Political Observation - Protests Resume in Lebanon

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Political Observation - Protests Resume in Lebanon

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets on Saturday 6 June in the capital Beirut and specifically around the streets leading to parliament in a move symbolising their resentment towards all the political forces and in protest against the economic situation that has been deteriorating in an unprecedented manner since 17 October following the decision of Saad al-Hariri’s government to impose a tax on calls made over WhatsApp. Subsequently the anger of the masses from all sects erupted in Lebanon and this led the 14 March forces, namely Saad al-Hariri, Samir Geagea and former president Amine Gemayel, to mobilise the masses under slogans designed to centralise the national identity anew at the expense of the sectarian identities, in order to weaken the influence of Hezbollah and its allies in Lebanon in line with the phase America kick-started by tightening the noose around the necks of the Syrian and Iraqi regimes, clipping Iran’s wings and downsizing its influence while executing the Deal of the Century with steps such as declaring al-Quds as the capital of the usurping entity, imposing "Israeli" sovereignty on the Golan and shifting the relationship of the Arab regimes from normalisation with the Jewish entity to establishing an alliance with it. 

After America had succeeded in changing the Iraqi government, which had been shackled with factions loyal to Iran through shelling the Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) in Syria and Iraq and assassinating Qassim Soleimani, and had succeeded in rupturing the solid foundation of the Syrian regime and pushing Russia to exert pressure on it in respect of the requirements of political change like preventing the regime from interfering with the work of the constitutional committee, it came as no surprise for the Lebanese protests to resume in parallel with all these developments, including the concerted indicators heralding an imminent change in Syria; this is because change in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, and the pressure exerted on Iran are linked to the Deal of the Century and the US elections in which campaigning has started early as Donald Trump made the deal that whets the appetite of the evangelical right-wing in America and warrants its support in the elections part of the requirements of his victory. In addition to what has so far been achieved in settling the Palestinian issue, and according to what Netanyahu announced last month, the Jordan Valley is expected to be annexed by "Israel", i.e. 30% of the West Bank or what is equivalent to 50% of Area C. Moreover, the conditions for the comprehensive regional solution are being prepared by restructuring the political regimes in Syria and Lebanon and put them on the capitulating track together with Jordan with America currently working on its restructuring to tackle the file of the refugees. 

Hence, as the first wave of protests in Lebanon erupted following the coronavirus pandemic, protesters called for the downfall of the government which is still fettered with the hegemony of Hezbollah, the Amal Movement and General Aoun. They also called for holding early parliamentary elections and implementing UN Security Council resolution 1559 stipulating the disarmament of all illegal militias in Lebanon; since this demand was instigated by certain politicians rather than the protesters, Hezbollah resorted to responding from the highest point of escalation and threats, i.e. brandishing the sword of sectarian war by instructing its supporters to libel the Mother of Believers Aisha (ra). Hezbollah realises that America no longer relies on the sectarian card that has now served its purposes, and that she is working towards effectuating national identity in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, thus nullifying the sectarianism used by Iran and its factions in mobilising the masses. 

Hence, the sectarian tone is not expected to be amplified in the media controlled by America’s agents except within the framework of slamming sectarianism in favour of nationalism, and isolating, demonising and besieging Hezbollah, and compelling it into surrendering to the 14 March forces under the weight of economic pressure that motivates the masses against it. In concession, Hezbollah will find the pretext to wash its hands of the fallout of the peace process and the Deal of the Century, and let it tarnish the page of the “Sunni” camp, thus maintaining its attribute as being within the resistance camp. Eventually, America will have achieved what she set out to do by luring Lebanon into the process of executing the Deal of the Century, a consequence of which Hezbollah’s weapons will have lost their effectiveness. 

15 Shawwal 1441h
8 June 2020