A Call to the Armed Forces of the Muslim World

Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Rahim

A Call

Dear Muslims… Either you are with Islam or With America!

Dear Muslims from among the people of power and salvation… Either you hand over the rule to Hizb ut-Tahrir or you hand it to America!

For several months America has been engaged in practical preparations to stage a new invasion of the Islamic lands and to rid herself of some of the regimes that she herself had established and enabled to remain and continue in power. She even protected them internationally during the era of the Anglo-American struggle over the region. However, America is currently accusing those regimes of being dictatorial ruling systems that threaten American interests; what in fact America is seeking is to delve into the rest of the region militarily and to dominate from the viewpoint of security so that she may proceed towards uprooting Islam from the hearts of the Muslims from a close distance, and towards concentrating the concepts of her Western civilization and her corrupt values amongst them. Hence, America will prevent any sincere move aimed at ridding the region and its people from her yoke and the threat of her agents. In the wake of the formidable military actions in Afghanistan, and now that she has tightened her grip on that land to serve her as a centre for her operations in the Islamic Far East, America is working towards tightening her grip on Iraq in order to use it as her centre of operations in the heart of the Islamic East. Therefore, it would be deceptive to claim that all these political and military preparations are merely aimed at getting rid of Saddam Hussein’s regime - who has been her servant for a long time - or to claim that they are aimed at removing the weapons of mass destruction that Washington says Saddam is stockpiling. This is so because those buildups, armaments and deployments that America is undertaking in the region are not at a tactical level so as to say that the aim is to remove the regime of Saddam or to eradicate his weapons. These actions are in fact a host of preparations through which America aims at achieving several strategic objectives. First she aims to control the security of the region and dominate it militarily; this is evident from the dense presence of the American forces in the huge military bases that exist in the region, in addition to those bases that America also aims to set up, be it in Kuwait or Qatar or Bahrain or Saudi Arabia or even Turkey and Jordan, as well as the bases that she will establish in Iraq once she occupies it militarily. America also has military bases in the Horn of Africa, namely in Djibouti and Eritrea. All this indicates that America wants to spread her military hegemony over the region. From a security point of view America has, under the pretext of the “fighting terrorism policy”, set about linking the Arab security apparatuses with the CIA; this is clearly reflected in the full cooperation of these regimes with American intelligence services in hunting down those referred to by Washington as “terrorists”. The Yemeni political security apparatus has, for instance, been turned into a branch of the CIA. As for the Jordanian and Egyptian intelligence services, they have been turned into interrogation and information gathering centres for the benefit of the American intelligence agencies. As for the Saudi and the Gulf intelligence services in general, they have become an American security apparatus that monitors the activities of those who express hostility towards America, captures them and hands them over to her. All the Arab security services are similar. By the time America achieves the dominion over the military and security aspects of the region, she will have completed the preparations aimed at realizing the other objective from these actions, namely purging the region from any civilized aspect that is built for Islam, whether these aspects were educational curricula or Islamic movements or legislation taken from Islam. On the other hand, America will work assiduously and with all her might towards sowing the concepts of the Western civilization, such as “Democracy”, “globalisation”, “Human Rights”, “freedoms”, “women’s liberation” and “economic policies” that are linked in terms of planning and financing to international institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank. This will lead to the consecration of the Western civilization and the obliteration of the Islamic civilization amongst the Muslims, thus weakening their resolve and determination to establish it in the realm of life. This will in turn lead to facilitating America’s plan to lead them and subjugate them on the one hand, and to maintain the Western economic dominion over their lands on the other hand, so that they may continue to be a source of raw materials and a consumer market for the Western multinationals, while at the same time shackling the Muslims with economic agreements which will prevent them from undertaking any real industrialization that may put them on the map amongst other nations.

Therefore, America is exploiting the invasion of Iraq as a gateway into the region, where changing the ruling system in Iraq through military power will act as a precedent for similar actions that will extend to the other states of the region, whereby the region will be organized in a manner that will ensure the further weakening of its countries. The aim behind this is to maintain the region in a situation whereby it would be impossible for any of its states to threaten American interests in the region, in case the sincere children of the Islamic Ummah were to seize power in one of its countries, and whereby America will maintain every country weak, vulnerable and incapable of achieving its own security. Rather it will be linked to America with a host of military and security agreements that keep her stripped of any sovereignty and pinned under American governance and protection.

