Political Observation - Halting the Aggression on Gaza

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Political Observation - Halting the Aggression on Gaza
In a briefing for foreign diplomats in "Israel", and in an attempt to generate psychological pressure on the resistance and the people of Gaza, achieve a remarkable success ahead of halting the aggression, and justify his crimes against the Palestinians before over 70 foreign ambassadors to Tel Aviv, the prime minister of the usurping entity said his army could have flattened Gaza as some Western powers did in the Second World War, but it did not, adding that they were merely attempting to hit back at those who attacked "Israel" and that they were carrying out precise operations. He slammed those who criticised "Israel", because of the war, describing their criticism as “the height of hypocrisy and stupidity”, and claiming that such criticism was a “defeat for all democracies.” 
Moreover, in an attempt to amplify the threat of the resistance and amass the approval of domestic public opinion for what he has achieved, he claimed that “the whole of Gaza has basically become an underground city,” and in an implicit warning of the foreign pressures calling for a quick end of the aggression to prevent him from achieving a victory which would help him face domestic public opinion, he said “if the perception is that they gained victory, that is a defeat for all of us,” meaning that if you wanted us to be defeated before Hamas, it would be a defeat for us and for you in favour of the Muslims. He stressed that what was happening was “not merely a question of Israel’s security, it’s a question of our common security,” meaning that he was defending the interests of the West in the region, in a desperate and poor attempt to blackmail the West and incite them against the Muslims in general and the Palestinians in particular.  
Some do not absorb the notion of US pressure on Netanyahu because they get overwhelmed by emotion when reading the current realities and events. Allowing inclinations to dominate the reading of political events, and pursuing a logical style in understanding them, corrupts the opinion and leads away from perceiving the reality and its fallouts. Western policy is based on expediency rather than religion, emotions and morals, even though such aspects tend to nurture this policy. Hence, based on our perception of the Western mentality and the plots and plans of the Kafir West, we can understand the current events and the standpoint of the US in her quality as the unilateral superpower in the international situation. In order  to understand the events taking place in the Palestinian scene, it is also imperative to take into account the U-turn of the Biden administration which represents the decision makers in the US today, and looks after the interests of America and "Israel" in the region, and to link the events to the pertinent or influencing circumstances and implications, such as the fierce tussle taking place in the "Israeli" domestic scene and its fallout on Netanyahu who is facing corruption charges which could lead to  him in jail.  
Observers of the "Israeli" domestic tussle clearly perceive Netanyahu’s aim from the aggression against al-Quds, al-Aqsa, and Gaza through the scathing attack by the media and rival political forces that called for an end to the attack on Gaza and announced that Netanyahu had harnessed this war for personal motives cloaked by the interests and security of "Israel". This has been perceived by the Biden administration whose retraction from some of Trump’s decisions pertinent to dealing with the policy of fait accompli pursued by the "Israeli" government has become conspicuous, a policy that impinges on liquidating the issue of Palestine and heralds a crisis whose expansion will undermine American and Western interests, and the Zionists existence in the long run. This is why the White House stated that America wanted to tackled the “causes of escalation” and that she wanted a “sustainable solution”, but Netanyahu’s policy of swallowing up more lands, Judaizing and controlling the holy sites for reasons related to winning over "Israeli" far-right public opinion is undoubtedly the main cause behind the escalation.  
Hence, when we say that Netanyahu is being pressurised and targeted, it does not mean that America and the countries of the world support the rights of the Palestinians or that they are aligned with the Muslims, but they rather support the security and survival of "Israel" even though they are averse to some of its policies which undermine its entity as well as the short and long-term Western interests. Biden’s targeting of Netanyahu is corroborated by a host of indications on the ground, such as the Democratic Party’s decision to forestall urgent military aid to "Israel", in addition to the calls of Western powers, Russia, China, Egypt, the Arab League and the Muslim World League to end the war and activate the “two-state” solution. It is also corroborated by the standpoint of the rival "Israeli" political forces, and Netanyahu’s briefing to the ambassadors of the world that included a host of unmistakable domestic and international messages. 
On the domestic plane, Netanyahu attempted to overstate his achievements, as we have mentioned earlier, though he was hoping to achieve a bigger catch such as assassinating Mohammed al-Dayf. As for the international plane, he has sent a message to the international community warning them of the fallout of the pressure exerted on him on how he dealt with the Palestinians and the region. This was reflected in his saying, “if the perception is that they gained victory, that is a defeat for all of us,” which was a flagrant attempt to negotiate with America in the hope of being given the chance to achieve a success to help him overcome his crisis, which proves that America and the West’s calls for ending the war was designed to deprive him from achieving his personal aims, and to influence "Israeli" public opinion by convincing them that military power was useless in imposing a fait accompli, especially with the intensity of the missiles that shelled Tel Aviv and the Jewish settlements, and the endeavour to harness them in portraying the “two-state solution” as a lifeline to the Zionists and their state. However, America did not miss the opportunity to thwart the designs of Netanyahu and the religious rightwing and deprive them of achieving them. She forced Netanyahu to end the war as per the statement of "Israeli" television yesterday, considering that Netanyahu’s failure in imposing his terms on Hamas was a scandalous defeat. 
