Political Observation - The Region’s Unfolding Events: An Alliance against Islam & Muslims, Not Normalisation

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Political Observation - The Region’s Unfolding Events: An Alliance against Islam & Muslims, Not Normalisation

If we were to review the statements of the Arab and Jewish leaders and the articles of the agreement between the Emirates and "Israel", we would deduce that the agreement is targeting the Islamic Ummah and not just Palestine. This was expressed by the statement of Netanyahu in which he said “what has happened is a major turning point in the history of Israel and the Middle East.” The agreement aims at guaranteeing the security of "Israel", entrenching it in the region and supporting it economically; and this was also confirmed by Netanyahu who said “The peace agreements with Abu Dhabi and al-Manama will bring to the Israeli economy billions of dollars in investment and economic cooperation.” 

 The most dangerous aspect of this agreement is that it has redefined the enemy, removing the attribute of enemy from "Israel" and giving it the attribute of “ally” and “partner” in all domains including coordination between the Emirates and "Israel" to influence the US administration and dissuade it from supporting any process leading to enabling the people of the region of exercising their willpower. The agreement has also turned Islam, the Muslims and the Khalifah into an enemy and a challenge, even though it has epitomised them through Iran, Turkey and the Islamic movements. Donald Trump and Netanyahu’s call on the Arabs and the Muslims to pray in al-Quds has come to corroborate the Jewishness of the city and the sovereignty of "Israel" over it as a unified capital of the usurping entity. Emirati foreign minister Abdullah bin Zayed published an article in the Wall Street Journal the day before the signing of the two agreements in which he deemed “normalising the relations between the UAE and Israel an opportunity for a new approach to confront the challenges of the region.” He added “a number of non-Arab states and active non-governmental forces are defending some form of extremism… they are yearning for lost empires and hallucinating about a new Khilafah…. signing the peace treaty this week will be the appropriate response.”

Double standards or the lack of standards pose the most serious threat to the awareness of the Ummah. The illegitimacy of "Israel" is equal to the illegitimacy of the dictatorial regimes that establish alliances with the enemies of the Muslims and do not rule according to their Shari'ah; and the normalisation with "Israel" by those who “support” the Palestinians, such as Turkey and Qatar, is equal to the normalisation of those who are besieging the people of Palestine, such as Egypt, Saudi, the Emirates and Bahrain.

Those who are relying on Qatar are wool-gathering; the closing joint statement of the third US-Qatar Strategic Dialogue endorsed the Deal of the Century as a framework for a negotiated solution to the issue of Palestine. Likewise, those who rely on Kais Saied and the parliamentarian Islamic forces are even more deluded; the preachers of change through parliament have failed twice in passing a parliamentary motion criminalising normalisation. All the political forces in Tunisia, including al-Nahda, colluded and kept silent when in 2016, president Beji Caid Essebsi appointed the head of Tunisia’s Interest Office in “Tel Aviv”, Khemaies Jhinaoui, as foreign minister, thus leaving Tunisia’s foreign policy in the hands of a normaliser and collaborator. As for Kais Saied, who said during his electoral campaign that “normalisation is treason”, failed to back the condemnation of the Emirati normalisation at the League of Arab States and he even appointed the normaliser, Tarek al-Adab, the former second in command at Tunisia’s Interests Office in “Tel Aviv”, as Tunisian ambassador to the United Nations, which denotes his collusion in removing the obstacles in the face of normalisation in the future.

Everyone is heading towards normalisation and alliance; some have signed and other are still waiting, including Iran who is weaving her way towards normalisation; her foreign minister Javad Zarif tweeted on Thursday 17 September: “On the occasion of the New Year, I wish Iranian—and indeed all—Jews happiness, and most of all, good health. The children of Adam, Abraham and Moses are siblings who deserve to live in a real democratic peace—not a business deal.” Meanwhile, Iraqi prime minister deemed the Emirati normalisation a private affair that should not be interfered with. On the Syrian plane, prominent opponent in the Syrian National Coalition, Kamal al-Labwani, visited "Israel" in the past and a leading figure from among Syria’s Kurds called for establishing normal relations with "Israel". Maronite patriarch, Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, called for the “neutrality of Lebanon”, which denotes clear messages pertinent to peace with "Israel". Some individuals may think that the condolence tent pitched by the Palestinian Authority and Jordan expressed sadness and aversion to the regional solution, but in fact they realised that the forthcoming solution would be at their expense, in addition to finding in the regional solution a lifeline that absolved them of blame and spared them embarrassment. And when the Saudi entity normalises its relations with "Israel", several Islamic countries are expected to follow suit through its gates based on the principle of separating between national interests of the states and the Palestinian issue, which is what Kushner has called for.

The solution to the Palestinian issue can only be generated through the unity and independence of the Islamic Ummah under an entity ruled by our magnificent Islam and through a call for mobilisation and a declaration of Jihad, which is within the capabilities of our wounded and hapless Ummah. Anything else would be sheer delusion and deception, and an entrenchment of the criminal foundling entity.

“O you who believe, if you aid the cause of Allah, He will help you, and He will make firm your steps.” [Mohammed-7]

4 Safar 1442h
21 September 2020