Political Observation - Will al-Sisi Continue to Rule Egypt


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Political Observation - Will al-Sisi Continue to Rule Egypt

The first video by artist and contractor Mohammed Ali, in which he slammed Abdul Fattah al-Sisi and accused him of financial corruption together with his wife and a host of commanders in the armed forces, appeared three weeks ago. Mohammed Ali went even further and called on al-Sisi to step down and apologise to the masses for his corruption and for plundering the country’s riches. Mohammed Ali was emboldened by the response his videos had received so he upped the ante and set about urging the masses to rebel against al-Sisi and take to the streets. He also called on defence minister Mohammed Zaki to arrest Abdul Fattah al-Sisi in order to put an end to his misgovernment and plundering of public funds. The following day after protestors had taken to the streets, Mohammed Ali warned of the dire consequences should defence minister Zaki fail to get rid of al-Sisi; he even threatened to return to Egypt on Friday and call on protestors to stage a million-people march to end the tenure of al-Sisi.

Now that his videos have gone viral, the question which arises is who is behind this man and how has he  acquired the courage to slam al-Sisi and the Egyptian top brass?

Prior to answering the question, it is worth mentioning that Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, who America chose to end the tenure of the Muslim Brotherhood after it had sensed the  response to the popular demands to implement the Islamic Shari’ah, fulfilled the role assigned to him by his masters with utmost loyalty; and it seems he becamesomewhat arrogant after he had succeeded in getting rid of the Muslim Brotherhood, thus he set about getting rid of several opponents or those who thought would be his potential rivals in the army and the Mukhabarat i.e. the General Intelligence Service (GIS). He fired tens of officers from the GIS and removed its chief. He even liquidated some of the officers, sidelined the service by taking away several files that had been  traditionally part of its competencies and unleashed the military intelligence (DMI), which he trusted since it is a part of the armed forces,  having giving it a free rein to spread its influence and dominion over domestic issues, on the GIS. Furthermore, he also got rid of hundreds of officers either by terminating their services or arresting them; he also arrested the former chief of staff Sami Annan. Consequently, deep resentment took root amid the army officers and the GIS.

Not only has al-Sisi’s tenure been notorious for the ruthless oppression and killing, it has also been marked with utter failure in tackling Egypt’s crises, especially economic. Hence, people’s standard of living worsened and they could not even see a glimmer of hope in bettering their conditions despite al-Sisi’s repeated promises. To add insult to injury, al-Sisi met every resentment with the iron fist of the security services and by muzzling the disgruntled dissenters.  

It seems that America, which has closely been monitoring Egypt’s unfolding events, has taken notice of the tension amid mainstream public opinion and the increasing resentment towards the regime of al-Sisi who has turned into a laughing stock due to his ignorance and imbecility. Now that his mission is over, namely oppressing and demonising the Muslim Brotherhood and alienating people from calling for implementing the Islamic Shari’ah, the time is ripe to dump him and replace him with a new ruler to sooth the masses, restore stability to the country and deceive people into believing that their ruler has come from among them through their own choice. America views this route as the appropriate alternative to the tense situation in Egypt that threatens to get out of hand and undermine America’s plans and initiatives in the region.     

Hence, the unrenowned contractor and actor Mohammed Ali would not have dared to record the videos that exposed al-Sisi and his senior officers had he not found the forces to back him,  help him gain prominence in the media and supply him with appropriate information and documents to incite the masses to take to the streets, thus providing some commanders in the armed forces, backed by the GIS  with the incentive to stage an ouster against al-Sisi.  The source of the documents exposing al-Sisi and his clique is the GIS; this corroborates the fact that senior officers in the GIS and the armed forces are behind the preparations to oust al-Sisi and end his tenure. Leaked reports suggest that the GIS is in possession of sexual scandals involving al-Sisi and wives of some senior commanders, in addition to some artists.

Meanwhile on 18 September, former Egyptian chief of Staff Sami Annan tweeted from his prison cell with hashtag Mohammed Ali “The next few days will confirm that people were right to put their trust in the armed forces. And bring glad tidings to those who persevere.”  

As for the main indications that America is preparing something for Egypt, they are as follows:

1 – The videos uploaded by Mohammed Ali would not have seen the light and spread from Spain had it not been for the green light from America.  The Spanish government has provided Mohammed Ali with full protection at the behest of America to spread the videos of al-Sisi’s corruption to weaken his position within the armed forces and the security services.

2 – Aljazeera, viewed by tens of millions, has been very keen to air the videos of the unrenowned artist and contractor Mohammed Ali; it is common knowledge that Aljazeera was the main media sponsor of the so-called Arab Spring revolutions.  

3 – What has reassured the masses and constituted a strong incentive to take to the streets on Friday is the soft approach adopted by the security services towards the protesters.. This will break the fear barrier among those who were hesitant to partake in the past protests; this also confirms that the instructions given to the security services and armed forces were against the wishes of al-Sisi, which means that his influence and dominion over the army is waning.  

4 – A host of Egyptian parties have officially supported the protests and the number of intellectuals and media personalities supporting the protests has been on the increase. The airing of al-Sisi’s scandals has been remarkably widespread through social networks, which denotes the presence of specialised teams behind the process.

5 – Human Rights Watch called on the Egyptian authorities on 21 Septembers 2019 to guarantee the right to peaceful protests and warned them against any measures that would repeat past atrocities.

6 – Choosing Mohammed Ali was a calculated move. The man came from within the regime and one of its tools in the art and business circles. This choice was crucial to America for any forthcoming reform process, now that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic groups have been ruled out in respect of sparking the change this time. Hence, it is not surprising that Mohammed Ali urged the masses to take to the streets in the evening starting from a football stadium rather than from the mosques after Salat as was the case before. Obviously, the aim is to distance the “Islamic” character of these popular protests and lend them a civil-secular aspect.

7 – Several months ago, former US ambassador to Cairo between June 2011 and August 2013 Anne Patterson announced that “the Egyptian military got rid of Mubarak, they got rid of Morsi, and if anyone gets rid of Al Sisi it’ll be the Egyptian military.” Patterson made these comments on 14 February 2019 when she was a guest at a panel discussion held by the Centre for American Progress (CAP).

Although the US administration and Western governments are yet to issue an official statement on what Mohammed Ali has released in terms of videos or on the popular protests in the squares of Egypt, Western silence however should not be interpreted as support for al-Sisi’s continuance in power as per Donald Trump’s comment last month in Biarritz, France in which he asked, “where is my favourite dictator?”.

Hence, al-Sisi’s tenure has most probably neared its end; what is sad is the political deceiving of the Ummah remains the most lethal weapons of our enemies. It is still wreaking havoc at will amidst the Ummah and playing the role of saviour through its tools, only for the Ummah to get rid of one tyrant and Western agent and fall prey to another one in a repeated saga through which the Ummah is deceived and misled.

Is it not time our Ummah awoke to break free from the shackles of America and the Kafir West, to control her own affairs, regain her authority and restore her glory and dignity, so that she may carry the banner of Tawheed to annihilate Kufr and its tools and illuminate the world once gain with the radiance of Islam and dissipate the darkness of Kufr and enslavement?

23 Muharram 1441h
22 September 2019