Political Observation - Gaza: Expanding the Confrontation

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Political Observation - Gaza: Expanding the Confrontation
The "Israeli" army has insinuated that it may extend the scope of confrontation with the Palestinian resistance in Gaza and deployed further troops to its outskirts. It has also announced an increase in its target list. 
As we have previously said, the battle for the Jews is designed to Judaize al-Quds and the holy sites and impose a fait accompli in light of the previous understandings between Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu. It is also par excellence a personal battle for Netanyahu who wants to export his own crises abroad and disrupt the campaign of his opponent, Yair Lapid, the chairman of the Yesh Atid party and opposition leader in the Knesset. Hence, Netanyahu may opt for a dangerous escapade with no guaranteed outcome as he lacks regional and international cover, and due to the bravery of the people of Palestine and the steadfastness of the Palestinian resistance buoyed by an unprecedented quality. Hence, he may decide to prolong the battle and extend it by sending ground troops into Gaza. The omens of such a scenario are strengthened by the deployed soldiers and the artillery shelling, despite the precariousness of such undertaking, especially if the resistance were to capture "Israeli" soldiers whose impact would be dramatically negative on "Israeli" public opinion and could completely destroy Netanyahu’s electoral credentials.
However, Netanyahu does not have much room for manoeuvre and he can only gamble with prolonging the battle which could give him, from his perspective, a chance to conjure up an achievement on the ground such as assassinating prominent leaders of the resistance and inflicting substantial damage on the people of Gaza and the resistance, so that he may be able to face "Israeli" public opinion.  He may also call a fifth election in an attempt to win a comfortable majority to form a government and avert prosecution, as "Israeli" law only grants him immunity from prosecution if he remains prime minister. Hence, he has been working towards widening the domestic wedge between the Palestinians and "Israelis", particularly by inciting the settlers to attack Palestinians across various cities of occupied Palestine, with 70 locations being the scenes of such attacks. This would ultimately weaken the chances of Yair Lapid in forming a government since he is banking on the votes of the Arab members of the Knesset, and would disenchant his allies from among the "Israeli" political forces and drive them away lest they should lose their electoral powerbases.  
As for the calls for a ceasefire by Europe, Russia, the UN, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar and Turkey, and America’s calls for de-escalation, they are designed to deprive Netanyahu from achieving his aims, should he be forced to halt the escalation, and take him back to confronting the popular resistance that incites domestic and international public opinion against him. Meanwhile the US is attempting to prevent the UN Security Council from intervening with the aim of implicating Netanyahu, deepening his crisis, and portraying him as a savage beast rather than someone acting in self-defence as he has been trying to tell the world. 
The policy pursued by the US to isolate Netanyahu is reflected in the international standpoints that identify with the dual US standpoint, and in the Pentagon’s decision to withdraw 120 US marines from "Israel", a move that sends several messages to "Israeli" domestic public opinion. The policy is also reflected in the style with which America is dealing with the unfolding events in terms of the White House press briefings and the statements of Secretary of State Blinken who said “We believe Palestinians and Israelis equally deserve to live with safety and security”, in addition to the statements of the US's UN envoy, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who said: “We urge de-escalation to end the ongoing crisis in Israel and Gaza and mourn the innocent lives lost on both sides.” She added: “We recognize Israel's right to defend its people and territory, and we equally believe the Palestinian people need to be able to live in safety and security.” 
Russia for her part slammed the Arab normalisation and called for the two-state solution as per the statement of foreign minister Sergei Lavrov while his deputy, Sergei Vershinin, urged "Israel" to cease all settlement activities in Palestinian lands immediately saying “Moscow has called for respecting the status quo of the sacred precincts in Jerusalem”. This denotes the presence of a serious move by Joe Biden to amend some of Donald Trump’s decisions, and this has been picked up by Russia, Europe, the Arab states, Turkey, the Palestinian Authority, and "Israel". Further pressure was piled on by various international institutions such as the statement of  the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Asad Ahmad Khan, the statements of the UN that it felt sorry for the children killed in Gaza, the standpoint of the Arab states, and the strong statements by Turkey and Iran, in addition to "Israeli" voices critical of Netanyahu for exploiting the issue for domestic political gains, the spiralling cost of the war and escalating tensions in various Palestinian cities, especially in the city of Lod. 
