The Necessity of Political Thought in the Life of the Muslims


The Necessity of Political Thought in the Life of the Muslims

The Islamic Ummah has for centuries up until today suffered from inadequate political thought. This inadequacy has brought a great deal of calamities and tribulations upon her, especially after the collapse of the Khilafah at the hands of the British and the French in 1924; thus it was easy for her enemies to deceive her and distort the facts for her. One of the historical facts is that inadequate political thought destroys or weakens peoples and nations, and it prevents the oppressed peoples from ridding themselves of the shackles of Kufr and colonialism. What is manifest before your eyes today, oh Muslims, is but a vivid example of this. The PLO, for which you have sacrificed your lives and your wealth in order to make it succeed in representing you, in the hope that it will bring you liberation, is the one that squandered Palestine and humiliated her residents. Then you pinned your hopes on Saddam Hussein to regain some of your dignity, but he brought a humiliating defeat upon his people and his Ummah and placed Iraq and the whole of the Gulf under American custody. The war that is currently being waged in Chechenia has led many Muslims to sing the praises of the heroic Chechens, without attending to the political aspect in order perceive the real reasons behind that war, though what is actually occurring in the Caucasus is but a war by proxy, which the Chechen leaders are executing for the benefit of America. America and her agents are exploiting the Jihad energies of the Muslims in that war as they did before in Afghanistan and other places. These are some examples that conclusively indicate a lack or a misuse of political thought. Hence,  it is imperative for the Islamic Ummah to perceive this fact so that she could perceive her reality and discover the path that salvages her and raises her to her rightful status among other peoples and nations, thus undertaking the role that Allah (swt) has decreed for her in this life: T.M.Q. "You are the best nation sent to mankind, you command what is good and forbid what is evil and believe in Allah."  [3-110] In order for political thought to be productive and effective, it must be based in its essence on axiomatic facts, and the most important and persistent of facts are the basic facts that must be evident to the Muslims, so that they constitute the special angle in political thought and political awareness. Some of these facts are:

1- The plane of struggle between the Islamic Ummah and other peoples and nations, represented by their executive and non-executive entities is doctrinal, between an Aqeedah innovated by humans due to their aberration, which calls for the separation of religion from life and separation of religion from state, thus giving the right of legislation to humans to the exclusion of Allah (swt) and stating that Allah (swt) has no bearing in the governing of their relationships, and the Aqeedah of Tawheed which the Islamic Ummah embraces in her quality as such and believes that legislation belongs to Allah (swt) to the exclusion of all peoples, because Allah (swt) says: T.M.Q. "No by your Lord, they shall not have true belief until they make you judge in all matters of dispute amongst them." [4 -65]. In other words, the Kafir West who carries the Aqeedah of misguidance says that sovereignty belongs to the people, and referred to it as democracy, while we as Muslims believe that sovereignty is exclusively for the Shari'ah; hence, it is a struggle between Kufr and Islam and between Kuffar and Muslims.

2- The Kuffar will never stop at anything in their struggle against Islam and the Muslims until they achieve a specific objective, namely to make the Muslims recant from their Deen if they could, and make them follow the way of Kufr. Allah (swt) has informed us of this fact by saying: T.M.Q. "And they will not cease fighting with you until they make you recant from your Deen if they could." [2-217]. Allah (swt) also says: T.M.Q. "And the Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow their way." [2-120]. Meanwhile, Allah (swt) has compulsorily commanded the Muslims to carry the Da'awah to the Kuffar because the Message of Islam is an eternal universal message for all humans, for Allah (swt) says: T.M.Q. "We have not sent you but to all people as a carrier of glad tidings and an admonisher, but most people know not." [34-28]

Allah (swt) also says: T.M.Q. "And We have not sent you but as a mercy to the worlds." [ 21-107]. The method of carrying the Da'awah to the Kuffar is Jihad, until they embrace Islam or pay the Jizyah and accept to be ruled by Islam, because Allah (swt) says: T.M.Q. "And fight them on until there is no more strife and there prevails the Deen of Allah everywhere." [8-39], and because Allah (swt) says: T.M.Q. "Until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission and feel themselves subdued." [9-29], and because the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: "I have been ordered to fight people until they profess that there is no god but Allah and that Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah." Therefore, the struggle between the Muslims and the Kuffar is inevitable and ongoing for life, because each side has an objective for which it endeavours assiduously to achieve. These were some of the facts that must constitute the cornerstone and the platform of political thought for the Muslims everywhere and at every time.

