Political Observation - Clarifications on Kais Saied’s Coup

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Political Observation - Clarifications on Kais Saied’s Coup

First: The foreign instructions given to Kais Saied, be they by France or the US, do not denote the presence of a clash between them, and that the outcome would be in favour of either side at the expense of the other because the international, regional, and domestic political situation in Tunisia is settled in favour of the US thanks to the might, tools of pressure and influence she enjoys. However, the decision of the excessively narcistic Kais Saied to hijack the critical political scene due to his rift with his “co-wives”, and his disruption of society and political life, with the help of his secularist allies, such as Abeer Mousa, will culminate in a settlement where the beneficiaries will only be the Kafir West and the collaborating political milieu which will seize the opportunity to wipe out its squalor, reproduce the regime and regulate its process and snip the tails of the “revolutionary situation” which the Arab Spring has societally left behind, especially as Kais Saied was selected from outside the political milieu in order to do away with the choice of the forces representing the Islamic tendency who have been exploited in the process of dismantling the regimes and containing the masses’ movements and trends.

As for the international plane, France’s manoeuvre is not expected to bear fruit with her juggling of the political contradictions in Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria to gain the support and leadership of European states within the framework of her jostling with Germany over European leadership following Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU). It is worth mentioning in this context that Kais Saied lent his ear to France, whose colonialism of Tunisia he described as “protection”, despite having acceded to power via the American gate, as France was behind his move to disrupt the political scene and America was never absent from the event, allowing it to happen in order to set the scene in a manner that will compel France and her surrogates, as well as the people of Tunisia, to capitulate. All this is corroborated by striking indications such as the coup having been staged within the context of France’s attempts to impede America’s agenda for Europe and NATO, the Russo-European relationship and the concord between America and Germany which involves settling the outstanding glitches on Nord Stream 2, and in the context of America’s enterprise to frustrate France’s endeavours to achieve any gains in Libya, Mali, Chad, Algeria, Tunisia and the Eastern Mediterranean without American endorsement. In other words, the Tunisian soft coup has not been staged as a result of harmony and concord in the Franco-American relationship, or an agreement as is the case in the Lebanese issue, but rather in the context of a dissonance and a French sulkiness which was manifested in France’s attempt to hold a tripartite summit with Germany and Russia a month ago which was foiled by America through the objection of Bucharest Nine, which is a group of European countries opposed to Russia and grateful to America for helping them get rid of Russian intervention and threats following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Another striking indication that France was behind Kais Saied’s coup is reflected in what the Middle East Eye published quoting Tunisian and Italian sources, namely that “ambassadors from Germany, Italy and the US have all told him to restitute parliament ASAP,” that “the Americans stopped him from holding a mass rally in favour of his power grab…they have all passed messages of support to Rachid Ghannouchi, the speaker of parliament and head of Ennahda, as well as other party leaders,” and that “US Senators Jim Rische and Bob Menendez, the ranking member and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said they were “deeply concerned” by the growing tension and instability in Tunisia. "President Saied must recommit to the democratic principles that underpin US-Tunisia relations and the military must observe its role in a constitutional democracy."

Moreover, Facebook decided to block the account of the largest group supporting the coup, whose followers exceeded one million, under the guise of inciting hatred, while the International Monetary Fund (IMF) refused to resume negotiations on Tunisian loans except with a “legitimate government”. Hence, France’s harnessing of the “immigration and terrorism” scarecrow together with the tension south and east of the Mediterranean will be exploited by America validate the role of NATO and justify its continuance; and in this context, America has forged ahead with her initiative to bring together Libyan stakeholders through the political process and the elections scheduled to be imposed in December, and to expel Russian and Turkish forces from Libya, while threatening through Aguila Saleh and Khalifah Haftar to return to the cycle of armed struggle and division to regions of western Libya and the Libyan people in general, especially the armed groups earmarked to be contained and integrated into state institutions to accept the outputs of the political solutions.

