Sudan Jumps on the Bandwagon of Traitorous Normalisation and Alliance

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Political Observation - Sudan Jumps on the Bandwagon of Traitorous Normalisation and Alliance
"Israeli" radio announced on 22 October that an "Israeli" delegation had visited Khartoum on Wednesday 21 October to put the final touches on the agreement to normalise official ties between Sudan and "Israel". Two days later, the White House announced that president Donald Trump had signed a decree “rescinding Sudan's designation as a state sponsor of terrorism” and that Khartoum and Tel Aviv had agreed - through US mediation – to normalise their relations. The timing seems to have benefited all the stakeholders.
Donald Trump is undoubtedly seeking further achievements in the hope of boosting his credentials in the US elections against his Democrat rival Biden. As for Netanyahu, he also needs further breakthroughs with Arab states to embellish his profile which was damaged by corruption charges, and he aspires to bolster the standpoints of the UAE and Bahrain and encourage Saudi to normalise its ties with "Israel", as Mohammed bin Salman got cold feet according to "Israeli" media reports. As for the Sudanese army and prime minister Abdullah Hamdok, they are just like the rest of the collaborating rulers; they find in normalisation and alliance with "Israel" a means to getting closer to America and extending their continuance in power. They have linked their tackling of the deteriorating economic situation to complying with the US dictates pertinent to paying the required compensation in exchange for striking Sudan off the list of states sponsors of terrorism, and to signing the normalisation agreement, in order to justify their treason to the masses who have been severely impoverished as a result of the misgovernance of their collaborating rulers.
Hence, the timing of the "Israeli" delegation’s visit on 21 October, and the announcement of the normalisation agreement as popular protests erupted demanding basic living standards, was prearranged and deliberate, knowing that official contacts between Sudanese officials, including former Sudanese intelligence chief Mohammed Atta, and delegates from the "Israeli" foreign ministry started in 2017; and even the contacts between "Israel" and the Sudanese Ummah party, that pretends to object to normalisation, have been ongoing since the 1950’s.
Irrespective of whether the communist Abdullah Hamdok remains in office or America decides to do away with him once he has been exhausted, his government will have fulfilled the traitorous role requested of it, namely linking the unity of Sudan to the secularity of the state under the guise of preserving particularity and cultural diversity, as per the agreement concluded with the various opposition armed factions, and laying the foundations for federalising Sudan; in other words dividing it. The preparatory steps for federalisation were reflected in the work of the Committee of Demarcation. Moreover, the initiative of the regional solution based on normalisation and alliance with "Israel" will have bolstered and separated from the process of the "Israeli"- Palestinian talks, as per the Trump deal.
It has become clear that settling the terrorism file with Sudan and compensating the victims of the bomb attacks on the two US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, of which Sudan was accused without proof, coupled with Saudi and the UAE’s pledge to pay $335 million and the Sudanese government and army’s collusion to settle the issue in this humiliating manner, all this was designed to save America and "Israel" embarrassment in removing Sudan from the list of states sponsors of terrorism and pave the way for normalisation, in addition to duping the people of Sudan into thinking they are at a historic crossroad that will bring them affluence, and projecting the government and the top brass as the historic leadership that has salvaged the country, as per the statement of the White House.
Hence, the feigned hesitation of prime minister Abdullah Hamdok towards normalisation under the pretext of referring the issue to parliament was a trial balloon for the mood of the Sudanese masses who have been groaning under the yoke of poverty and the oppression of the armed forces who expressed their reservations towards the agreement only to protect it with their weapons and send a threatening message to anyone thinking about opposing it. The evidence for the lying of the Sudanese rulers and their feigned apprehensions is reflected in the statement of spokesperson for the US Department of State Morgan Ortagus on Thursday 22 October in which she said: “Secretary Pompeo applauded Prime Minister Hamdok’s efforts-to-date to improve Sudan’s relationship with Israel and expressed hope that they would continue, and underscored continuing U.S. support for Sudan’s ongoing democratic transition.” A day earlier, Secretary of State Pompeo announced that his country had started the process of removing Sudan from the list of states sponsors of terrorism and that the matter “will happen soon”. He also expressed Washington’s desire to see Khartoum recognise "Israel" soon, which proves that Trump was desperate to announce a normalisation deal between Sudan and "Israel" before the elections. The joint communiqué between Trump, al-Burhan, Hamdok and Netanyahu mentioned that they talked today and discussed Sudan’s historic advance towards “strengthening their democracy” and promoting peace in the region. The communiqué added: “In addition, the leaders agreed to begin economic and trade relations, with an initial focus on agriculture.”
6 Rabi’ al-Awwal 1442h
23 October 2020