The Extensive Security Operation in Jenin & the Internal Power Struggle in "Israel"

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Political Observation - The Extensive Security Operation in Jenin & the Internal Power Struggle in "Israel" 
"Israeli" forces stormed Jenin’s refugee camp yesterday morning, Friday, to execute an extensive security operation after it had been delayed for two days due to the assassination of Aljazeera correspondent Shereen Abu Aqleh. "Israeli" soldiers fired missiles on a house  in which Palestinians wanted by the occupying forces were allegedly hiding. The "Israeli" army said its forces had executed preventive and pre-emptive operations in the West Bank without giving any further details. The fighters who had been bulwarked in the camp confronted the forces of occupation steadfastly and courageously with a flurry of bullets, damaging a number of military vehicles and achieving direct hits within the ranks of the enemy which forced the occupation forces to beat a hasty retreat. 
In order to perceive the aims of the "Israeli" security operation and its pertinence to the internal power struggle in the usurping entity, it would be imperative to review the events since the toppling of former prime minister Netanyahu because what is most remarkable  politically in the "Israeli" security operation is its occurrence in an atmosphere dominated by outbidding, sniping, jostling and partisan polarisation, in addition to the extensive debate  within  "Israeli" extremist far right circles over the  security and military failures against successive fedayeen activity  in the heart of the "Israeli" entity, coupled with the argument over "Israeli" sovereignty over the West Bank, al-Quds and the holy precincts. The opposition exploited this issue to weaken confidence in the already groggy government of Naftali Bennett due its frailty and fissures in its inner walls, since it came as the result of circumstances that necessitated sidelining Netanyahu from power after the change in the US administration and the exigencies of its policies towards the region, in addition to the pragmatic changes in some aspects of the Palestinian issue and in line with the approach of the US deep state. This is because the “regional solution” and “Abrahamic process” would not be successful if the consequences of occupation were not resolved such as the issues of refugees, the sacred precincts and  borders. Unlike the way former US President Donald Trump used to deal with "Israel" and its prime minister, Joe Biden conspired to thwart and demonise Netanyahu and deprive him of a lifeline in his war on Gaza last year, just like what President Nixon did in the 1973 war. Biden let the missiles of Hamas rock the extremist "Israeli" rightwing public opinion before Tal al-Rabi’ and other cities in inner Palestine were rocked and the occupiers were terrorised and provoked into seeking revenge from the Palestinians of inner Palestine, as was the case in the city of al-Lidd, which led consequently to accusing the usurping entity of apartheid with the aim of exerting pressure on "Israeli" public opinion and persuading it of the practicality  of the “peace” process led by the US and hampered by Netanyahu and the extremist rightwing, and with the aim of alienating the electoral powerbases from his government, toppling him and forming a coalition that would downsize the influence of the most extreme rightwing in the government, thus paving the way for stirring  the still waters in the negotiations process and reviving the “peace” process via the “Abrahamic” process. 
As Netanyahu fell and Bennett succeeded in forming a government, the former set about placing obstacles in its way and succeeded in reducing the gap between the opposition and the government by inciting the Yamina party Knesset member, Idit Silman, to resign. He addressed Knesset members via Twitter by saying “join Idit Silman, join us, and we will together put Israel back on  track for success, prosperity, security, and peace.” According to "Israeli" press, Idit Silman agreed with Netanyahu to assume the post of health minister in the forthcoming government. 
Netanyahu continued his escalation in impeding the government by targeting it through every single event such as exploiting the "Israeli" court decision to allow the government to offer non-Kosher food in hospitals, inciting the extremist rightwing, and using the fedayeen operations in Tal al-Rabi’ and other places to accuse the government of security failure, which represents the focus of attention for the occupiers, and which was alluded to this week by a former minister in Netanyahu’s cabinet, Yoav Galant, and such as inciting, together with several politicians, especially from the Likud party and a number of journalists, the extremists to storm Masjid al-Aqsa to embarrass the government of Bennett and alienate the rightwing powerbases from his government. Netanyahu accused the government of cowardice for failing to respond to Hamas’s threats, and called for reactivating the policy of assassination which he himself halted during his tenure. Hence, Maariv columnist Ben Caspit accused Netanyahu of stirring the issues from behind the scenes to cause a disturbance, citing the  record number of Jewish settlers had recently stormed al-Masjid al-Aqsa and remarking that settlers had for the first time since the occupation of al-Quds in 1967 started to pray in the courtyards of al-Aqsa, and describing Netanyahu and Ben-Gvir as being the keepers of hell. 
