Political Observation - Normalisation: A Phase of Liquidating the Palestinian Issue

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Political Observation - Normalisation: A Phase of Liquidating the Palestinian Issue

US president Donald Trump confirmed on Twitter his recognition of Morocco’s full sovereignty over Western Sahara and pledged to offer financial support for development projects in Morocco and the Sahara as well. This came after his son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, had visited Morocco, where he received a warm welcome by king Mohammed VI, and confirmed that recognising Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara hinged on the kingdom’s normalisation of its ties with "Israel".

This announcement came following a catalogue of preludes and arrangements whose outcomes were expected and which Trump crowned with twitter; it has become clear that the US arrangements for Trump’s remaining tenure at the White House aim at reaping the fruits of the deal that Trump had concluded with the collaborating Arab rulers in favour of "Israel" while depriving the Democratic Party from taking the credit, now that the involvement of more traitorous and collaborating regimes in the treason of normalisation with the usurping entity has ripened. Trump was brought to power to achieve these undertakings which will bolster the chances of the Republican Party in dominating the Senate in the next midterm elections and returning to the White House in the next presidential elections. This was evidently reflected in Donald Trump’s electoral campaign which focused on his historic achievement in normalisation between "Israel" and Arab states; he said: “There have been two peace agreements with Israel in the last 72 years. This is now the second peace agreement that we have announced in the last month, and I am very hopeful that there will be more to follow.” It is true that this achievement could not help him win the elections due to the political approach of the domestic and international ruling institutions and the high-level interests of the US, as well as the approach dictated by reality, but achieving maximum political gains, such as luring more Arab regimes to normalise ties with "Israel" and depriving Biden from reaping the benefits is considered an investment for the Republican Party in the bid to shore up its evangelical electoral base and the Zionist lobby; it is also considered a debt on the neck of the evangelists and the Jewish lobbies that has to be settled in the future, especially since Netanyahu represents the optimum choice for the evangelical rightwing and the Republican Party and has to be helped in his domestic crises through normalisation with the Arab agents, unlike his relationship with the Democratic Party which was tinged with tension with the administration of Obama and Biden around the end of their tenure.

Those preludes and arrangements are reflected in luring Iran into a military confrontation, either through an understanding with the Iranian leadership or through coercion, heightening tension in the region through military or other means in order to justify the official Arab alliance with "Israel", especially of Saudi. Another arrangement was also reflected in the trial balloon undertaken by the Sultanate of Oman when one of its schools displayed a map of the region in which Palestine was replaced with "Israel", and the ensuing uproar it caused was used to gauge the reaction of Omani public opinion.

However, the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, and the Saudi- Qatari reconciliation are the most noteworthy events indicating what is being concocted in respect of the justifications paving the way for alliance and normalisation with "Israel".

As for the Arab Maghreb, preparations for announcing normalisation and alliance between Morocco and "Israel" started from when the UAE and 16 African states, and then Jordan, opened consulates in Western Sahara without any objective justification; this was followed by stirring up the waters between Morocco and the Polisario Front with the incident of al-Karkarat, after which the Polisario announced its withdrawal from the ceasefire mediated by the UN and declared war on Morocco. This was the event through which the profile of king Mohammed VI was embellished; he was projected as a hero whose “decisive” military action reopened the passage for the safe movement of people and goods between the Moroccan kingdom, Mauritania, and the African countries south of the Sahara. The rulers of Algeria invested in military action to divert the masses’ attention away from the domestic crises and exploited the Moroccan normalisation with "Israel" to entrench the status quo in the absence of President Abdul Majid Taboun and pave the way for effectuating article 107 of the constitution that gives the president or those acting on his behalf wide-ranging competencies to preserve the institutions, security, and stability of the state. In this context, the official magazine of the Algerian army stated that “the Algerians should be fully prepared to confront the threat posed by the sides which are belligerent towards the security of the region,” especially amid France’s provocations and incitements with the aim of destabilising the Algerian status quo. This was reflected in Macron’s statement to the French magazine, Jeune Afrique, in which he said he “backed President Taboun in leading a transitional period to help the country overcome its political crisis,” which means dissolving all the elected institutions and replacing them with an institutional council to draft a new constitution for the country, before holding fresh presidential and parliamentary elections. This provocative approach was also reflected in the European Parliament’s criticism of human rights abuses in Algeria and in the activities of French Ambassador to Algiers, Francois Gouyette, who was accused by parliamentarian, Amira Salim, of “hosting those who promote a transitional phase at his residence under the guise of supporting freedom of political expression and defending human rights”. This was met by a barrage of denouncements and criticisms and Algerian information minister, Ammar Belhimer, told the official press agency that his country was “facing verbal attacks from France.” Some Algerian parliamentarians, leaders and political parties slammed what they referred to as French meddling in Algerian affairs. Amira Salim said the “French ambassador is exploiting the void in our political scene to spread chaos and incitement, and we will not accept a transitional period at any cost, and parliament will abort it.” Meanwhile, Algerian prime minister, Abdul Aziz Jarrad, announced in his speech in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of 11 December 1960 demonstrations that “Algeria is targeted and there are several dangerous issues in our regional sphere that are aimed at destroying the stability of the region.” And in reference to the Moroccan-"Israeli" normalisation, he said “there is a genuine foreign determination to help the Zionist entity reach our borders, and the political class should work towards the stability of the country.”

