Syrian Regime’s Attack on Daraa

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Political Observation - Backdrop to Syrian Regime’s Attack on Daraa al-Balad

The ordeal of the oppressed people in Syria continues unabated. It is the largest and fiercest since the hoax of the Arab Spring in which the enemies of the Ummah invested in a cauldron in which the blood of Muslims has been boiling, and exploited the aspirations of Muslims to break free from the shackles of the oppressive regimes and attain a future in which Islam would reign supreme as it did in the past, revived them and placed them as leaders over all other nations.

Despite the agreement concluded between representatives of Daraa’s residents and the criminal regime of Bashar Assad at the beginning of the month which followed a siege of over two months, stipulating ending the barbaric shelling of the city, lifting the siege imposed on it and settling the security situation of its residents who took part in the “revolution” against the regime, the international understandings and regional conspiracies that whet the appetite of Syrian regime to kill, betray, shed blood and exact revenge on the people of Daraa who refused to partake in the recent presidential elections, have encouraged the regime to renew its shelling of the city and impose humiliating new conditions on its residents and opposition forces.

Those conditions stipulate handing over all personal light weapons in the city and allowing the regime to set up nine security checkpoints instead of four, in addition to carrying out house searches, handing over or deporting those wanted by the regime, in preparation for controlling the city following the hoax of the Astana de-escalation agreement of 2017. This prompted some tribal leaders to seek the help of the king of Jordan who returned from his US visit with the file of marketing and rehabilitating the Syrian regime and resuming economic ties with it in preparation for endorsing the Syrian situation within a federal framework akin to the Iraqi regime. The visit of the Jordanian monarch, and Egyptian officials to Moscow, falls within this context, especially as the file of rehabilitating the Syrian regime is linked to the course of events in the entire region, including bringing the ruling crisis in Lebanon out of the bottleneck and appointing as prime minister, with the blessing of America and France, Najib Mikati who will be politically and economically backed by the Gulf States, and shoring up the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi through the Baghdad summit attended by French President Emmanuel Macron, the king of Jordan and senior officials of neighbouring countries and Iran, whose political approach under the current situation allows the presence of an Iraqi Prime Minister from outside of the milieu conspiring with her.

The rehabilitation of the Syrian regime, which was on the brink of collapsing before the Russian and Iranian intervention with the blessing of America, falls within the context of the regional solution and the endeavours to clip Iran’s wings now that her role has been served in the previous phase, all of which is linked to reshaping the Middle East and liquidating the Palestinian issue.

The vision of the Biden administration is built on what US Secretary of State Antony Blinken mentioned during a Senate Committee hearing, and what National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated during a debate with his predecessor Robert O'Brien, which stipulates the necessity of harnessing any peace agreement in serving America’s interests in the first instance and protecting the usurping entity, considering that it has been acting as America’s shadow and tool in the region, through establishing a diplomatic, economic and security mergence, and an "Israeli" superiority within the framework of a regional solution which would remove the obstacles between the Arab states and "Israel", and prevent the region, positioned on the peripheries of the interests of the West and America in particular, from erupting. This necessitated discarding Netanyahu, weakening and taming the Zionist rightwing, clipping Iran’s wings and finding a solution to Russian and Turkish presence in Syria in line with the new American administration’s approach whose wing within the deep state is stronger.

In this context, the onslaught of the criminal Syrian regime on the people of Daraa aims at disarming the opposition forces, voiding the area bordering "Israel" of the “resistance” and taming and disheartening its people within the framework of executing the security arrangement for Syria’s southern borders with Jordan, and preparing the grounds for kick-starting the delusional peace process. Moreover, and in the same context, plans are afoot to reshape "Israeli" public opinion in the wake of the recent war on Gaza and the toppling of Netanyahu, and induce the new rightwing government headed by Naftali Bennet to be less rigid in the negotiations with the Palestinians who are reshuffling their domestic pack to accommodate the new developments and the forthcoming phase.

As for the American standpoint, it was reflected by king Abdullah’s endeavour to vulgarise the regime of Bashar Assad and his let-down of the people of Daraa who had turned to him for help and pleaded with him to open the border for them to flee the barrel bombs of the criminals. It was also expressed by the US decision to abandon her support for the fighting groups of the south, instruct Jordan and the Gulf States to refrain from sponsoring them, and shut down the Military Operations Centre (MOC) she had established in Jordan to support the Syrian opposition in the south. America has also blessed the de-escalation agreement and the ceasefire that included disarming the opposition forces of their heavy and medium weapons and evacuating the fighters and civilians, rejecting their settlement to northwest Syria.

Moreover, the American standpoint was also reflected in the statements of Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Joey Hood, who told Aljazeera “We do not seek to change the Assad regime, but rather to change the behaviour of his government”, stressing that Washington supported a political process under the auspices of the UN to form a government representing the Syrian people. Hence, America confirmed her real standpoint on the Syrian regime, her U-turn on toppling of the criminal Bashar Assad and his clique, and her collusion with Russia and Iran to slaughter the masses in Syria to secure her interests of fragmenting and weakening Syria and safeguarding the Zionist entity, within the previously agreed understandings between Russia, America and "Israel" which would allow the Syrian regime to restore its dominance over the southern region bordering Jordan and the southwestern region bordering "Israel". Former US President Donald Trump expressed this endeavour by stating that his country was ready to work with Russia and "Israel" to guarantee the safety of "Israel". Furthermore, America has a host of immediate interests on voiding the Middle East region of the Islamic culture, reshaping the awareness of Muslims on secular grounds and backing the eradicationalist liberal forces, in addition to her long-term economic interests reflected in dominating the energy supply routes to Europe, and securing electricity and gas supplies from Egypt to Lebanon via Jordan and Daraa to preserve the Lebanese status quo and prevent its total collapse, and to support her agents in the new government, hence the meeting of Jordanian, Egyptian, Syrian and Lebanese energy ministers in Amman.

5 Safar 1443h
12 September 2021