Political Observation - US Syria Strike Threat

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Political Observation - US Syria Strike Threat

US president Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday 12 April 2018 that he “never said when an attack on Syria would take place. Could be very soon or not so soon at all!”. This means the American threat challenging Russia in response to the chemical attack may just be media propaganda agreed upon with Russia herself.

Nevertheless, if this US strike were to happen, it would most probably be designed to achieve the following aims:

1- Drawing the red lines to prevent Russia from exceeding the limits of the understanding she had concluded with the US administration on the Syrian file, especially in respect of the oilfields of Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa, downsizing the Iranian role, especially in the areas close to the border with "Israel" in the south, and corroborate the accusations directed at Russia for her role in poisoning former Russian spy Skripal by proving she had partnered with the regime of Bashar Assad in shelling Duma with chemical weapons in addition to vetoing the draft bill to form an international committee to probe the use of chemical weapons.

2- Portraying America as a champion of “human rights” and “human values” which defends the right of civilians to live and exacts revenge from a beastly ruler who takes pleasure in killing his people; as if America has forgotten her own horrific massacres in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, in addition to restoring her credibility among Syrian opposition groups who have recently been proceeding in total harmony with the Turkish plans to protect Turkey’s borders and national security and generate the adequate conditions for the return of the refugees to the areas of the Euphrates Shield and Afrin.

3- Sending a message to Turkey that America is still prepared to go to war when her interests are undermined, especially as Turkey continues to insist on expelling the Kurdish Protection Units from Manbij and securing the east Euphrates.

4- Holding Bashar Assad responsible for the genocides perpetrated in Syria, thus paving the way for his replacement with Brigadier General Suheil al-Hasan as the likely candidate once the regime has been stripped of the rest of its chemical arsenal in line with the agreement between America and Russia.

Nevertheless, the American threats to target the Syrian regime with airstrikes have prompted Bashar Assad to move his jetfighters away from the military bases and his senior officers and officials to go into hiding; they even prompted Russia to move her battleships away from the Syrian coast. This is yet further proof that America is still in control of the conflict in Syria and her rift with Russia is merely over the areas of influence and violations of the terms of understanding between them. Such potential or effective US strikes are designed to map America’s areas of influence through the use of force rather than political negotiations and solutions that would eventually be a foregone conclusion and a written admission reflecting the impact generated by US boots on the ground, missiles, and airstrikes. It comes as no surprise for those who are used to betraying their religion and their Ummah and who have acquired a taste for abjectness and spinelessness to not only remain silent before what is being concocted to destroy the Islamic Ummah, but to be a cheap tool with which the Kuffar execute what they have been scheming against our Ummah.

However, what is surprising is the lack of reaction by the sincere ones to salvage their Ummah, pull the rug from under the feet of the collaborators and their surrogates and work assiduously towards restoring the Islamic Ummah to her rightful place among other nations so that she may resume the duty of carrying the message of Islam to the world and cleanse it from the squalor of al-Taghout and its crimes against humanity.

25 Rajab 1439h

12 April 2018