Political Observation - The Escalation in Al-Quds

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Political Observation - The Escalation in Al-Quds  
The events of al-Quds have come amidst the preparations for the Palestinian elections which have been impeded by the split of the Fatah movement in the electoral lists, and amidst the efforts of Netanyahu to form a government and his attempt to rally the support of the rightwing and the settlers to accept his government. It is clear that Netanyahu and Abbas are the main beneficiaries of the escalation and the postponement of the elections, in which Hamas is expected to win a share that does not reflect the wishes of Netanyahu and his far-right supporters, with a US administration that does not make Netanyahu’s wishes part of its political considerations, inasmuch as it wishes to see a Palestinian government which  includes representatives of the “Palestinian people” and accepts the previous commitments and agreements, especially the issue of the US embassy in al-Quds and the internationalisation of the holy precincts. This means the escalation, irrespective of the instigating side, is prone for investment since all the stakeholders set about investing in the escalation including Hamas and Jordan, who has no way to appear on the scene except through the custodianship over the Islamic and Christian holy precincts, and the issue of the refugees within the equation of the final solution.   
What is paradoxical in this saga is the Palestinian authority and the Arab regimes’ persistence to bank on the Biden administration which has not retracted from the decisions of Donald Trump on vital issues such as al-Quds, refugees and the two-state solution that the Arab rulers are grovelling for. The  entire world community, which has been urging even the Islamists to embrace the two-state solution in order to exert pressure on the usurping entity, has failed to compel "Israel" to even open the gates of al-Quds and allow the elections of a self- rule authority to take place, let alone impose the rise of a Palestinian state with al-Quds as its capital.
The only solution to tackle this entity is Jihad in order to uproot it altogether. The Arabs alone are capable of achieving this should the sincere will be generated. There is no other way to exact our rights except through Jihad since those who have hoisted the banner of “death to the Arabs” are not an isolated movement in "Israel" but rather a sizable sector with a powerful and weighty representation in the Knesset which is dominated by the far-right settlers who believe in the Torahic allegations and call for the united city of al-Quds as the capital of "Israel"; they do not recognise the Palestinians’ right to the West Bank and call for solving the Palestinian issue outside "Israel" and even getting rid of the Palestinian demographic and expelling those Palestinians to Jordan. The Zionist religious movement has a solid bloc in the current Knesset consisting of 72 extremist religious members out of 120, and the current ongoing rifts in "Israel" nowadays are between extremist fa-right Zionists and not between doves seeking peace in exchange for the land and hawks impeding it, as was the case during the days of the Likud and Labour parties.  
"Israel" today is the same "Israel" which the Arabs concluded peace agreements which nullified the war option and adopted negotiations as a strategic choice. Hence, the sharpest weapon for liberation is Jihad and supporting those resisting the Judaising of al-Quds, rather than supporting the peaceful popular resistance in an unbalanced battle to justify the forthcoming concessions or resorting to the United Nations, or banking on the collaborating rulers who keep kicking the people of Palestine around like a football.      
20 Ramadhan 1442h
2 May 2021