Political Observation - Warnings of Political Aggression in the Aftermath of the War

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  
Political Observation - Warnings of Political Aggression in the Aftermath of the War 
No sooner the agreement on ending the Zionist aggression on Gaza had taken effect in the morning of Friday 21 May, after 11 days of shelling that killed 240 persons, mostly women and children in Gaza, than US President Joe Biden announced that the ceasefire brought “a genuine opportunity to make progress.”  
Prior to the ceasefire announcement, the White House had determined the US approach in tackling the “causes of escalation” pertinent to the city of al-Quds, the holy sites, the process of Judaization, and the annexation of the Palestinians’ lands, something for which Germany has also called. In harmony with the US standpoint, and lest the Muslims should muster up courage from the Mujahideen and confine their choices to armed struggle, and in order to circumvent the outcome of the battle and the reversal of aggression, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, said, “only a political solution will bring sustainable peace and end once and for all the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.” The Russian foreign ministry, for its part, said the ceasefire between the Palestinians and "Israel" was important but insufficient, and direct negotiations needed to be initiated.  
In a despicable bargaining with the sacrifices of the people of Palestine and a repulsive trading with their blood, with the hope of washing away the shame of the “sacred” security coordination with the Zionist entity, foreign minister of the Palestinian Authority, Riyadh al-Maliki, said “the Authority would take the case of the Zionist entity’s crimes to the International Court of Justice”, thus, exploiting the blood of children and women for lowly electoral propaganda and using the sacrifices of the Muslims in Palestine as a bargaining chip in the forthcoming futile and submissive negotiations. This represents, together with the deterrence achieved by the resistance, the international pressure and concentrated media coverage on the "Israeli" apartheid system, in addition to the Democrats’ endeavour in America to forestall an urgent arms deal to "Israel", a big stick policy designed to compel  "Israeli" leaders and "Israeli" public opinion to accept the solutions proposed by the Biden administration. At the same time, America offers alliance, normalisation, and major economic agreements, expected to be concluded between "Israel" and the UAE, as a carrot to tempt the Zionist entity to proceed with the “peace” process.  
Hence, America has set about investing in the current realities amidst the divisions between the Zionist leaders and the state of panic in "Israeli" public opinion due to the blows inflicted by the resistance, exploiting them in stirring up the stagnant waters of the “peace process” to completing the stages of liquidating the “Palestinian issue”. In this context, the Deputy White House press secretary, Andrew Bates, when asked about the impact of Rashida Tlaib’s conversation on Biden’s policy, responded: “The president’s approach is informed by American national security interests, the facts on the ground and his long-standing convictions — not domestic political considerations.” This explains the spurious pressure and impartiality expressed by Western media and by Western standpoints, as well as the US pressure on Netanyahu, while maintaining America’s commitment to the security and survival of "Israel".  
In light of these facts, and to avert the flames of reckless and naïve panicky emotions, and in line with the sincere sentiments and blazing emotions based on what our Deen dictates and what the challenges of confrontation with the wicked, scavengers, collaborators and enemies, it is incumbent on us to state frankly that the most dangerous standpoints facing the “Palestinian issue” today are the standpoints of Khaled Mash ‘al, head of Hamas’s politburo abroad, who heralded in the middle of this month his acceptance to join the PLO, partake in the Authority of the “sacred” security coordination with the Zionist criminals, and his readiness to partake in the decision making, and the standpoint of president Erdoğan who was quoted as saying that "at this point, we believe there's a need for a separate arrangement on Jerusalem. To achieve lasting peace and tranquillity in Jerusalem, which contains the indispensable religious symbols of Muslims, Jews, and Christians, everyone must make sacrifices," adding that "In today's circumstances, it would be the most correct and consistent course of action for Jerusalem to be administered by a commission of representatives from the three faiths. Otherwise, it doesn't appear it will be easily possible to achieve lasting peace in this ancient city."  
The precariousness of this issue lies in the fact that they both enjoy a widespread respect and admiration from Muslims, and in the fact that they project themselves as the largest representatives from the religious and patriotic dimensions, and that they present their vision in its quality as an Islamic and realistic one, which would smooth the path towards passing the submissive solutions to liquidate the issue of Palestine at the hands of its own people.   
It would have been more befitting of them and of the Muslim leaders in their various positions, who enjoy the support of the majority of the Ummah, to express the voice of the Ummah, her leaders and the weapons of her mujahideen which have sent shivers down the spines of the Zionists, and the throbbing heart of the Ummah who is yearning to see her armies in the battlefields of honour. They should have banked on their Deen, Ummah and heroes, the chivalrous knights in Gaza, Palestine and throughout Muslims’ lands, rather than the US and her normalising collaborators, and the colluding international community and its institutions.  
