Political Observation - Updates on the Palestinian Scene

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Political Observation - Updates on the Palestinian Scene
As Netanyahu has decided on the aggression against Gaza and the resistance movements to intensify their reactions, the tension of the unfolding events increased, especially this evening with "Israel" being dealt a series of heavy and painful blows in its depth at the hands of the resistance movements in Gaza. The resistance targeted Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion airport in response to the Zionist entity’s shelling of a residential tower block in Gaza, in what seemed to be an exchange of messages between the two sides.  
The resistance groups have targeted Tel Aviv with heavy artillery which led Netanyahu to come out and issue a political communiqué in which he vowed to intensify the attacks on Hamas and Islamic Jihad. He said the battle would go on for days. This was followed by mobilising scores of "Israeli" soldiers to the outskirts of Gaza to intimidate Hamas. Netanyahu and his defence minister have also attempted to amplify their achievements in the hope of rallying domestic public opinion, reassuring the masses and gain their support for their escapade. Netanyahu claimed the "Israeli" army had struck 500 Hamas and Islamic Jihad Targets saying Hamas and Jihad paid and would pay a heavy price for targeting central "Israel"; and this could only mean that he considers the issue to be fateful for him. 
It is imperative to read between the lines of the international and regional statements and reactions in order to perceive the latest developments. The White House said al-Quds should be a place of coexistence, and US President Joe Biden’s administration said last month that Israel’s control of the West Bank was indeed “occupation”. 
It is common knowledge that America’s support for the security of the Zionist entity does not necessarily generate political concord between them. Hence, despite its concern for "Israeli" security, the US standpoint aims at thwarting Netanyahu’s attempts to dominate the Haram Sharif (holy precincts), and then work towards internationalising them in the future. This trend is corroborated by the White House statement in which Press Secretary Jen Psaki said “Jerusalem, a city of such importance to people of faith around the world, must be a place of coexistence”. 
Hence, thwarting Netanyahu’s endeavour will be the gateway for the forthcoming negotiations. It is true America condemns the Palestinian resistance in public, due to US domestic considerations for political parties, leaders, and US public opinion, in addition to considerations related to the real American support and lifeline for "Israeli" security, but she is banking on embarrassing and incriminating Netanyahu, humiliating him domestically, isolating him internationally, and deepening his quandary. She is also hoping to convince the Jewish settlers and the entire religious rightwing to accept the political solutions guaranteeing their security. 
Hence, the US standpoint was expressed by some Democratic lawmakers in America who said they were infuriated by the "Israeli" attack on al-Aqsa Mosque as well as the visit to the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood by European Consuls to listen to the residents plus the EU Representative to "Israel’s" statement that evicting the residents of Sheikh Jarrah was “illegal under international humanitarian law.” For its part, the UN Human Rights Council said "Israel" should not use force against peaceful Palestinian protesters. Moreover, the stance of the Arab regimes and the League of Arab States focused on the issue of east al-Quds and al-Aqsa Mosque in order to frustrate Netanyahu’s attempt to divert the world’s attention away from al-Quds and to the struggle with Hamas to Gaza, in the hope of swaying domestic and world public opinion in his favour and sidestepping his crisis, in addition to flexing his muscles to muster the support of the "Israelis" to show he is capable of safeguarding the security of the criminal entity.
As for the renewed storming of al-Aqsa Mosque from the Bab al-Asbat, it seems that it was to restore the grandeur of "Israel" which was damaged by the modest rocket strikes and the celebrations of Muslims who hailed the resistance of their brethren in al-Quds. 
However, the statements of Netanyahu and Benny Gantz denote their deep concern and anxiety over their future; this was reflected in their speech to the "Israelis", their threats, and the ferocity of their onslaught on Hamas and Islamic Jihad. This is because Netanyahu is perpetrating this aggressive episode with a reduced or even non-existent international cover; the battle seems to be a personal affair rather than a battle for the security of the usurping entity. This has been perceived by America who incited her agents in the Arab countries to launch a scathing attack on "Israel" and invest in the events to embellish their grim image vis-à-vis their masses; and this was reflected in their statements.
