Political Observation - "Israeli" High Court Ruling

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Political Observation - "Israeli" High Court Ruling 

On 9 June , France24 Arabic reported that the "Israeli" high court struck down a law that had allowed the "Israeli" government to acquisition privately owned land in the West Bank in exchange for material compensation. The "Israeli" Knesset approved this law in 2017 which had paved the way for seizing Palestinian land on which settlers built their homes without an official permit from the authorities, in exchange for material compensation to the Palestinian owners. "Israeli" minister of Settlement Affairs, Tzipi Hotovely, commented : “the High Court today declared war on the right of Jews to settle in the Land of Israel.” She added that the best way to respond to the court was more annexation and settlements. 

In fact. Although the rulings of the "Israeli" high court opposing the decisions of the government from time to time is part of the problematics generated by the democratic philosophy in ruling matters, namely whether a judicial non-elected minority has the right to overrule the opinion of an elected parliamentarian majority; it is also part of the political struggle between the religious wings dominating the Knesset and acting in ghoulish manner towards politics and the rulers, and the liberal partisan, political and legal forces within the usurping entity, which oppose the tyranny of the majority and call for reining-in the comportment of the majority to safeguard the rights of individuals and minorities. However, despite all this, the decision of the high court is part and parcel of the deceptive manoeuvring and political exploitation aimed at confining the referentiality of settling the rights of the Palestinians to the "Israeli" judiciary rather than an independent body or international organisation. Hence, it is a political trap designed to lure the Palestinian masses and exact from them an acceptance of the referentiality of the Zionist judiciary in determining their rights, and to provide the collaborators of the Palestinian Authority with justification to seek the arbitration of the "Israeli" judiciary which is allegedly fair and impartial. The high court ruling issued ahead of the Jewish government’s annexation of the Jordan Valley, thus imposing a fait accompli on the ground, is in fact a message designed to characterise the Zionist entity as the upholder of social justice and law and order, erase its apartheid face and dissipate the fears of the international community amidst the worldwide resentment towards racism following the killing of George Floyd in America, and the fears of West Bank residents and the Jordanian regime from displacement following the annexation of the Jordan Valley. This is downright deception because the “alternative homeland” is designed to be achieved by extending the Jewish entity’s borders to the Jordanian borders and by settling the refugees’ file, not by displacing the residents of the West Bank. 

On the other hand, the decision of the high court is pertinent to legal issues related to personal grievances rather than the agenda of annexation and spreading hegemony over the West Bank, as well as guaranteeing the security of the settlements, which is linked to the national security of the usurping Jewish entity. 

Hence, the court’s ruling has no impact on the extreme right-wing political project backed by the US, and it is not expected to impede the initiative of the Netanyahu-Gantz government or dissuade it, especially as Netanyahu has laid some conditions to consent to the alleged Palestinian entity, the main one being the imposing of sovereignty over the Jewish settlements in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley, recognising the whole of al-Quds as the capital of "Israel", depriving refugees from the right to return and granting full security control to "Israel". 

So-called "Israel" is but a colonialist forward operating base in the Islamic world; tackling it necessitates resisting the ongoing Western colonialist expansion in the region and eradicating it, starting with eradicating cultural colonialism such as the doctrine of separating religion from life and what emanates from it in terms of patriotism, nationalism and left-wing and liberal thoughts and then moving on to getting rid of the colonialist’s tools, starting with the dictatorial regimes, rulers and entities, including the Palestinian Authority, and ending with the West’s military bases. Such undertakings would be a prerequisite to uprooting the Jewish entity, and this requires time to purify the soil of the Ummah from the collaborators and corrupt milieux. The path towards fulfilling this duty is building the Ummah upon the Aqeedah and establishing her state which will unify her, reduce the power of the enemy and even tip the balance of power in favour of the Muslims through what they possess in terms of means matching the military power of the enemy, such as their geopolitical position and human and economic resources. 

As for the treacherous rulers’ reliance on international resolutions, which cannot possibly be implemented without having the necessary power in the first place, it is a recipe for capitulation, a disclaimer, a corroboration of the Jewish entity and a delusion to the Muslims. Moreover, relying on the so-called resistance is exactly what the West and its agents are investing in to discard Jihad, which epitomises the method of liberation, the willpower to fight, and the might of the Muslims; Jihad strengthens the Muslims’ resolve, reminds them of their State and revives their glories. In fact resorting to any resistance unequal to the power of the criminal entity and throwing the Muslims into unbalanced wars and overlooking the preparation for liberation, all this has been designed to dash the hopes of Muslims in achieving victory and liberation, to convince them of the futility of war, demoralise them and force them to submit to the fait accompli. 

18 Shawwal 1441h Hizb-ut-Tahrir Publications
10 June 2020