Implications of Palestinian Scene’s Escalation

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Political Observation - Implications of Palestinian Scene’s Escalation  
By way of compensating for the state of demoralisation, and in a clear expression of impotence and failure in the possibility of achieving their aims, the wanton occupation forces this morning launched a criminal raid against two Gazan families in the al-Shati refugee camp, turning two women and eight children into shreds, in an attempt to reassure the herds of the savage Zionists, and break the resolve of Jihad and resistance demonstrated by the people of Gaza and Palestine.  
The Zionist air force has intensified its raids on the Gaza Strip in the past two days and today destroyed the al-Jalaa tower, which housed 60 residential flats and offices of several news agencies, in an act of revenge after "Israel" had found itself exposed before the resistance, and sought to delude "Israeli" public opinion into believing they have achieved victory, and give itself the pretexts to retreat whenever necessary to avert failure and disappointment, and to deprive the Palestinians from increasing their credentials of bravery which have made this battle a turning point in the Muslims’ viewpoint towards the frail Zionist entity, and the viewpoint of the herds of this entity towards their own “state” which they have been boasting of its military superiority. 
Hence, the Zionist media put forward that Netanyahu was “about to end the military operation in Gaza and the matter is dependent on Hamas reducing its firepower significantly”, that “the significant strategic strike inflicted on Hamas yesterday allowed Israel to move towards ending the operation”, that “senior army commanders support the decision to end the operation”, and that “the army aims to end the round of fighting as soon as possible for fear of chaos” in the occupied interior. This is what has been put forward by Haaretz, Yediot Aharonot, and other Hebrew websites. Former head of "Israeli" defence force military intelligence directorate Amos Yadlin said for his part that he expected “this battle to stop by the end of the week”, which explains the statement of the White House suggesting that matters were heading towards de-escalation following a telephone call between Biden and Netanyahu. It also explains Egypt’s extensive contacts with the resistance to end the escalation which, without a shadow of a doubt, was instigated by Netanyahu with the head of "Israeli" police admitting that “Netanyahu’s ally, Knesset member Etmar bin Ghafir, was behind igniting the intifada by organising a demonstration by the settlers in Bab al-Amud and provoking the residents of Sheikh Jarrah.” 
However, the main issue lies in the proposed solutions and the pragmatism of the resistance movements’ political wing, which do not reflect the steadfastness of the people of Palestine, their Islamic popular support, and the bravery and sacrifices of the mujahideen on the ground. This leads to the need to elucidate the following: 
First: the political awareness the Muslims need today is to observe the domestic and regional events in conjunction with world politics in order to perceive the real motives behind the current events and their consequences, avoid being exploited and deceived, falling into the political traps and cheap struggle,  undertake the standpoint towards these events from the angle of the Aqeedah, and avoid being overwhelmed by hopes, sentiments and inclinations when reading the realities and events. Hence, the current events in Palestine cannot be isolated from the world politics devised by the US, the power with influence and interests in the region, especially as the issue of Palestine institutes for the interests of America and Western powers in the Gulf region, the maritime passageways of the Strait of Hormuz and the Suez Canal, and the Zionist forward military base, named "Israel", whose security is linked to US national security, in addition to America’s need to dominate the Arab regimes and alienate the people of the region from their Aqeedah which, constitutes the greatest challenge to US and Western culture, from influencing or having a presence in politics. 
This is why America had to initiate, steer and orchestrate the events to safeguard her interests first, and to settle the so-called Arab-"Israeli" struggle with the aim of securing her interests by tackling the Zionist occupation of Palestinian lands, the migration of the people of Palestine, and solving the issue of al-Quds through internationalisation to silence the Muslims and extinguish their anger. 
In this context, the Interim National Security Strategic Guidance document stated: “We will maintain our strict commitment to Israel's security, while we seek to enhance its integration with its neighbours and resume our role as a promoter of a viable two-state solution.”  It added: “We will not give our partners in the Middle East a blank check to pursue policies that contradict American interests and values,” in reference to the policy that Donald Trump pursued vis-à-vis the ghoulish behaviour and frenzy of the Zionists in the region. This means the Biden administration rejects the "Israeli" expansion and its attempts to impose a fait accompli of the Judaization, holy sites, and settlements. In a call to the head of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas, Biden underscored his “strong commitment to a negotiated two-state solution as the best path to reach a just and lasting resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” He also stressed the US administration’s aversion to any unilateral actions, such as Jewish settlements, and the eviction of the Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah and east al-Quds. This is obviously not an alignment with the Palestinians and Muslims, but because the agenda of Netanyahu and the religious far-right does not constitute a sustainable practical solution in alignment with the viewpoint of the Democratic Party leaders who conduct the US policy today on behalf of the deep state. This is what John Kerry stated towards the end of Obama’s tenure by telling "Israel" unequivocally: “But here is a fundamental reality: if the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic – it cannot be both – and it won’t ever really be at peace.”
The "Israeli" interest is determined by the US administration and not what Netanyahu and the religious far-right want; and this is also what Antony Blinken reiterated during his testimony before Congress. 
What the US administration is considering today is the “sustainable policy” rather than the policy of fait accompli which was pursued by the Trump administration. Hence, the State Department stated yesterday that Washington was working towards achieving permanent calm. 
The disparity in the vision of the two administrations in America, which reflects the diverse approaches within the decision-making circles, is clearly reflected in what the former head of "Israeli" defence force military intelligence directorate Amos Yadlin, who is also a former head of "Israeli" defence force military intelligence directorate and former military attaché to Washington, said two days ago about Trump giving Israel "an open cheque to everything" because he thought "Palestinians were to blame basically for everything" while describing the Democratic Party as more balanced. 
