Political Observation - Yemen: The Devastating Fallout of the Stockholm Agreement

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Political Observation - Yemen: The Devastating Fallout of the Stockholm Agreement

In concurrence with the Stockholm talks, the US Senate passed a resolution on 12 December 2018 calling for an end to US military support to the Saudi-led Arab coalition in the Yemen war. A day later, the Pentagon announced it would seek a reimbursement of $331 million from Saudi and the UAE for the outstanding costs of refuelling the raids of the coalition’s jetfighters.

Scrutinisers of the Stockholm Agreement would deduce that it has entrenched the authority of the Houthis in the north and brought an official recognition from the “legitimate” government that are the de facto rulers and a legitimate stakeholder in the governance of Yemen. This issue is a major achievement for America after it had confined the presence of the legitimate government to Taiz and some areas in the south.

Hence, after four years of war in Yemen, America has succeeded through her agents, namely Iran and Saudi, in effectuating the plan of dividing Yemen at this stage into two parts, North Yemen with Sana as its capital under the authority of the Houthis, and South Yemen with Aden as its capital under the authority of the separatists with the direct backing of the UAE. 

As for the legitimate government, America does not want it to be the de facto ruler neither in the north nor in the south; and she has succeeded in sidelining it thanks to the Emirati role in the south and the Saudi role in the north. The UAE had established a separatist political and military authority that assumed effective control of the airport and seaport of Aden and acted as the alternative to the legitimate government. 

As for the Stockholm Agreement, America exploited the international pressure Saudi had been under due to the Jamal Khashoggi issue and coerced the legitimate government into signing this agreement which stipulates, in addition to the prisoners and humanitarian aid files, an immediate ceasefire in the governorate and city of al-Hudaydah, as well as the seaports of al-Hudaydah, al-Salif and Ras Isa. 

The issue of Hudaydah seaport is extremely significant to anchoring the authority of the Houthis in the north since it represents their only sea outlet to the world, especially after the separatists in the south had succeeded in seizing control of Aden seaport on behalf of America. Hence, what America had been plotting through her agents in the region (Iran and Saudi) has become clear. This is why the Stockholm Agreement was welcomed by America, Saudi and Iran. As for the role of the UN and its envoy Martin Griffith, it was merely confined to acting as a false witness and lending an internationally credible and legitimate aspect to the America plot to divide Yemen according to the constructs of the Greater Middle East Initiative. 

Since the Agreement had been expected to face a denunciation from several stakeholders in Yemen, especially in the city of Taiz, it was therefore devised to tie up Taiz and Hudaydah to the priority of delivering humanitarian aid to their residents. Should this agreement be rejected, pressure on the opponents will increase not only from Saudi and the UAE as it has been the case through their off-target air raids, but also through what is spuriously dubbed as the “international community”, exclusively represented by the US and her affiliates such as the EU and the UN. 

The assassination of Jamal Khashoggi has given the US administration ample justification to order Saudi in a swift and manifest manner to withdraw its support for the legitimate government headed by Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi which has never been given the chance to establish its full presence on the ground let alone exercise its function. 

The Stockholm talks and the US Senate resolution have been portrayed as an historic achievement; one as a reaction to the killing of Jamal Khashoggi and the other as an encapsulation of human compassion towards the Yemenis’ suffering from the woes of war, illness and starvation.

However, the unmistakable truth denotes that the Stockholm talks and the Senate resolution came when the US administration realised that the evil fruits of its agenda of dividing Yemen had ripened after years of orchestrated war, and that it was time to reap the benefits on the ground and end the saga of regional intervention be it on the basis of the Jamal Khashoggi issue for Saudi or her withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran.

Proceeding in executing the Stockholm Agreement would be calamitous for the Muslims in Yemen and neighbouring countries as it stipulates a catalogue of political and physical undertakings leading to dividing Yemen. Hence, the exigent solution to thwart this agreement would materialise if the legitimate government dissolved itself and conferred the decision-making to the insightful and sincere individuals so that they may seize the initiative in political struggle and media mobilisation against this agreement. This is the only way that the government of Hadi would absolve itself from the Shari’ah, political and historical liability in respect of the criminal and treacherous fallouts of this evil agreement; thus, America and her agents would not find a counterpart to the Houthis to effectuate the agenda of dividing Yemen. 

Once the government has dissolved itself and the sincere Muslims assumed the management of this crisis, it would be imperative to occasion a widespread popular uprising that would openly express its aversion to the plots of dividing Yemen and resistance to all those who propagate them domestically and abroad under the guise of ending the war, achieving peace and supplying urgent humanitarian aid to a host of colonialist political solutions which would only aggravate the fragmentation and suffering of the Ummah. 

As for the radical solution to the struggle in Yemen, it is linked to the issue of the entire Ummah which is experiencing one of the bloodiest epochs in its history and is facing the evilest international conspiracies against its children, Aqeedah, culture, riches and lands. 

This is the insightful vision required for the individuals sincere to Allah (swt) in Yemen. The solution to their issues cannot be obtained from the Stockholm negotiations, or the UN or America and her surrogates in Iran and Saudi. 

The solution is in the Book of Allah (swt) and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (saw); they both command unity on the basis of Islam and rejection of all the thoughts and rules that have no origin in the Aqeedah and the Shari’ah of Islam such as federalism, confederation and compromise with the traitors and collaborators. All those are nothing but tools behind whom the secularist colonialist Kafir hides to effectuate his evil scheme against the entire Ummah. 

8 Rabi’ al-Thani 1440h
16 December 2018