Nevertheless, the Arab and international pressure exerted on "Israel" does not mean they support the Palestinians, but rather that they are attempting to align the events with the political solutions leading to liquidating the Palestinian issue in a manner that would not be impeded by the domestic "Israeli" political outbidding and Netanyahu’s personal calculations. 
As for the pernicious and traitorous standpoint of the Arab regimes, especially the standpoint of the Egyptian regime, towards the "Israeli" aggression against the people of Palestine and the Gaza Strip, it is designed to prevent the Palestinians and the resistance groups from  imposing their willpower while framing their movements and demands, harnessing their resistance to the advantage of their enemies, dissipating their efforts, squandering their gains, dashing  the Ummah’s hopes of achieving liberation, and extinguishing the spirit of Jihad and any glimmer of hope that may rekindle in the Muslims their glories and expose the cowardice of the Arab collaborating regimes. Their stance is also designed to throwing the leaders of the Zionist entity a lifeline while keeping their comportment in check according to the volition of America when they overstep their bounds and impinging on the American agenda and interests, knowing that "Israel" has several precedents for putting its own interests ahead of British, European and American interests.
The abilities of the Palestinian resistance, despite their modest means, have proven that Muslims are capable of crushing the usurping entity, scattering its raging herds, and expelling them with their tails between their legs.
What is required from the armed resistance and the Muslim masses in Palestine, irrespective of the political context of the battle, is to be like thorns in the throats of the traitors and a shield that prevents them from trading in the issue and liquidating it. They should be wary of the chicanery of the Palestinian Authority and the surrounding regimes which aim to turn their blood into a fuel to rekindle the useless negotiations designed to entrench the Jewish entity under any peace formula, be it the so-called two-state solution, or the one-state solution, or self-rule. 
Netanyahu today is waging this battle without an adequate international or regional cover. Hence, the regional and international political settings are in favour of the resistance and summed up in the world’s standpoint vis-à-vis "Israel’s" barefaced violation of international law in respect of al-Quds, the holy precincts, and the unarmed civilians, which impacts the American agenda to internationalise the holy sites, knowing that the Biden administration hoists, somewhat hypocritically, the slogan of international democracy and human rights. America has never previously equated the Palestinian victims and the slain Zionists, and this could only be a warning message to Netanyahu. 
Hence, the Muslims in Palestine, especially the resistance fighters, should reject the dictates and despicable mediation of the Egyptian regime and snub its pressures that are designed to impose the direction of the battle on the resistance in order to achieve outcomes which are in favour of the expected submissive solutions in line with the US agenda. 
With this backdrop, we can understand the calls for deploying peacekeeping troops to protect the Palestinians as actually being dangerous since they institute the internationalisation of the holy sites and frame and ensconce the political solution as the only option to settle the issue. They are also dangerous since they would lead to preventing the Palestinians and the Muslims at large from seizing the initiative to liberate al-Quds and Palestine in the future while providing protection to the criminal entity.
Dear Muslims!
No matter how much damage the confrontation undertaken by the Palestinian resistance is able to inflict on the cancerous criminal entity, the war will never be balanced, especially as the strikes of the resistance has turned the Jewish entity into a wounded beast, and this is why it has started to intensify its vicious attack on the people of Gaza with utter oblivion to the Muslims and the entire world. The Muslims should drive out their collaborating rulers, whose function is to protect the Zionist entity and the American interest, before expelling the Jewish ambassadors, and rectify the situation by establishing the Islamic State which will remind them of Khaybar and make them forget the whispers of Shaytaan with the leave of Allah the Almighty. 
2 Shawwal 1442h
14 May 2021