Second: The illusionary two-state solution summed up in giving the Palestinians an archipelago torn to shreds on a segment of the lands occupied in 1967 lacking the constituents of a viable state, and which the Biden administration is attempting to lean towards, is designed to segregate the Palestinian populations from "Israel" and cancel the right of return as an alternative to Netanyahu’s vision for which he is waging his war in a race against time to export his domestic crisis and boobytrap  Biden’s plan by building more settlements and imposing Judaization and annexation, which will complicate matters and impinge on the ability of the new US administration to contain the ramifications.   
This American vision does not stem from an awakening of conscience nor the support for humanitarian grievance and the right of the Palestinians to freedom, independence, and self-determination. It is rather the path towards salvaging "Israel" and entrenching its existence by preventing it from swallowing up more lands and sacred sites which would threaten to ignite a conflict in the region which would threaten US and Western interests.  
As for Netanyahu’s vision, he expressed it by annexing the Golan Heights and saying “When you start wars of aggression, you lose territory; do not come and claim it afterwards. It belongs to us,” in reference to the lands the Syrians and Palestinians lost in 1967. 
It is worth noting in this context that Netanyahu’s acceptance of the so-called two-state solution is probable from the perspective of separating the major population areas in the West Bank from "Israel" while maintaining sovereignty over the lands and settlements, and Judaizing al-Quds, and this is warranted by some existential issues of the Zionist entity and by the need to maintain the Jewishness of the state. Netanyahu expressed this vision at the end of last year by referring to the unsovereign Palestinian entity, al-Quds and the borders with Jordan, saying: “Let the Palestinians call their entity an empire or a major republic.” This narrative was reiterated by his opponent, Benny Gantz, two months ago as he flirted with the Biden administration. Hence, we could say the notion of the “two-state solution” propagated by the Biden administration is not much different from the agenda of the evangelical American movement and the Zionist rightwing, save for the accessories of the fragmented archipelago for which the Palestinian Authority of Abbas is yearning, which includes internationalising the holy sites and tackling the issue of the Jewish settlements and “east al-Quds” which under deliberation. This was corroborated by US National Security advisor Jake Sullivan who quoted Biden as saying: “I think this is a good thing. I think this is a positive thing. Carry forward this initiative; deepen the cooperation between the countries that have signed the Accords; make real normalization that has taken root; make sure that the seeds that have now been planted actually grow into the full kind of cooperation across multiple dimensions and these relationships can move forward and how that can really help us, really help the United States advance our interests.”
Third: Moving away from the emotions and deception of those with bean-shaped mirrors who amplify and distort matters such as exaggerating the power of the Palestinian resistance to vent the anger of the masses and justify the slackness of the Arab regimes and armies and their disregard of their duties towards Palestine and al-Quds, the people of Palestine. The resistance are still in a state of reaction rather than initiation; they do not have the power to uproot the occupation and liberate the holy sites. The sentimental support of the Muslims to the people of Palestine will remain useless if it is not epitomised by a fruitful physical action which absolves the Muslims from failing to perform the duty of Jihad and uproot the Jewish state for good.  
It is high time the Muslims arose and left the state of reaction behind them. It is high time they took up arms to undo the evils of the barbaric entity. They should not accept humiliation or to remain an easy prey for the wolves of the world and the savage herds of the Jews. 
It is high time for the Muslims in the surrounding countries, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan in particular, to side with their brethren in Palestine during their hardships and tribulations despite their collaborating rulers. This is the clear-cut fact which the heroic youths understood by crossing the borders to help their Palestinian brethren while igniting the fire of exasperation in the hearts of those who banked on the borders of Sykes-Picot that fragment the Muslims. Although the regimes only allowed this happen to justify their slackness and vent the anger of the masses, the Muslim youths nevertheless have sent a message full of implications to the criminal entity, the collaborators and the spineless who have become addicted to defeat, cowardice, and capitulation, stipulating that their end is near and the succour of Allah the Almighty is imminent. 
These events are tantamount to a scandal for the normalisers as "Israel" and its herds have revealed that they reject normalisation and persist on clinging to their lowly character. The intifada of our people in inner Palestine and their fusion with their brethren in the West Bank has revealed to those scurrying for the two-state solution that the people of Palestine from the river to the sea, as well as all the Muslims, would not accept anything less than the liberation of all of Palestine; they only need the pious and sincere leadership to remove the regimes, which are weighing heavily on their hearts, and lead them towards victory and liberation. The demise of the usurping entity is linked to the downfall of the traitorous regimes dubbed the frontline states, which they only confront their masses and the Deen of the Ummah to protect Western interests and the Zionist entity. This is their functional role which is closely linked to their existence and which supplies "Israel" with the means of survival. 
To every dumb Satan from among the scholars and politicians who have not even uttered the word Jihad and instead have called on the international community to intervene, we remind them of Allah the Almighty’s saying: “And do not mix the truth with falsehood, and do not knowingly suppress the truth.” [al-Baqarah-42], and we draw their attention to what the founder of the “Christians United for Israel” organisation, pastor John Hagee, said in America on Wednesday 5 May: “This time in the history of the world, the Christians should not remain idle; this time the righteous should take a stand against evil. Christians and Jews should unite and win the war against anti-Semitism.”
3 Shawwal 1442h
15 May 2021