Liberals’ Ghoulish Attitude on Doctrinal Identity of the People in Jordan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Political Observation - The Liberals’ Ghoulish Attitude towards the Doctrinal Identity of the People in Jordan

Society in Jordan is bearing the brunt of a bitter tussle between two movements, one being an intruder in the Ummah and representing a small group of the so-called intellectuals of the liberal movement supported by the authorities, and the other being the highbred movement of the Ummah which has constantly been provoked by the liberals to break its resolve via various channels such as the media, educational curricula and the ministry of waqfs.

The liberalist movement, emboldened by foreign powers, the security services and legislation, is in a race against time to impose its approach on society, thus placing itself on a collision course with the religion of the Ummah both intellectually and emotionally, by stereotyping the movement of the Ummah as sometimes being the Muslim Brotherhood, other times as Salafist and other times as Daesh. This is what explains discarding the conservative conventional leaderships from the positions of decision-making. It seems the deadline given to the liberalist movement to impose its approach is very short, not exceeding a few years, to achieve what is demanded of it by America and through international institutions in targeting the Ummah’s Aqeedah and her thought, be it the IMF, the World Bank, human rights organisations, the CEDAW Convention, the recommendations of Western thinktanks such as the Carnegie Corporation or the RAND Corporation, which is sponsored by the US army, with the aim of uprooting the religious aspect of society and anchoring liberalism with its broad concepts such as democracy, general freedoms and whatever emanates from them in terms of personal freedom, extramarital relationships, homosexuality and the like. This tinkering with the doctrinal identity of society was reflected in the inclination of the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System, headed by former prime minister Samir al-Rifai, towards the recommendations of the extremist liberalist forces, which was exposed by Dr Hassan Barari after he resigned from the Committee.

Observers of this tussle would deduce that the work towards anchoring liberalism has been underway and barefacedly in an unprecedented manner. Hence, what is coveted is changing the identity of society and transform it into a liberalist one within the context of liquidating the Aqeedah of the Ummah, and within the context of centralising the “comprehensive national identity” to liquidate the Palestinian and Jordanian issue to the advantage of the Jewish identity of the usurping entity. Irrespective of the reliability of what has been attributed to US Ambassador Henry Wooster pertaining to the notion of “New Jordan”, and the widespread controversy it evoked at the time, what is occurring in Jordan in terms of intellectual and political structuring corroborates the substance of the “New Jordan” notion, which has turned into a different Jordan and is more fluid, corrupt and alien to its religion. Suffice to realise that there exists a new Jordan being manufactured by the liberals, from the tweet of the head of the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System, Samir al-Rifai, in which he said, “What is required is an Arab version of glasnost with perestroika starting with a fresh concept for the relationships between the state and the citizen”, and to realise that the outputs of the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System and the unfolding events on the ground epitomise an ideological and political project aimed at altering society’s identity and shaping it culturally and politically in a manner leading to liquidating the issue of Palestine and integrating the Zionist entity in the region through the vehicle of economic, military and security cooperation and the Abrahamic religion.

Furthermore, the accelerating changes and events the Jordanian scene has been witnessing, and which have been surrounding the current Jordanian political situation, have been laden with indications with regard to the timing of Henry Wooster’s appointment, especially with regard to what the Trump administration had been undertaking to liquidate the Palestinian issue and integrate "Israel" into the region; this necessitates doing away with the Palestinian demographic burden, which is the responsibility of the occupation, until Jordan becomes responsible for it within the framework of a new national identity, which in turn necessitates reshaping society, the state and the identity to facilitate the acceptance and integration of the Jews in the region, and their living therein as part of it rather than as intruders.

Hence, this intense race by the liberal movement to impose its approach on the people of Jordan is not surprising, even if it were on the receiving end of the masses’ resentment; the approach involves proceeding with changing the doctrinal and political identity systematically as a prelude to effacing all that is pertinent or insinuates a relationship with religion such as the state’s recent targeting of the Qur’an teaching centres at a time when concerts of debauchery take place in al-Aqabah. This proves the animosity the oppressive liberalist clique harbours towards the people of Jordan and the culture and traditions of the Ummah that are derived from the Islamic Shari’ah. For the record, advancing the neoliberalist agenda has not come with the new US ambassador; the Jordanian authorities have been executing it since 2005 under the theme of “Culture of Hope” with the backing of the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

Therefore, the change America is coveting and the liberal movement is racing against time to execute, is pertinent to society’s identity, and the shape and identity of the state. Faced with this malignant conniving against the people of Jordan, their Aqeedah, values and Shari’ah, the men should brace themselves to succour their religion; otherwise, corruption and ruin will settle in their homes. It is remarked that the people of Jordan’s capitulation to the projects corrupting their doctrine and values , and the political conspiracies, is not down to lack of power and incapability to tackle the criminal liberalist clique that controls people’s fate, but, rather, because of negligence, lethargy, acquiescence, reversal of values and the search for personal safety; all this is due to the failure to glorify Allah the Almighty and His sanctities, and the obliviousness towards His commands and prohibitions. It is also due to the collusion of the civil servants, who are detached from their religion and their folks, in executing the foreign dictates, the slackness of the popular, tribal and academic dynamic forces who made the highest point of their opposition to the regime not exceeding complaints, resentments and paper communiqués, and those who are oblivious to the vilification of their religion but very active when it comes to protesting against a rise in the price of bread, poultry and fuel; and even this does not stimulate them anymore due to their own disgrace. If they moved, they would confine their action to what vents the anger of the masses in the shape of protests which would only achieve publicity for them. With such authority and such opposition, and with the absence of an organised popular leadership, people should seize the initiative and call the officials and public figures to account for their slackness and capitulation; people should treat them with resentment and disdain every time they deserve to be treated as such. People should raise their voices and demand the rule of Shari’ah that gives them life.

“O you who have believed! Respond to the call of Allah and the Messenger whenever he calls you unto that which will give you life.” [al-Anfal-24]

22 Thil Qi’dah 1443h
22 June 2022