Political Observation - Breaking the Resolve of the Jordan Teachers Syndicate

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Political Observation - Breaking the Resolve of the Jordan Teachers Syndicate  
One of the key political theories to control the masses is that of the philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli who stated in his book titled The Prince (Il Principe) that the ruler’s strategy was built upon anticipating chaos and a menace to his authority, and consequently, it would be imperative to establish a force to deter the masses and establish the relationship between the ruler and his subjects based on blackmail, i.e. authority in exchange for security. Machiavelli argued that submission to the ruler was part of the requisites of society’s security under the guise of providing security for the masses. Moreover, he recommended that the “Prince” to be like a ferocious beast, acting cunningly like a fox and fiercely like a lion to maintain law and order. 
Hence, the ruler is not expected to make any concessions to the masses lest he should undermine his grandeur. Making a concession, in his opinion, would be a precedent which would embolden the masses to rebel and topple his regime.
Perceiving the mentality of the tyrannical regime is essential in understanding the decisions and the events such as the issue of the teachers in Jordan. The Jordanian government was infuriated by the Teachers Syndicate’s decision to impose its will with regards its rights, especially as the government is set to make a host of concessions pertinent to the Deal of the Century and its requisites, including the constitutional amendments related to the competencies of the king and the electoral law, once the Palestinians have been resettled and granted political rights as well as civil rights.    
And in order to control the masses, the Jordanian government exploited the defence laws, enabled by the coronavirus pandemic, to reconsider its standpoint vis-à-vis the teachers who constituted an organised groups, break their resolve and make of them a fearsome example for those who follow them.  
15 Thil-Hijjah 1441h  
5 August 2020