Muslims’ Lives Matter as Much as Palestinians’

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Political Observation - Muslims’ Lives Matter as Much as Palestinians’ Lives 
The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “The blood of every Muslims is equal, they are one hand against others. The asylum offered by the lowest of them in status applies to them (all), and the return is granted to the farthest of them” and “A Muslim should not be killed in retaliation for the murder of a disbeliever, and a person who has a treaty should not be killed during the time of the treaty.” 
Islamic Jihad Secretary, General Ziyad al-Nakhala, expressed his gratitude to Iran by saying: “We particularly thank the martyr of al-Quds, General Qassim Soleimani, who made every effort to achieve and consolidate this victory. You have been with us in all the battlefields, and you are a partner in achieving this victory, and you will be with us in the liberation of al-Quds.” Ismael Haniyeh for his part praised Qatar, Egypt, Iran, and the UN, while the Beirut-based Hamas senior official, Osama Hamdan, hailed the criminal Bashar Assad and claimed that his regime was the incubator of the “resistance”.  As for Hamas’s overseas politburo chief, Khaled Mashal, he justified his gratitude to the regimes that “backed the resistance”, such as Syria, Iran, Qatar, and Egypt, under the pretext of the Palestinian people’s need for support, claiming that accepting their support did not necessarily mean adopting their intellectual perspectives and political standpoints. Hence, he exonerated the regimes and the rulers of the duty of liberating and supporting Palestine, reduced the issues of the Ummah and her suffering to the issue of Palestine and the plight of her people and their “resistance” whose objective would remain unachievable, no matter how strong it became, without the Ummah at large, and disregarded the fact that the blood of the Muslims being killed at the hands of usurping entity’s leaders are equal to the blood of those being killed at the hands of the criminal leaders who support the enemies of Allah throughout the entire world. He also overlooked the fact that the suffering of Muslims at the hands of the regimes he has praised is more painful than the suffering of the people of Palestine themselves, that the savagery and ruthlessness of those he has praised, such as Bashar Assad, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, and Iran’s rulers, are far more ruthless, brutal and dangerous for Muslims and the people of Palestine than the usurping entity, because they are its protectors and the guardians of the colonialists’ interests, which renders their backing of the resistance groups devoid of the values bestowed upon them by their praise.
Hence, the “resistance” leaders’ praise of the oppressive regimes and despotic rulers is tantamount to jumping over the suffering of the Muslims and exonerating their oppressors whose carnages belie their innocence. The Ummah’s need of a word that shakes the regimes and the thrones of the rulers by the “resistance” leaders is as pressing as the need of the people of Palestine for the Ummah, especially as threatening the regimes to expose them and incite the masses against them by the resistance is more conducive in amassing rightful support, than singing their praises and currying favour with them, which is dishonest. 
The justifications of Khaled Mashal for his praise of the support he receives from the oppressive regimes is deplorable from a Shari'ah and rational perspective. We are not saying you should refuse the support but rather demand it multiplied, forcing them to provide it by inciting the masses against them, not by beseeching and befriending them, since it is the wealth of the Muslims and not a favour from them. We are not saying sever your lifeline for good, but we warn you against washing away the squalor of the rulers and their oppressive regimes with the wealth of the Ummah and the blood of the martyrs that has filled the dry veins of Muslims; and we warn you against taking the shredded bodies of the women and children as shields to protect the collaborators and traitors from their people. 
Your praise of the rulers, wallowed in treason, will not elevate them to the status of Qutuz and Salahuddin, and not even the shoes of the stone-throwing children in Palestine; it will not embellish them in the eyes of the masses or lend them any legitimacy. It will rather remove your own grandeur, place you in their camps, destroy the Ummah’s sympathy towards you and separate you from her and the issue of Palestine. Your praise of the rulers is tantamount to betraying the Muslims, squandering their dignity, and denying their will.
You claimed you were receiving their support unconditionally and they did not make it a condition for you to praise and pay tribute to them for their support. Then why did you volunteer to praise them in a remarkable manner, and that too while at the peak of your popularity among the Ummah, knowing the consequences of your praise on the legitimacy of the regimes and the rulers and its impact on softening the hearts of the Muslims and extinguishing their anger and resentment towards them? Does returning the favour, if we consider their support a favour rather than a duty, justify cajoling the criminals and deriding the lives of the victims they have killed in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen? Your Muslim brethren were expecting you to expose the treason of their rulers and to strip them of the cloak of legitimacy instead of corroborating it by your praise and gratitude. Did Khalil al-Hayya not say in his press briefing following your liberation of the people of Gaza from the collaborating Palestinian Authority that you had procured some earth-shattering secret documents that exposed the treason of the Palestinian Authority and the Arab regimes? So why are you praising the regimes, and why do you want to enter into partnership with the traitorous authority and the PLO? 
Are the masses who shared your pains not worthier of praising and being your true partners than the regimes and the rulers who trade in your issue to derive their own legitimacy from it? Or are your lives more important than the lives of your brethren of the countries whose criminal rulers you are praising? 
Do you not know that helping the children of your Ummah with a word of truth about those collaborators is your true path towards salvation, and is your relief and the relief of your Ummah from enslavement and injustice? It is sheer ignorance and blindness, or even a big lie, for you to see a lifeline in the regimes and the collaborating rulers, while failing to see it in the Ummah, who stands by you and yearns for the moment she will break free from the cowardly rulers that you are showering with praise, to undertake the duty of supporting you and wipe away for good the occupier weighing heavily on your chests. 
The glowing reference that the political leaders of the “resistance” give to the criminal collaborators, at the peak of the support and credibility they have gained through the honourable Jihad and the sweat of the mujahideen on the ground, in addition to the blood of the women and children, and volleys of missiles on Tel Aviv, is tantamount to exploiting the sacrifices, the blood of the martyrs, women and children, and the struggle of the honourable men, for the benefit of the lowliest and most depraved conspirators against Palestine and the Islamic Ummah, and to exonerating those collaborators from treason, slackness and spinelessness. 
What is the difference between Netanyahu and Sharon on the one hand, and Bashar and al-Sisi on the other hand, apart from the difference between the occupying criminals and their watchdog slaves who defend their existence and lick their boots?    
The alleged support of those criminal slayers to the resistance in Palestine is neither a favour nor a virtue, but rather a duty for which they should not expect any praise, unless it is intended to cleanse the collaborators of their crimes and squalor and embellish them in the eyes of the Muslims. 
Have those traitors offered their alleged support to the resistance within the framework of the work towards liberating Palestine or was it merely given for propaganda and within the framework of containing and controlling the resistance to use it as a commodity to bargain with their masters at the White House as Qatar did with the issue of the Taliban, and as Saudi did previously with her backing of the Jihad in Afghanistan?
If those cowards, who in past threatened to wipe "Israel" off the face of the earth, were sincere in their animosity towards the usurping occupiers, they would fight and remove it from existence. If they were sincere and not traders in Deen and the issue of Palestine, knowing that it represents the heartthrob for Muslims, they would help their brethren of the Rohingya, Uighur and Kashmiris. 
Their alleged support for the resistance is not a virtue but opportunism that is a stain of shame on their faces and the face of everyone propagating their lies, as they assigned the task of liberating Palestine to the besieged armed groups while washing their hands off the duty although they are capable, and they left al-Aqsa and the people of Palestine under occupation and suffering for over 70 years. So, fear Allah and speak in a just manner. 
“O you who believe! Be steadfast in upholding justice, bearing witness to the truth for the sake of Allah, even though it be against your own selves.” [an-Nissa-135]  
12 Shawwal 1442h
24 May 2021