One of the established facts today is that the states of Kufr are launching a frenzied onslaught in order to abolish Islam and the Muslims. These states are headed by America in her quality as the leading superpower and the sole power broker in the world. She is leading and supervising this onslaught under the slogans of Democracy, Pluralism, Human Rights and Market Economy. The most perilous of these slogans is that of Human Rights which America had adopted in the late seventies, during Carter's term of office, as one of the cornerstones of her foreign policy. She utilises this slogan as a pretext to interfere in other countries' affairs and the State Department issues annual reports and statements about the adherence of other countries to Human Rights in view of the fact that she deems Human Rights as a law that must be abided by. According to America and the rest of the Western countries, Human Rights means the freedom of creed, the freedom of expression, the freedom of ownership and personal freedom. Personal freedom is the most repugnant aspect of these freedoms for, according to them, it means that man is free to choose the behaviour he wishes, such as being homosexual or fornicating or taking intoxicants and the like; he undertakes and forsakes whatever he wants, thus debauchery is a moral constitution amongst the followers of this ideology. The states of Kufr, headed by America, resort to several devious and wicked styles and means in order to propagate and establish these slogans in the Muslims' lands, so as to turn them into a creed in place of  their Deen, because they know that Islam is not a priestly religion, but rather a Deen of which the State is a part. Hence, America has resorted to the most vicious and shrewdest of styles and means, by relying upon the Muslims who are smitten by the Western culture, including the disreputable sheikhs, in order to attire those excruciatingly putrid slogans with the cloak of Islam, thus deceiving the Muslims further and tempting them away from their Deen, in addition to her cultural, political and intellectual collaborators among others. America has exploited in a methodological manner all the possibilities to achieve this objective, namely the conferences, seminars, talks and the like. Hizb-ut-Tahrir has already issued a Booklet entitled, ‘The American Campaign to Suppress Islam’, in which it exposed the frenzied attack that America is waging against Islam and the Muslims.

These are some of the facts that the Muslims must be aware of lest they slip into aberrance in response to those who mislead others, ending up in ruins as a result, Allah forbid, as is the case with some of them who resort to seeking help from a human rights organisation in order to assist them in some matter, thinking that this organisation is a humanitarian organisation that was founded for the benefit of mankind. Hence, they bring harm to Islam and to the Muslims, especially if this plea for help is issued by a movement or a party that adopts Islam as its slogan, thus the harm would be worse, irrespective of good or bad intentions.  When the Messenger of Allah (saw) passed by Aal Yassir while they were being tortured, he did not ask the Kuffar to release them nor to alleviate their torturing; he (saw) simply said: "Patience Aal Yassir, you are promised Paradise. I have nothing for you besides what Allah wills."

Hence, it is a Munkar for the Muslims to think good of the Kuffar and especially America and her organisations. They must rather be viewed as enemies. Allah (swt) says: T.M.Q. "Truly Satan is an enemy to you, so treat him as an enemy." [35-6]. Therefore, the only safeguard for the Muslims against slipping up and falling for the distortion of facts, deception and running behind foul and corrupt slogans which America and her agents are propagating is the political thought and political awareness based upon facts, enabling them to proceed along the right path necessitated by the carrying of the Da'awah as the Prophet of mankind and his companions proceeded.

Oh Muslims, it is to the political thought and political awareness that we therefore invite you, so that we can, together, stand up to the thoughts of Kufr and its false slogans until Allah (swt) grants us His victory, by establishing the Khilafah through you and with you. He is the best Protector and the best Helper.
Allah (swt) says: T.M.Q. "That is because Allah is the Protector  of those who believe, but those who reject Allah have no protector." [47-11]

1stThul-Qi'dah 1420h
6th February 2000

Hizb ut-Tahrir