The pressure piled up on Netanyahu from the EU and international and regional organisations; hence, this round is expected to be brutal and violent, which has prompted the resistance to react in kind and target "Israeli" sovereignty and the economy of the usurping entity by striking Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion airport on the day of the Zionists’ celebrations extensively. The strikes exposed the shortcomings of the Iron Dome in withstanding the modest rockets of the resistance and dealt a heavy blow to the centre of attention of the "Israeli" mainstream public opinion: their security. "Israeli" schools were closed, the commercial sector paralysed and aviation disrupted; an "Israeli" oil pipeline was damaged with the settlers terrified and several "Israelis" killed and injured.   
As for the calls for calm by the Arab rulers and the US, they aim at bringing Netanyahu back to square one after he decided to escalate the events and militarise the confrontation by moving it to Gaza. Hence, the League of Arab States indicated that the current escalation did not serve any state or any side, in reference to Netanyahu, since the equation of these events is designed to challenge his political future, which the Biden administration wants to curb and topple, as was the case in the mid-nineties during the tenure of Bill Clinton. 
The only other option for Netanyahu is a forward escape and a gamble with a tough battle with Gaza, the omens of which looked dangerous for "Israel" from the onset. This explains the calls for the inner cities to keep the "Israeli" authorities embroiled in quelling unrest to disperse the efforts of the "Israeli" army and hamper its mobilisations against Gaza, or force it to return to al-Quds and tackle the peaceful protests which have gained international legitimacy supported directly and indirectly by the UN, America and the EU, as well as the Arab regimes about whom Netanyahu boasts of his alliance and banks on their support. This scenario embarrasses Netanyahu and gives the Biden administration the pretext before US public opinion to readjust some of Trump’s decisions and rectify the leadership and decision-making mechanism according to US interests. The Biden administration alluded to this when it took office and described it as “sustainable policy” which involves, according to Blinken’s elaboration, restoring “Congress's traditional role as a partner in our foreign policy making.”
Irrespective of the political plane of the unfolding events, our duty today is supporting and backing the Jihadi actions undertaken by the Muslims in Palestine to resist the Judaization process, repel the assault of the enemy and advise them on how to avert the political traps designed to embroil them in a partnership with the collaborators, and on how to rectify their process, reject and thwart the upshots of the traitorous political solutions, and prevent the collaborators and the enemies from achieving the political aims that they have failed to achieve through armed conflict. The duty of the Muslims is also to rebuke and take to account the collaborating rulers who at the behest of their masters at the White House turned from grovellers towards normalisation and alliance with the usurping entity into denouncers of the Zionist aggression against the people of Palestine. Claiming that the Palestinian resistance’s decision to go to war would harm the people of Palestine is sheer stupidity since it is the claim of those who washed their hands of the dependence on Allah the Almighty and banked on the Biden administration and the “international community”, and those who have no confidence in the magnificence and the Aqeedah of this Ummah. Besides, this war has been imposed by Netanyahu and it is imperative to resist it irrespective of its aims. The Mujahideen in Palestine will have fulfilled their duty if they succeed in thwarting Netanyahu’s objective, smashing the haughtiness of "Israel" with what they possess in terms of weapons despite the cowardly stance of the traitorous regimes, deterring the spineless entity, for which history has never recorded a single hero, from shedding their blood and vilifying their sacred precincts, and force the criminal Zionists and their herds of settlers to pay a heavy price for their aggression, thus making their devilish leaders think twice before carrying out an attack against the people of Palestine, especially if the outcomes and knock-on effect of such aggression damage their political future. 
“Fight against them! Allah will punish them by your hands, and will disgrace them, and will succour you against them; and He will heal the hearts of those who believe.” [at-Tawbah-14] 
29 Ramadhan 1442h
11 May 2021