The end of this round of the Zionist aggression with its military defeat does not mean the end of the war, and complete victory will not be achieved by merely repelling the aggression and thwarting its aims, but by removing the occupation and wiping it out of existence. The US and the criminal entity have resumed the political war directly and by proxy via their collaborating surrogates in Egypt and Qatar who hosts the leaders of the resistance to contain them and control their progress and options, and via the Authority of the “sacred” security coordination, before the blood of the martyrs has even dried, and before the rubble has been lifted. Muslims ought to realise that the forthcoming battle is a battle of awareness in the first instance, which necessitates thwarting the political conspiracies, and fortifying the Ummah’s immunity and doctrinal fortresses against the gatekeepers of the thrones, ruling devils, and the watchdogs of Western interests in the Muslims’ lands, especially the charlatan sheikhs who lurk around the regimes to justify their treason, and the colonialist Atlantic coastguards from among the partisan militias who  earn their living  through illicit trading in their religion and through political debauchery, and by deriving  their solutions from slimy sources. 
The Muslims and the people of Palestine should preserve the Islamic character of the issue, because had the issue not been Islamic with support throughout the Islamic world, the Zionists would have singled out the Palestinians and uprooted them from their homes. 
As this savage round of Zionist aggression against our people in Palestine has stopped, with the bravery of the resistance soldiers sending a message marked with blood and gunpowder to the usurping entity and its collaborators stipulating that its wars are no longer hunting trips, like its wars with the stables of the foundling Arab rulers, and that it would have to pay a heavy price if it were to dare repeat its aggression against the Muslims, and as the response of the men of the resistance has muzzled their covetous designs, curbed their ghoulish behaviour, terrified their herds, kept them in their ruts, made them forget the whispers of their clergies and their spurious Torahic claims, humiliated their masters and bigwigs, and restored the respect and dignity of the Muslims, we pray to Allah the Almighty to reward the sacrifices of those who have been true to their pledge to Allah, to admit their martyrs to Jannah, heal their wounds, and cloak them with the attire of dignity and glory in this life and the hereafter, to make the goodness run through their hands, and heal the hearts of the believers. 
Dear mujahideen brothers, beware of joining the PLO, which America established through Abdul Nasser to liquidate the issue of the Muslims in Palestine. And beware of partaking in the Authority of the “sacred” security coordination with the usurping entity and effectuating the so-called “two-state solution” over the bodies of the martyrs and the shreds of women and children. Those who wish to take part in the feast of the enemies and their surrogates, let them declare they are in their camps and not part of the brave soldiers whose fingers are on their triggers, and not attribute their squandering of the land and blood of the martyrs to Islam under the guise of compulsion, because the inability of the people of Palestine to achieve liberation is excusable from a Shari'ah perspective, whereas rejecting the surrender of land in the absence of a pressing coercion leading to death and whose reality has not materialised yet is within one’s ability and is inexcusable. 
Hence, do not be dragged into political deception and do not be tempted by Qatari and Gulf cash. Do not be duped by the spurious promises of the Jews and their collaborators, lest you should plunge into the quagmire of treason and betray Allah and His Messenger, the blood of the martyrs, and the innocent women and children. Beware of being led astray by the Muslims’ rulers and the sheikhs of religious subcontracts who issue their fatwas under the guise of interests, even if they shrouded them with the cloak of the Ka’aba. Those who succumb to the will of the “international community” and refer to its arbitration, let them declare that they are part of this rotten community and do not belong to the Ummah of Islam and her combative roots, Jihadi history, and doctrinal and legislative heritage, which must at all times be her only reference point. As for the solution, it is the concern of the Islamic Ummah and not just the people of Palestine; and the path towards the legitimate and fruitful liberation will only pass over the thrones of the collaborating traitorous regimes, when this magnificent Ummah arises and give her leadership to a group of her sincere men, topples her rulers and establishes her State and the Shari'ah of her Lord. Then she will respond to the duty of preparation for battle, remove the borders dividing her lands, prepare for Jihad, reverse the occupation, exact revenge for the blood of her martyrs, and efface the shame with which the lowly rulers have stained her. So let the Muslims embrace the causes of these, as victory will only come from Allah the Almighty. 
Those who, when the people told them: "Your enemies have mustered a great force against you: fear them," grew more firm in their Iman and replied: "Allah's help is all-sufficient for us. He is the best protector.".” [Aal-Imran-173]  
9 Shawwal 1442h
21 May 2021