Political Observation - Escalation in al-Quds & All Palestinian Cities

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Political Observation - Escalation in al-Quds & All Palestinian Cities
Over the last two days, "Israeli" occupation forces have attacked worshippers in al-Aqsa Mosque and its periphery causing hundreds of casualties. The White House expressed its “serious concerns” today on the streak of violence in occupied east al-Quds, amidst an escalation in tensions against the backdrop of the "Israeli" forces’ storming of al-Aqsa Mosque. 
Spokesperson of “al-Qassam Brigades”, the military wing of Hamas, Abu Ubaydah, issued an ultimatum to the "Israeli" forces to withdraw from al-Aqsa Mosque before 18.00 hours today or bear the consequences. This was followed by a barrage of missiles from Gaza targeting "Israeli" positions in Tel Aviv, al-Quds and Gaza’s surroundings. This was condemned by State Department spokesperson Ned Price who stressed that "Israel" reserved the right to defend itself and that the US was fully committed to working towards calming the situation in al-Quds.  
The "Israeli" military escalation against Gaza, together with its  provocative storming of al-Aqsa Mosque, and the expulsion of Muslim worshippers from its compound, is designed to lure the Palestinian factions into an armed struggle and militarising the clashes in order to justify the excessive clampdown, halt the disconcerting popular resistance, break the unity of the masses and their support for their brethren in al-Quds, abort the precedent of rebelling against the criminal entity with regard to seizing Palestinian lands and homes, demonise the Palestinian dynamism, and incite world public opinion against the uprising of the Muslim Palestinian youth to defend their sacred precincts. 
As for the disgraceful and despicable reactions of the rulers to the Zionist aggression against the Muslims and the holy sites, they corroborate yet again and call for the need to intensify the efforts to topple them as they represent the obstacle impinging on the unity of the Islamic Ummah, her strength and her undertaking of the duty of Jihad, and they are the faithful watchdogs of the criminal entity and the cause behind its ghoulish comportment and savagery against our people in Palestine.  
The Arab regimes’ condemnation of the "Israeli" attack against the holy sites, especially by Egypt, Saudi, and the kiosks of the Gulf, and the weighty  diplomatic pressure they have generated, reflect the American desire to internationalise the sacred precincts and snatch them from the Muslims, and consequently thwart Netanyahu’s attempts to impose a fait accompli through implementing Donald Trump’s plan, and reshuffle the pack to sidestep his political crisis, and frustrate his plans to invest in the events to his advantage in forming the cabinet, knowing that although the various political forces in the US agree on protecting and supporting "Israel", they however differ on supporting "Israeli" policies, such as the Democratic Party’s aversion to the fait accompli policy pursued by "Israel" in tackling the Palestinian issue to preserve "Israeli" interests; this is what John Kerry announced when he differed with Netanyahu during Obama’s tenure. And it is in this context we can interpret America’s stance which separates the security of "Israel" from "Israeli" political behaviour and prefers to express her real stance to the Zionist entity in private, and then expound her position at the Security Council which on the surface seems to support the "Israeli" behaviour, whereas in fact it implicates Netanyahu and serves the American agenda pertinent to internationalising the holy precincts. 
This explains the emoting of the state-controlled Arab media outlets, especially Aljazeera, and the inciting of the resistance groups to jump into the fray and terrorise the Zionist residents through media support and sensationalisation, and then harness the fallouts to rabble-rouse "Israeli" public opinion against Netanyahu and mortify him, and to exploit them in generating a suitable climate to internationalise the crisis and revive the project of internationalising the holy precincts. This also explains why the Palestinians have been exhorted to stage protests throughout the country and why the "Israeli" rightwing public opinion supporting Netanyahu’s policy has been unsettled through a host of judgemental statements and commentaries.
The decision to extend the protests, which have reached the region of the Negev in an unprecedented manner, was designed to perpetuate the popular resistance and keep the issue of the hoy precincts alive and persistently warranting a solution. Hence, the regimes in Arab and Islamic countries understood their role, established their stance in light of their reading of the events and international reactions and trends, and upped the ante in their diplomatic campaign. What corroborates the fact that the holy precincts are the heart of the events is the stakeholders’ persistence in linking the events to the issue of the holy precincts, including Hamas’s conditions to halt the escalation. Therefore, the "Israeli" police confronted the protesters in al-Quds and other Palestinian cities with an iron fist, and "Israel" continued the escalation against Hamas specifically and vowed to deal the movement a heavy blow, while Netanyahu sought to lure Hamas into a military confrontation to evoke the security fears of the Zionists, mobilise them, and gain their support to sidestep his political crisis and give himself a chance to retract and save face under the pretext of regional and international pressure should he fail in imposing a fait accompli and in attracting the support of the extremist religious rightwing through usurping the lands and holy precincts of the people of Palestine.  
The Muslims should not concern themselves with the political stance and the proposed pragmatic solutions, nor should they be concerned with the quibbling of the colonialists over the methods of slaughter, aggression, and humiliation they are preparing for Palestine and the sacred sites of the Muslims. The people of Palestine, men and women alike, and all the Muslims, have stood their ground without any cowardice or slackness and represented it in their struggle, heroism and defence of their holy sites, written it with their blood and made their enemy hear it loud and clear with their bare hands, stones and sit-ins, and not with their smartphones and their iftar at the tables of the enemies of Allah, or by resorting to the international community. They have confirmed unequivocally that there should be no surrender of one single inch of the Islamic lands, and no slackness towards their sacred sites, but rather blood for blood, and destruction for destruction, which have prevented the Zionists from imposing their will and compelled them to withdraw from the compounds of al-Aqsa and postpone the judicial file on the eviction of the residents of Sheikh Jarrah, as if they were saying to the Muslims outside Palestine: “Salvage yourselves from the rulers who are the brothers of the Zionists, dust off the humiliation covering the bystanders from among you, and epitomise your support for your brethren and sanctities in Palestine and al-Quds by supporting your Deen, uprooting your regimes which have enslaved you, and establishing your state and the rule of Allah among you.
“O you who believe! If you help the cause of Allah, He will help you, and will make firm your steps.” [Mohammed-7]
28 Ramadhan 1442h
10 May 2021