As for the upshots of this battle, which is most important, Netanyahu failed to achieve a major success in the war on Gaza despite succeeding in disrupting Lapid’s endeavour to form a government; and the only option he has is to play for time, go for a fifth election, and attempt to invest in what may change in "Israeli" public opinion following the wailing and panic caused by the strikes of the Palestinian resistance. He may yield to US pressure and allow Palestinian elections in Al-Quds to take place to please Biden, and at the same time, work on consolidating his domestic alliances and dismantle the front of his opponents, as he did in the previous round of elections.         
On the Palestinian side, Fatah and al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades brought out their operatives from their hideouts to exhibit their weapons in an attempt to save embarrassment and propagate the elections, in preparation for resuming the useless negotiations and the traitorous security coordination, ending their isolation, returning to the Palestinian scene, and resuming their lowly functional role, which represents their ultimate objective. 
As for Hamas and the various resistance groups, the ceasefire declaration has strengthened the standpoint of the resistance. In this context, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her support for holding indirect talks with Hamas pertinent to the struggle in the Middle East. Khaled Mash ‘al for his part had expressed beforehand Hamas’s readiness to take part in the governmental post and the elections, join the PLO and partake in the decision making; this “generosity” and moderation by Mash ‘al was projected at the expense of the tremendous sacrifices and the blood offered by the resistance and the brave children of the Muslims in Gaza and Palestine.   
As for the regional plane, the mutual ceasefire between "Israel" and Hamas on the basis of an Egyptian proposal enhances the Egyptian role in dealing with the resistance movements in Gaza, especially as the Egyptian regime is determined to dispatch two security delegations to Tel Aviv and the Palestinian areas to monitor the implementation of the ceasefire. The UN Secretary General seized the opportunity to praise the role of Egypt and Qatar in reaching a ceasefire agreement in coordination with the UN. Hence, the US administration has succeeded in restoring the respect and weightiness of the tools which will have a role in any future peace talks between "Israel" and the Palestinians, such as the UN, and the Egyptian and Qatari mediators.  
As for the US, she is banking on the fallout of the war on the population of the occupying entity, which will inevitably impact on their standpoint vis-à-vis "Israeli" leaders and politicians, because the point at issue is the steady rise of religious fanaticism in "Israeli" society in the past three decades to the point where political tussle inside "Israel" became confined to bickering within the extremist far-right, and negotiations became dependent on the agenda of this extremist rightwing with which Netanyahu has been bulwarking himself. Hence, the Zionist entity has become devoid of any alternatives upon which America could rely. 
Hence, the American gamble revolves around dismantling Netanyahu’s rightwing alliance, working on "Israeli" public opinion, supporting the preachers of coexistence with the Palestinians, and generating an atmosphere which would allow the leaders of "Israel" to make “painful concessions” without dreading the backlash of their electoral powerbases. Hence, America is attempting, in the face of the Zionist rightwing problematics, to let the settlers suffer and stew in their own juices, to force them to retract from their disproportionate and extremist viewpoints, and by doing so, hope to help "Israeli" leaders in responding to the requirements of liquidating the Palestinian issue in accordance to the American vision.  
Nevertheless, the caravan of useless negotiations is not expected to set off and no progress in the “two-state solution” is expected to be made before "Israeli" elections are held and a clear picture of the impact of the war on "Israeli" public opinion emerges together with the viewpoints of the political forces in "Israel". This is because achieving progress in the negotiations and kick-starting the “peace” process hinges on the ability of America and the West to reduce Netanyahu’s chances of winning and curbing the extremist rightwing agenda, whose fallout on a tense Middle East region threatens to dismantle the entire American and Western colonialist project.  
Nonetheless, the Islamic Ummah is not concerned with the ramifications of the conspiracies perpetrated by the Arab regimes and the Palestinian Authority, or the pragmatism of Hamas and the resistance groups. The Ummah has bitter resentment towards the rulers while tremendous support and love for the resistance forces who have rekindled the spirit of Jihad within the Ummah, buried the option of traitorous capitulation despite the collaborators, left a clear and radiant impression in the psyche of the Muslims, unified their standpoint, and evoked in them the yearning for Jihadi leaders behind whom they would fight and shield themselves, and who would efface the stains of humiliation and occupation from existence, with the leave of Allah the Almighty. And we have witnessed this standpoint clearly in the spontaneous celebrations in Gaza and the West Bank when the ceasefire between "Israel" and the resistance groups was announced. 
9 Shawwal 1442h  
21 May 2021