Second: The wild card in the equation of change does not merely lie in rejecting the status quo, but also in possessing the civilisational alternative expressing the ideology of the masses, i.e., their doctrine and their system, and epitomising their will and choice of leadership; it also lies in the persistence to impose the alternative with a decisive doctrinism worthy of the sacrifices that have been made. This is because repression, corruption, despotism and misgovernance fall under the direct sensation of the masses, and they can easily be identified, rejected and overturned. However, imposing the alternative is what requires an insightful and doctrinal political vision and a robust resoluteness. Western powers headed by the US perceived this reality and based their strategy, since the Arab Spring erupted, on generating perfunctory change to protect the essence of the regimes in Arab countries, whereby the masses would remain in a state of constant confusion and division. Each time a collaborator was exhausted, they would bring another one via the masses or the army with a cosmetic popular cover to exhaust the masses’ volition in the nominal change, dismantle it, dominate the Ummah and make her despair of achieving liberation, change and revival.

Kais Saied and Nabil al-Qarawi received support from civil societies, syndicates and charities linked to foreign powers, and it would be prohibited for the Muslim masses to rely on a corrupt political system, or to expect their will for change to be effectuated when it conforms to the foreign will and the domestic and foreign electoral districts become one and the same because even if the president’s hands were clean, he would act as a sedative to the masses, an embellishment of the corrupt regime and the collaborating milieu, and a servant to the system of corruption and the foreign powers pillaging the Muslims’ resources with a popular mandate. The Muslims should perceive that the path to hell is paved with good intentions, and they should beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. They should also perceive that the colonial powers, headed by the US, dominate the political milieux, civil societies and decision-making circles in Muslims’ lands, and that any change based on other than Islam would only yield disappointment and aggravated helplessness and despair from the notion of change, and would only lead to being acclimatised with reality, injustice, the oppressors and the watchdogs of Western interests. It would also lead to redefining governance and reducing it to providing municipal services and collecting waste, rather than running the domestic and foreign affairs of the masses, as well as changing the personnel rather than changing the system and purging the political milieu and the military, security, judicial and media institutions, and implementing the Aqeedah of the masses in all aspects of life.

Third: Partial or “soft” secularism is not a transitional phase between brutal eradicationalist secularism and Islam, but rather the final solution they want to entrench under the guise of gradualism, the art of the possible, necessities, interests, objectives of Shari'ah, repelling detriments, the lesser of the two evils, and “Kufr less than Kufr”, which would lead to harmony with the secularist system in its quality as an incubator for reform and change, rather than leading to restoring Shari'ah and its referentiality in life, the state and society. Ninety percent of those who voted for Kais Saied and those who recently revolted in Iraq, Sudan, and Algeria, entered their youth through the gate of rebellion against reality, the regimes and the rulers. It is therefore imperative to fuse them with Islam and steer their motivation to generate change. This rumbling torrent of Muslim youths, who rose-up to generate change despite their oblivion to their religion, constitutes the greatest challenge to the colonialist West this century. This is why the West has been intensifying their bombardment of the region with collaborators, spies, saboteurs, beasts and wolves in sheep’s clothing. They have been recruiting smugglers of corrupt thoughts and showering the minds of the youths with secularist and atheist concepts and thoughts alien to their religion to drive them away from change, liberation and revival.

This rumbling torrent of youths is like the first rain, despite the scum and the conspiracies staining it. When the water comes down, it is not expected to ascend but to descend and run through the rocks and rugged valleys with the scum, then it will settle and subside to germinate the trees that grow and bear delicious fruit. Allah the Almighty says: “He sends down water from the sky, and river-beds are running high according to their measure, the stream carries scum on its surface.” [al-Ra’ad-17]; “As far as the scum is concerned, it passes away as dross; but that which is of benefit to man abides on earth.” [al-Ra’ad-17]. Indeed, the Kuffar have ignited a fire in Muslims’ lands: “And, likewise, from that which they smelt in the fire in order to make ornaments or utensils, scum.” [al-Ra’ad-17], but it is the fire that will separate the precious metals in the Ummah from the scum and impurities to uncover the gemstone and the strong and robust bloc from which the Ummah will benefit with the leave of Allah the Almighty.

Hence, it is imperative to revive the work towards resuming the Islamic way of life, expound the truth, correct the concepts, and dry out the wells of secularist thought upon which the regimes are built, and from which the tyrannical rulers and their surrogates derive their foreign support.

“In this way does Allah set forth the parable of truth and falsehood.” [al-Ra’ad-17]

29 Thil Hijjah 1442h
8 August 2021