Political Observation - The Statements of Mohammed bin Salman

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Political Observation - The Statements of Mohammed bin Salman
Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman says Saudi endorses the Qur’an as a constitution for the kingdom and is 90% in agreement with the Biden administration. He is obviously seeking to combine between paradoxes, namely flirting with the religious institution that has been supporting him and hoisting the Qur’an on the tip of his spear to justify killing those whom he has dubbed as “terrorists” while plotting to abolish the prophetic Sunnah and the remnants of the laws derived from religion to complement the project of obliterating the landmarks of Islam in the kingdom which has never ruled by Islam for one single day in the first instance. Mohammed bin Salman wants to insinuate to his opponents that Biden is pleased with him, considering that the legitimacy of Aal Saud’s rule in general, and Aal Salman in particular, is derived from the pleasure of the US. He has flirted with the masses by reviewing the Saudi economic situation in comparison with other oil-producing countries. If this manoeuvring were to prove anything, it would only prove his doubts and uncertainties about acceding to power, especially as the Biden administration, who had announced the possibility of dealing with him according to US interests, has not completely closed off the issue of Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination, which hints at the probability of doing away with him once America has used him up and achieved her designs for Saudi through him, which could include federalising the kingdom and isolating the holy precincts from the areas that are vital to US interests. 
Mohammed bin Salman’s admission that he is 90% in agreement with America strips the Salafist sheikhs of all pretexts to continue throwing dust in the eyes of the masses and urging them to obey those in authority who chose to be slaves to the enemies of Allah, as the 90% agreed upon with America includes fighting Islam, promoting secularism and liberalism, spreading debauchery, and grooming a generation affiliated to Western culture, values and way of life, in line with the international liberal democratic approach embraced by the Biden administration, and which Mohammed bin Salman set about implementing by abolishing the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, embracing the secularist approach, imprisoning or harassing a number of scholars and buying the loyalty of others, and recently amending the educational curricula. 
With respect to Iran, the change in Mohammed bin Salman’s policy was evidently manifest as he shifted from threatening to “take the war to inside Iran” to a conciliatory discourse he expressed during his televised interview by saying “Iran is a neighbouring country, and we aspire to establishing the best of relations with her. We do not harbour any ill feeling towards Iran; we wish her progress and prosperity. We have our interests in Iran and they have their interests with us.”
As for the Yemeni file, Mohammed bin Salman has made a U-turn from his hard-line policy dubbed “Decisive Storm” to an “outstretched hand policy” towards the Houthis, and yet again in response to the Biden approach and the new US policy in Yemen which involves easing the tension with Iran and bringing her gradually out of isolation in a bid to regulate Teheran’s behaviour according to the tempo of Washington’s policy in the region,  in addition to downsizing Turkey’s influence. 
Hence, a host of agreements have been concluded between America and Iran in the past couple of days, including America’s decision to unfreeze Iranian assets totalling $7 billion and release four Iranian nationals in exchange for the release of four dual nationals, namely Morad Tahbaz,  Siamak Namazi, Bagher Namazi and Emad Shargi, by Iran who hopes the step would contribute positively to restoring relations between the two countries, especially as the Biden administration is neither interested in investing in the Iranian nuclear file apart from lending support to the Iranian reformist movement, nor in helping Netanyahu who has been unable to form a cabinet due to the rifts between the "Israeli" rightwing political forces. This intent was interpreted by the progress in the negotiations over the nuclear file and by leaking recordings of Jawad Zarif in which he slammed Gen. Soleimani, the conservative movement, and the security and military forces in Iran, in support of Rouhani and Zarif. 

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani stated that “leaking a recording of my senior diplomat was designed to cause a rift within the Islamic republic as talks aimed at reviving an international nuclear agreement were ongoing. That voice recording was leaked as the talks were about to be very successful; and this has triggered a rift in Iran.” His statement falls under the political tussle between the reformists and the conservatives who invested in the statements of Zarif to demonise the reformists. In parallel with these developments, America has set about containing "Israel" and regulating its reactions and behaviour vis-à-vis US- Iranian talks by giving Iran and Hamas free rein to launch strikes against "Israeli" targets to deter Netanyahu who was described by some "Israeli" journalists as “being dangerous when facing a crisis”, and through the US-"Israeli" agreement to set up an inter-agency working group to monitor Iranian drones and precision-guided missiles. This evoked the apprehensions of the Republican party and the evangelical rightwing in the US, and John Kerry was subjected to a barrage of criticism in the US Congress after the recording of Zarif was leaked in which he said that John Kerry had informed him that "Israel" launched at least 200 strikes against Iranian interests in Syria. Former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley demanded answers from Kerry and Joe Biden tweeting that “Biden and Kerry have to answer for why Kerry would be tipping off Iran, the number one sponsor of terror while stabbing one of our greatest partners, Israel, in the back.” Hence, Biden is expected to postpone any agreement between Saudi, despite her readiness to normalise her relations with the usurping entity as per the statement of their foreign minister, and "Israel", until the midterm congressional elections next year, to lure the evangelical electoral powerbase and shore up his party in the Senate. 
20 Ramadhan 1442h 
2 May 2021