Political Observation - Is Coronavirus a Conspiracy or a Pandemic?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Political Observation - Is Coronavirus a Conspiracy or a Pandemic?

Conspiracies have been a reality since old times: The nobles are conspiring to kill you [Al-Qasa-20]. Hence, one cannot deny them and without a shadow of a doubt, there are several motives and validations to judge the presence of a conspiracy. However, there is a difference between judging the presence of a conspiracy based on indications corroborating an opinion, and an opinion on the presence of a conspiracy based on a conspiracy theory without any indications, imagined indications, false information, the feeling that there is a conspiracy due to a lack of trust in the enemy or based on the prevalent stereotypical thinking and analogy one usually makes in major events and generalising it on every similar phenomenon.

What ought to be perceived is that one of the cornerstones of political concepts that regulate comprehension is probing the issues on their original planes, be it in respect of analysis or solutions, and expressing opinions from a specific perspective. The issue may be economic, such as the rise and fall in oil prices, whereas in fact the original plane is political or the opposite; and the background of the issue may be real such as the coronavirus crisis, or genuine motives such as poverty and political oppression for the “Arab Spring”, whereas in fact its original plane is political. The aspect of the issue may also be intellectual but its plane is in fact political, such as for instance the campaign against the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ and the foundations of religion with the aim of completing the destruction of Islam and entrenching the separation of religion from the state and lending legitimacy to the current regimes in the Muslims’ lands. Moreover, the aspect of the issue may be political and societal, such as women’s empowerment in public life, whereas in fact, its plane is doctrinal. In any case, it is imperative to link the issues to their original planes and to the pertinent information of the same type when analysing and providing solutions. In its quality as a process of thinking, making a link is the first step towards awareness; it is deemed as profound thinking irrespective of the soundness of the opinion since error of opinion is not a deviation as long as it is not given in isolation of the method of comprehension. 

The soundness of an opinion depends on accurate linking, availability and reliability of information; one ought to also avoid what may corrupt political opinions such as adopting a logical style, stripping the event of its circumstances, making comprehensive analogies and generalising. 

The original plane of the coronavirus issue is that it is a pandemic that has been exploited for political aims; it does not seem that its spread was deliberately orchestrated due to the hesitation of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and all Western countries in dealing with it. Had the issue been plotted, the measures would have been carefully studied and executed in a smooth and systematic manner. This was not evident in the response of America and major Western powers, despite the fact that they promptly seized the opportunity - since the issue was pertinent to the capitalist centre of attention, namely expediency, and pertinent to their dispute with China – to exploit the crisis by mobilising the international media outlets to serve their immediate interests and their domestic and foreign strategic, political and economic interests. They promptly accused China of being the cause of the virus and hoped the epidemic would be prolonged there to engross her in combating the disease, hamper her foreign economic plans and curb her money-lending policy which gives her access to markets and natural resources. However, coronavirus soon spread throughout the world and Europe and America became the hotbed of the pandemic. Western countries realised that it was not in their interest to be viewed as incapable of facing the threat, lest their grandeur should be lost. Meanwhile, Donald Trump also realised that it was not in his interest to engage in a very dangerous battle in this election year as the electorate may be influenced with his chances in winning the US elections at the end of the year becoming grim.

It has been observed that the indications suggesting that the coronavirus had been released from a laboratory have all been proven false up until now; hence, it has become imperative to deal with the event and focus on tackling it, especially as its causes do not impact its consequences from a political and economic perspective; and they are not expected to have an impact on the international political system. Affiliated countries and the masses of the world will continue to be blackmailed in favour of capitalism’s forces, institutions and major powers. The crises have been exploited to steer the masses towards accepting the dubious and forthcoming governmental dictates, and to impose them under the cover of panic, and towards accepting the changes in their lifestyles and individual and societal behaviour. 

An example of political exploitation of the event is reflected in Donald Trump’s recent undertakings; he took advantage of the masses' engrossment in the pandemic to settled scores with some of his opponents and exact revenge from them. He dismissed the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Michael Atkinson, who exposed Trump’s telephone conversation with Ukraine’s president to Congress and caused his impeachment. Trump has also opted to appear before the media on a daily basis to express his concern for the welfare of the masses and the medical needs of the various states; this has raised his popularity in opinion polls. The Republicans have also used the impeachment of the president as a justification for the administration’s failure in preparing to tackle the pandemic by holding the Democrats responsible. Leader of the Republican majority, Senator Mitch McConnell, was quoted as saying: “I think it diverted the attention of the government, because everything, every day was all about impeachment.” 

As for our Islamic Ummah, she is still stripped of her willpower and shackled by the international system and its haughty forces. She remains hijacked by the collaborators under the threat of weapons, and intellectually and emotionally deceived to prevent her from initiating change and expressing her willpower. Consequently, the fundamental issue under such circumstances is to pursue the battle of awareness to salvage the Ummah from the precipice of the maze she has been thrust into, in order to protect her against the plots and schemes concocted against her in the absence of a guardian to shield her. 

Allah the Almighty says: “And say: act! And Allah will behold your deeds, and His Messenger, and the believers." Al-Tawbah - 105 

11 Sha’aban 1441h
5 April 2020