For his part, the head of the parliamentary Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee, also member of the Yesh Atid party, Ram Ben-Barak, retorted by saying “there are no magic formulae for the situation we are facing; we are in the middle of a war. We need to build the segregation wall which we have neglected and not attended to for several years. There is a lot we need to do.” He indirectly blamed Netanyahu’s cabinet, which was in office for 12 years. The tussle between the government and the opposition was so acute to the point where an "Israeli" rabbi blamed Palestinian “violence” on the extremists and settlers who provoked the Palestinians by storming Masjid al-Aqsa; the criticism came in the wake of the Elad operation in which three settlers were slain. 
By monitoring the events pertinent to the priority of the "Israeli" government, which hinges on maintaining the incoherent governmental coalition and is shackled by religious rightwing forces and the "Israeli" party Ra'am which represents the southern wing of the “Islamic” movement in "Israel" under the leadership of Mansour Abbas who is accused by the "Israeli" opposition of blackmailing Bennett, we deduce the presence of a fierce struggle for power and a persistence by Netanyahu to impede the progress of the government with the aim of toppling it and returning to power. This is clearly reflected  in the opposition’s success in inciting the herds of settlers and extremists to storm Masjid al-Aqsa on Passover day with the participation of Netanyahu himself. Such a move confused the government and upped the ante in the tussle with Hamas, and this encouraged Netanyahu to continue booby-trapping the path of the government and besieging its leader, especially after the resignation of Idit Silman, which enhanced the chances of the rightwing opposition under Netanyahu’s leadership to table to the Knesset a draft bill requesting the dissolution of the government under the pretext of having lost the required majority, hoping to  lure one single Knesset member to his ranks. It is well known that Netanyahu is fighting tooth and nail to return to power in order to avert a prison sentence due to the corruption charges lodged against him which are still under investigation. And as the tension erupted in al-Quds and the war of words between "Israel" and Hamas intensified, the US intervened to avert a military clash that would divert attention away from the current world media campaign against Russia, and worked towards shoring up the "Israeli" government through the Negev summit and by preventing Palestinian escalation and containing reactions to the Jewish religious zealots’ storming of Masjid al-Aqsa, an event that Bennett for his part attempted to restrict and Jordan attempted to avert its occurrence against the Palestinian side through the decision of the endowments ministry to ban I’tikaf at-Masjid al-Aqsa during the month of Ramadhan except for the last ten days of the month; all this was designed to shore up the "Israeli" government and spare it any discomfiture. 
Meanwhile, prime minister Naftali Bennett responded to the accusations of the opposition of acquiescing to the demands of Jordan with regard to sovereignty over the holy precincts and confirmed "Israeli" sovereignty over the West Bank, and that al-Quds was the perpetual capital of "Israel", meaning sovereignty over the lands but not the inhabitants, thus meeting the minimum requirement of the “solution’s” agenda, to which the king of Jordan does not seemingly object in return for bequeathing the throne to his son, a narrative vividly expressed by the upshots of the Jordanian royal committee in charge of modernising the political system.  The "Israeli" prime minister was also looking for an opportunity to win the "Israeli" public opinion over or divert its attention away from the security failure through an extensive security operation to silence domestic public opinion and restore the strength of the "Israeli" security deterrent force; this was revealed by the statement of "Israeli" chief of staff  Aviv Kochavi in a video aired by the "Israeli" army in which he said “we will do whatever it takes,  whatever necessary, and whenever necessary to restore security.” 
