Saudi Initiative vis-à-vis Palestine

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

Political Comment

In a fresh move by the Saudi crown prince Abdullah, in the wake of his initiative adopted by the Arab Summit in Beirut, save for some minor amendments, the Saudi prince Abdullah presented the American President with an eight point programme. Its details of were revealed during their talks at the American President’s ranch in Texas last Wednesday. The eight points include a host of solutions aimed at remedying the effects of the recent crisis caused by the Israeli army’s invasion of the West Bank cities, without however mentioning the carnage, summary executions and humiliation perpetrated by the Israeli army against the Palestinians. The points referred to the siege imposed upon the leader of the Palestinian Authority, the return of the two parties to the negotiating table, the resumption of the security meetings and the move towards political talks. These stipulate signing an agreement on the final status and declaring the rise of a Palestinian state, thus completing the episodes meticulously designed by America in order to proceed towards the settlement of the issue.

The American President had declared in the wake of the talks that Saudi Arabia and the United States shared the vision of the “Two States, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security”. Soon after the events of September 11th, the American President referred to the necessity of declaring the rise of a Palestinian state next to the so called “state of Israel”. He hailed the initiative of the Saudi prince, which made provisions for the existence of two states, deeming this as an “opening towards peace”. A high-ranking American official also confirmed this during the recent talks with the Saudi crown prince.

The declaration of a Palestinian state is one of the stipulations of what is called the final status. It is an old project that has been propagated for more than 25 years as being the dream and the aspiration of the Palestinians, especially with the fabricated setbacks that faced the fedaa’i activity and the Palestinians in general. The achievement of what is called “independence” and “the sense of patriotic pride” and “highlighting the status of the displaced Palestinian people” have all become dependent on the rise of the promised state. All the sacrifices that have been made and all those that are to be made by the Muslims in Palestine are being endorsed as the price for the rise of the entity that will “heal the wounds of the past” which stretch for several decades.

The recent events in Palestine that erupted at the end of the Arab Summit were not in response to the Arab Summit, rather they were in compliance with the requirements of peace. They were designed to apprise the Israeli right wing that all the choices at their disposal to achieve security would not succeed unless they returned to the negotiating table, and likewise to apprise the Palestinians that the killing, the destruction and the humiliation would be the consequence of harbouring the notion of facing up to the so called “state of Israel” once the final status has been concluded.

The recent events in Palestine were also designed to lend Arafat, after his siege, more popularity than before, so that he may enjoy a wider representation and a better competency to sign the final status agreement, especially since his popularity suffered a nosedive after he had started arresting the Palestinian activists before the siege was imposed upon him. Those activists form an obstacle in the face of the negotiations, because their elimination has always been an Israeli demand that would help to reassure the terrified Israeli mainstream. Arafat will be able to handle the remainder of those activists. Had Arafat not stopped arresting them and had Israel not taken over this role, Arafat would not have been qualified to sign the final status agreement.

Hence, the visit of the Saudi crown prince and his declaration of the eight points will be portrayed as a wise move. The media will be geared towards propagating it in the same manner that the initiative was propagated. Instead of the solution being seen as exclusively American, it will be deemed as a regional solution, initiated by a leader of a state that carries regional clout and has influence over the Muslims. This will pave the way for the people of the region to accept the legitimacy of the so called “the state of Israel” and will reassure the Israeli mainstream. For all these reasons, the process will resume according to the Saudi eight-point initiative, which will lead initially to the lifting of the siege imposed on Arafat, followed by a settlement of the recent crisis, whereby the Israeli army will pull out from the West Bank. The security arrangements will proceed according to the Tenet plan, to be followed by political talks once the issue of the inquiry into the Jenin massacre starts to pressurise the Israeli government, led by Sharon or another leader, into proceeding with the peace talks.

It is also expected for international forces to be deployed in order to separate the two warring parties, especially if the martyrdom operations were to resume. Such operations will be used as a pretext for the deployment of such forces. Irrespective of whether international forces or a limited number of observers were to be deployed, the issue will nevertheless remain the declaration of a Palestinian state according to the arrangements of the final status. It will be portrayed by the media as being a major victory that has crowned the past struggle and the current carnage taking place, and as the prize that was achieved and exacted from what they call the “international community”, which has now taken note of the necessity to fulfil the basic needs of the Palestinians, which Arafat has for so long portrayed as the ultimate objective, confined in this declaration of a state, irrespective of the price already paid and the price to be paid for its sake.

Dear Muslims worldwide... Dear Muslims in Palestine...
The Palestinian state is an extremely dangerous project. It entails surrendering most of Palestine, the land of Al-Israa’, to the Jews, consolidating the existence of the so called “state of Israel” and considering it a legitimate entity recognised by the people of Palestine by signing before the whole world the right of that state to exist.

