards the end of his tenure, notwithstanding the far-right and "Israeli" public opinion’s need to restore the power of deterrence and security, in light of all this, the "Israeli" Operation Breaking Dawn was launched in a perfidious manner and with a green light from the US, and the collusion and facilitation of Egypt and Qatar, in support of the chances of Lapid, Gantz, and Bennett in the forthcoming Knesset elections, through the gates of restoring security and the deterrent force over the bodies of Gaza’s children and the ”Islamic Jihad” Movement. This was reflected in the attempts to lure the movement into escalation through the "Israeli" army assassination of a Palestinian activist and the apprehension of al-Saadi last Monday following an extensive incursion in the Jenin refugee camp which represents the symbol of resistance and steadfastness against the Zionist entity. This was followed by a threat issued by the “Jenin Battalion”, which is affiliated to “al-Quds Brigades”, the military wing of “Islamic Jihad”; the threat generated the opportune climate for the military operation under the pretext of self-defence and preventing potential “terrorist” operations. The reactions and circumstances of the operation exposed an Egyptian collusion in respect of the mediation. The “Islamic Jihad” Movement said it had responded positively to the Egyptian mediation, but "Israel" was deceitful and hastened its aggression. This aggression has also exposed the lukewarm regional and international reaction, contrary to their standpoints vis-à-vis the “al-Quds Sword” battle led by Hamas, when the international condemnation described "Israel" under Netanyahu’s premiership as an apartheid state.

As for the circumstances of this confrontation it reveals that Hamas’s standpoint has been controlled via Qatar who instructed it not to intervene and subsequently, Hamas contented itself by “coordinating” with the “Islamic Jihad” Movement and the “Resistance” factions to save face and to justify its neutrality with the ability of the “Islamic Jihad” Movement to respond. This is, in fact, what America wants; to ensure a victory for the Lapid government, which would provide it with a significant electoral boost. The "Israeli" army has chosen the “Islamic Jihad” Movement due to its disparity in terms of power with Hamas, which has an impressive stock in the equation of terror and in the ability of turning the tables on the Zionist demons, as it did in the battle of al-Quds Sword. This also reveals that Hamas has opted, and for the second time, to incline towards the agenda of the US, which she dictates through her agents in Egypt and Qatar, both of which are expected to mediate for ending the military operation after securing its success in boosting the credentials of the Lapid and Gantz government. This forsaking of the issue and Islamic fraternity is the price of acquiescing to the collaborating regimes and complying with foreign agendas which harness the blood of the Muslims to serve the Kuffar and the enemies of the Ummah. If the “Islamic Jihad” Movement were capable of exacting revenge for the martyrdom of its leaders, whose positions were overstated by "Israeli" prime minister Lapid so that he may propagate his victory and send a warning to Hezbollah, and after he had allowed the herds of extremists to storm al-Aqsa in a barefaced bidding to represent the Zionist far-right and win over its electoral powerbases, why has Hamas, if it has not accepted and acquiesced, not partaken in defending al-Quds and why has it failed to maintain the rules of engagement which linked al-Quds to Gaza in the al-Quds Sword battle, and which Lapid has violated?

What is required from Hamas amidst this stifling aggression and the collusion of the Arab regimes to help "Israel" and its government, is to remain faithful to her religion, the struggle of its children, and the blood of its martyrs, rather than volunteering to serve a criminal Zionist wing at the expense of another wing which is just as criminal; it is not honourable for Hamas to be praised by the commanders of the Zionist army who said that it acted with wisdom, since wisdom does not mean remaining neutral, but rather deterring the Zionists who understand nothing but the language of force, fanning the flames of struggle between their wings, and thwarting their endeavours.

The standpoint dictated by the Islamic Aqeedah stipulates that Hamas should stand by its brethren in the “Islamic Jihad” Movement, since the blood of the Muslims is one and their weapon is one. The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “The blood of every Muslims is equal, they are one hand against others. The asylum offered by the lowest of them in status applies to them all, and the return is granted to the farthest of them.”

Moreover, the shameful standpoints of the collaborating rulers vis-à-vis this iniquitous aggression against al-Quds and the people of Palestine, and the people of Gaza in particular, does not exempt the military commanders in the armies of these regimes from the duty of succouring their Muslim brethren in Palestine, rectifying the conditions generated by the Kuffar in their lands, and inclining towards what their Aqeedah dictates in terms of defending al-Aqsa and the Muslim blood in Palestine.

“And Allah always prevails in whatever be His purpose: but most people know it not.” [Yusuf-21]

9 Muharram 1444h
7 August 2022