Political Observation - Saudi and al-Haram al-Qudsi

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Political Observation - Saudi and al-Haram al-Qudsi

Saudi magazine Elaf alleged on 17 July 2017 that king Salman bin Abdul-Aziz had intervened personally and contacted the White House to have the gates of al-Aqsa Mosque opened after the authorities of the "Israeli" occupation had decided to shut them in the face of the Muslims. The magazine added that Netanyahu had pledged to Saudi via America not to tamper with the status quo in the Haram of al-Quds. It also mentioned that Netanyahu had invited Saudi officials to visit al-Aqsa Mosque and observe the situation on the ground. Although Netanyahu did not receive any response to his invitation, the source confirmed that Jordan had been posted on the progress of these contacts by Saudi.

The fact that this Saudi magazine has exclusively reported this story, which was also reported by the "Israeli" channel 10 quoting Elaf magazine, corroborated the understanding that the current crisis of al-Aqsa Mosque had been concocted by "Israel" in collusion with Aal Saud and with the knowledge of the US. This was not the first time Palestinian youths undertook a Jihadi action against the Jews in al-Quds and close to al-Aqsa Mosque, yet "Israel" had never resorted to closing the mosque or placing electronic gates around it, and this only confirms the scenario of a fabricated crisis.

The first aim of this fabricated crisis is embellishing the image of the Saudi rulers after the damage it had suffered in the wake of the statements of Adel al-Jubeir against Hamas in Paris. The silence of the region's rulers is added proof for this concocted crisis as if they are in agreement on granting the Saudi rulers the "honour" of intervening in the issue of al-Haram al-Qudsi in order to project them as supporters and champions of the Palestinian issue and pull the wool over the eyes of the naive, deceiving them into thinking that the Saudi relationship with the usurping entity achieves the interests of Islam and the Muslims through the twisting of the Shari'ah rule which compels the rulers to liberate al-Aqsa from occupation and not just open its doors for Salat. 

As for the second aim behind concocting this crisis, it is related to speeding up the normalisation process between "Israel" and Saudi, lending it some legitimacy among Saudi and regional public opinion. Netanyahu’s invitation to the Saudi rulers to visit al-Aqsa Mosque, despite his knowledge it would not be met with an immediate response, falls within the psychological preparation of public opinion for future semi-official visits made by individuals linked to Aal Saud, akin to the visit by retired Saudi Major General Anwar Ashqi to "Israel". Few days prior to the crisis of al-Haram al-Qudsi, "Israel" had announced it was endeavouring to persuade Saudi to allow the "1948 Muslims" wishing to perform Hajj to travel directly to Mecca via Ben Gurion airport in Tal al-Rabi' instead of travelling by coach or via Queen Alia airport in Amman. The US channel al-Hurrah reported on 12 July 2017 the comments of "Israeli" communications minister Ayoob Kara in which he said "Reality has changed; this is an opportune time to extend this invitation and I am working assiduously in that direction" adding "facilitating the travel arrangement of the Hajjis from "Israel" to the holy lands in Saudi will encourage Tel Aviv to make concessions in the peace talks with the Palestinians."

As for the third aim, it is likely that America is working towards giving the Saudi rulers priority in managing the affairs of al-Aqsa Mosque at the expense of Jordan whose request for the opening of Al-Aqsa mosque for the Muslims should have been considered by "Israel", but "Israel" preferred to open the mosque for Saudi but not Jordan. This evoked irritation among Jordanian officials who seemed to have inspired the Jordanian parliament speaker to describe the al-Aqsa Mosque operation as heroic. Netanyahu retorted by dubbing the statement as irresponsible and expressed his disapproval to the Jordanian monarch.

The aforementioned aims behind the concoction of this crisis do not rule out "Israel's" attempts to spread her spatial dominance over al-Aqsa Mosque after it had succeeded in spreading its temporal dominance over it which would bolster its negotiating powers over the file of al-Quds. "Israeli" prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu announced on 16 July that the nine electronic gates erected by the occupation forces would remain and they would not be removed. 

Faced with the silence of the treacherous and collaborating rulers, the Muslims of al-Quds decided to consider any Muslim passing through those gates to pray in al-Aqsa Mosque as a traitor and a collaborator whose Salat would be invalid since he would be acting as the means of the occupiers and as a tool facilitating their dominance over al-Aqsa Mosque. This is the sound approach because the Shari'ah principle stipulates that the means to Haram is Haram, irrespective of the means being Mubah, or Mandoub or Wajib. 

25 Shawwal 1438h
19 July 2017