The Palestinian state that has for so long been portrayed as a dream and an aspiration will only be a freak and feeble entity, to be added to the existing entities in the Islamic world which have failed to protect the honour of the Ummah and divided and weakened her, thus turning her into an easy prey for the Kuffar.

America wants the Palestinian state to act as a buffer zone between the “state of Israel” and the Arab region. It will be virtually disarmed and used as a protective wall against any sincere action undertaken by the Muslims of the region in the future. This future Palestinian state will also be used as a gateway towards accepting coexistence of the Muslims with Jews, thus allowing them to creep into our lands, spreading their filth, hoisting the flag of their state over the rest of our lands, which - Israel - would never hesitate in pillaging their riches whenever the opportunity came its way alongside the Americans and the Kafir West, turning us into their slaves.

Dear Muslims...
This is part of a price we are paying for having been heedless in the past to the rulers ruling by Kufr, the watchdogs of colonialism, who have been working towards propagating Kufr and the projects of the Kafir West in your lands: more of the wrath of Allah ta’ala, more loss of dignity and more fragmentation.

However, what happened in the wake of the painful events in that dear part of our lands - Palestine - did have a positive impact as well. The extent of the rulers’ submission to Kufr has been perceived and the extent of the Ummah’s sincerity and seriousness in thinking about changing this wretched situation has been outlined, be it with regard to salvaging our brethren and the sanctities in Palestine, or with regard to getting rid of this humiliation that continues to make us bow our heads and have sleepless nights.

Dear Muslims…
It has become clear to you that the Jews and the American Kuffar who back them, as well as those who facilitate for them the execution of their policies in the Muslims’ lands, from among the criminal rulers, are the enemies of Allah (swt) and the enemies of your Deen. They will not take notice of you unless you decide to uproot them and uproot their influence.  You have made your intentions clear by calling for Jihad as a solution to the plight of the people in Palestine. It has become conspicuously clear that Islam is the only way out of this wretched state of affairs and that the solution to all your problems lies in the return of Islam’s authority and in the resumption of the Islamic way of life. Hence, it has become necessary for us to take another step forward so that we can proceed together towards ridding ourselves of the hegemony of the Kuffar and its puppets, thus saving ourselves and our lands, and even the whole world from the threat of the Kafir West and its Capitalist ideology.

Dear noble Ummah…
It has become clear to all of us that the treacherous rulers have sided with our enemies the Kuffar and that they are tools in the hands of America, who controls our Ummah and our faculties through them. America and the Kafir West are the external support of those renegade rulers, who in turn exploit the local means of support such as the armed forces, the security services, the parliamentary councils, the Al-Azhar sheikhdom, the general muftis, the judiciary, including the Shari'ah judges, the parties loyal to the regimes, the journalists and some of the tribal chiefs and influential figures, to support them locally and maintain the standing and the hegemony of the regimes over us.

Therefore, our struggle with Kufr and its tools necessitates that the local means of support side with their Ummah, so that their choice becomes the choice of the Ummah. There is no room for neutrality in the struggle of the Ummah with Kufr and the Kuffar and their tools. The children of the Ummah must censure those who choose to remain a tool in the hands of those traitors being used against the interests of the Ummah and acting as an obstacle impeding the Ummah’s return to her former glory and the triumph of her Deen over all others, however much the Kafireen hate it.

The local support’s siding with the Ummah and the concentration of our efforts to shoulder the responsibility and work towards generating a public opinion that applies pressure in that direction is what will enable the Ummah to regain her authority from the tools of the West, irrespective of their support; thus the Word of Allah will reign supreme and the sincere individuals will lead their Ummah towards ridding herself from the squalor of the Jews and the Kuffar. The Ummah will storm forward, carrying the Message of her Lord while implementing what He has ordered. The Ummah will then be able to regain her position once she has retaken the leadership of the world from the Kafir West headed by America.

This is the sound path that will salvage the Ummah and her sanctities from the conspiracies of America and her tool “Israel”. It is the path that will rid us of the rulers’ abuse and misuse of the Ummah and her riches and of their exploitation of the Ummah’s faculties to serve the plans and the schemes of America and the Kafir West in our lands. It is the path towards implementing what Allah has ordered us, namely resuming the Islamic way of life by establishing the Khilafah and restoring the authority of Islam.

“And We wished to do a favour to those who were weak (oppressed) in the land, and to make them rulers and to make them the inheritors] TMQ

Hizb ut-Tahrir

17th Safar 1423AH
30th April 2002 CE