However, as the security operation in Jenin was about to begin on 11 May, the crime of assassinating the prominent Aljazeera correspondent Shereen Abu Aqleh by the "Israeli" forces took place, hampering and perturbing the security operation, and halting it for two days; consequently, the "Israeli" government faced a severe international embarrassment due to the worldwide uproar caused by the assassination, which weighed heavily on the unsettled government and on the political climate in "Israel". It has also embarrassed the security coordination authority, i.e., the Palestinian authority which was concerned, together with Jordan, with supporting the government of Bennett at this critical stage, due to the stature of the assassinated correspondent, Aljazeera channel, the nature of the incident, its circumstances and its potential fallouts, which stained the security operation with the mud of the crime and stole the thunder of the required achievement of Bennett’s government. In this sense, the crime of assassinating Aljazeera correspondent Shereen Abu Aqleh cannot be isolated from the equation of the power struggle in the usurping entity and the context of the "Israeli" outbidding, partisan polarisation and the need of the prime minister for an injection of oxygen into the lungs of his ailing government, which would spare his blushes following the failure of the security operation. This reveals that the crime had been plotted in secret, especially as it occurred amid the controversy over assassinations, and came in parallel with the series of actions and snares the opposition had laid to unsettle the government.  
It is likely that the opposition was behind this repugnant crime to perturb the security operation and upset the calculations of Naftali Bennett, once it had prepared the grounds for the return of assassinations, which resulted in the assassination that was plotted to generate a security loophole to stain the government and point the finger at it, and thus compel it to change its priorities and engross it in tackling the situation domestically, regionally and internationally. However, the prime minister who boasted about having killed Palestinians with his own hands to gain the voices of extremist voters, was not averse to harnessing the blood of Aljazeera correspondent among the domestic public opinion and the extreme rightwing which hastened to bless the crime through the extremist Itamar Ben-Gvir; "Israeli" newspaper Haaretz revealed in the last hours of Wednesday 11 May details of the "Israeli" army inquiry which did not rule out the responsibility of operatives belonging to the Duvdevan unit for the assassination of Aljazeera correspondent Shereen Abu Aqleh, according to However, the inquiry was circumspect so as to deny any responsibility whenever necessary by claiming that armed Palestinians have the same weapon used in the assassination. This implicit confession hinting at the government’s responsibility for the assassination of the correspondent means that Bennett wants to turn the crisis into an opportunity to win over rightwing public opinion  and immunise his government against collapse. However, Bennet is not expected to succeed in preserving his government against which several complex factors have gathered to dismantle it, the most important of which is the diversity in the visions of its coalition, which restrict its options and turns its continuance into an illusion, let alone letting it move one single step forward. This makes the return of Netanyahu to power a probability which is open to bargaining and deliberation with the US administration, especially with the midterm elections for the House of Representatives and the Senate drawing near, which usually compel US parties to entice the voices of “Jews” and the influential evangelical movement.   
Finally, it is worth mentioning that the ugly crime and the malicious “Zionist” hand of treachery would not have been able to shed the blood of Aljazeera correspondent Shereen Abu Aqleh and to arrogantly attack her funeral procession had it not been for the lowliness of the collaborating rulers and the treason of the normalising regimes, as well as the collaborating treacherous authority of Mahmoud Abbas, and had it not been for their cowardice and their betrayal of the victim and her likes from among the oppressed, who have irrigated the land of Palestine with their innocent blood, and who were not expecting a medal from the traitor Mahmoud Abbas who sanctifies security coordination, nor were they expecting a ceremony of crying and face-slapping, or a condolence tent; they were rather expecting the rise of the ardent men, the gunfire, the missiles, the armies of conquest and the sound of the bullets of revenge, in emulation of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ  , and by following the footsteps of the emir of the believers al-Mu’tasim who, when the cry for help of a woman who had been slapped, decided to engage in one of the greatest battles in the history of the Muslims to rescue her. However, the coward rulers of the Ummah nowadays decided to let the cries of the betrayed correspondent and those before fall into deaf ears. 
“Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people.”  [at-Tawbah-14]
13 Shawwal 1443h 
14 May 2022