In fact, all that seems surprising in terms of events is nothing but traitorous actions, deception and dishonesty, perpetrated by the puppet rulers against the people of the region in order to tame them and control the situation to serve the American plan reflected in the Greater Middle East Initiative, especially the Deal of the Century and the liquidation of the Palestinian issue. Hence, whether America and "Israel" staged a military strike against Iran or contented themselves with limited actions, this would not deviate from the agenda of heightening the tension, paving the way for a return to negotiations on the Iranian nuclear and missiles file, goading Saudi and the rest of the Gulf States to establish alliance and normalisation of ties with "Israel" in service of America, the Republican Party and Netanyahu in particular, in exchange for the rulers keeping their thrones. 

As for the Maghreban front, Morocco’s normalisation is designed to break the ice and pave the way for dragging Libya, Tunisia and Mauritania to the bottom of the quagmire in which the Arab collaborating rulers have fallen. Morocco’s normalisation with the criminal entity was no surprise because the doomed king Hassan II acceded to the throne with the support of "Israeli" intelligence services whose agents, according to leaked reports, met the leader of the Moroccan opposition, Mahdi Ben Barka, and spied on him, and then informed king Hassan II that Ben Barka sought their help in his attempt to topple him and enabled the king to get rid of him.

As for Tunisia, the path towards normalisation has already been paved since the parliamentarian bill criminalising normalisation was thwarted and president Kais Saied supported the Tunisian stance rejecting the denunciation of the Emirati normalisation with "Israel" through the abstention of Tunisia’s representative from voting in favour of the Palestinian draft resolution at the League of Arab States. Kais Saied then appointed the second-in-command in Tunisia’s Interest Office to the Zionist entity, Tarek al-Adab as Tunisia’s ambassador to the UN. It is also common knowledge that Mauritania, which is dominated by Emirati influence, was the third Arab state after Egypt and Jordan to establish diplomatic ties with "Israel" at ambassadorial level; its official relations with the criminal entity started in 1996 during the tenure of president Maaouya Ould Sid'Ahmed Taya. Hence, announcing its normalisation with "Israel" will not be surprising.

As for the stance of the Algerian authorities vis-à-vis normalisation, it is nothing but propaganda for domestic consumption with the aim of cajoling the Algerian public opinion that loves Palestine, and containing the domestic tense situation, especially amid the absence of President Taboun, which is expected to be lengthy. As for the official communiqué of the Polisario Front in which it expressed its resentment towards the US decision by stating that its “struggle for self-rule will continue”, it confirms that they are part of the saga through which the Moroccan-"Israeli" normalisation was orchestrated.

Despite the Arab rulers’ addiction to collaboration, treason and depravity, and despite what the Islamic Ummah has suffered in terms of setbacks, tribulations and humiliations, she has, however, always emerged from her setbacks stronger and more resolute thanks to her sincere children. We have no doubt whatsoever that the Ummah of Mohammed ﷺ who banished the Jews from Khaybar is capable of solving her own problems, exacting revenge from her collaborating rulers and abolishing the Jewish entity once and for all, as we have been promised by Allah and His Messenger ﷺ. Hence, For the like of this, then, let them labour, those who labour.

28 Rabi’ al-Awwal 1442h
13 December 2020