America’s persistence to interview Iraqi scientists and experts in military industry is but an added humiliation to the Ummah and a prelude to removing sophisticated weapons from the region and depriving her of the brains that innovate and invent. This intense persistence to reach these scientists also indicates that America is sensing the threat posed by the sheer presence of such scientists among the Muslims, while she witnesses the Islamic world becoming agitated and resentful and the Muslims aspiring to ridding themselves of her hegemony and building their life on the basis of Islam.

Despite what America is undertaking in terms of activities and what she is implementing in terms of policies, she rather feigns her concern for the Muslims and her respect for their emotions, claiming that she is working towards delivering them from the problems they are enduring, be it unemployment or lack of education or restriction of movement or lack of freedom of expression. She even claims that she is working towards liberating them from the dictatorial regimes that rule them, thinking that the Muslims can still be duped by her ploys and that they are not brave enough to stand up to her. However, the Muslims have perceived that their trials and tribulations are caused by American influence over  their lands and that the poverty that has befallen them and the unemployment they are enduring, despite the riches that Allah has endowed them with, are also caused by the pillage and the attrition that America is practising in their lands. They have also perceived that the oppression the lowly rulers are subjecting the Ummah to is executed with America’s power and influence, for she had brought in those rulers and given them a free rein to oppress and humiliate the Ummah in the most despicable manner. Yet America comes today with utter mockery, to shed her crocodile tears over the wretched conditions of the Muslims, while she is the source of all the tribulations and the hub of all the evils. Not even the rest of the Western nations have matched what America caused the Muslims in terms of calamities and horrors that make hair turn grey.

If America is not bothered about soliciting any expedient to attack Islam and the Muslims, she will then not hesitate to enter into a war that will pulverize the Muslims in Iraq under the pretext of removing the regime of Saddam Hussein and destroying his weapons by force; she will not even be deterred from leading an alliance to achieve her aims, just like she did in the Second Gulf War. This time, however, it is not to remove the regime of Saddam Hussein, but to lure the rest of the world into partaking in her war against the Islamic Ummah. The issue for America is not that of Saddam Hussein, though Saddam Hussein has been her servant for a long time, nor is it the removal of Iraq’s weapons, though it was America who enabled Iraq to possess them, nor is it an issue of purging the region from weapons of mass destruction. Rather, first and foremost, it is the issue of getting rid of Islam and shaking the Muslims very violently lest they stand up to her while she is reshaping the region and rearranging it according to her interests.
Dear Muslims…   It is imperative for you to perceive that your power is magnificent and that you are capable of repelling America from the region and even from eradicating her influence and her agents. America has succeeded in monopolising the reins of international initiative and has taken up the position of the leading superpower in the international arena, thus running the affairs of the world unilaterally, but she could not deal with you in the region by concentrating her concepts and spreading her civilization amongst you. If her might and overwhelming power have had an impact in making her reach this position, your doctrinal and material powers, coupled with your cultural and historical heritage, are alone sufficient to get rid of her; yet the hatred and resentment that all the peoples of the world harbour against America, as well as your own hatred of her and of her civilization, serve to act as an added advantage.

We say to you that you are facing two issues: either you side with Islam and sacrifice your lives, properties and children for its sake, and let Allah (swt) see from you what makes Him prouder of you before His angels, or you allow America to inflict upon you the gravest crimes and annihilate the remainder of what you have in your life of this glorious Deen. You will then remain under the influence and dominion of America and America will continue to inflict calamities upon you day and night, plundering your resources, killing your men and corrupting your life; this is what Allah rejects for you.  Allah (swt) says: “Unless you do this there would be tumult and great mischief on earth” [TMQ].

Dear Muslims from among the people of power and salvation…   You have no excuses left before Allah, for the rulers’ treachery has been comprehensively exposed. So who is going to help Islam, elevate its status and safeguard it so that it may be implemented upon people and carried to the world, thus salvaging mankind from the calamitous legacies of the inhuman Capitalist system that America and the rest of the Western powers implement and sponsor? Who is going to defend the suffering Ummah apart from her audacious children, who will offer their flesh and blood so that she may exist as a mighty, glorious and feared nation? Who is going to help the grieving, the widows and the weak to eradicate the injustice they suffer and restore their dented pride, thus gaining exaltedness and the honour in this life and in the hereafter? We say to you that you have no other choice but to remove these rulers and hand the reins of power to Hizb ut-Tahrir, or be the hand that helps America in dealing Islam and the Muslims a severe blow.

Let it be known that the path of heroism and bravery is that of our fathers and ancestors, so are you going to emulate them, so that you may gain the honour in full and so that goodness may spread amongst the whole of humanity?

“Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties; for this, heaven is awaiting them.”  [TMQ]

Hizb ut-Tahrir

3rd Dhul-Qi’dah 1423h
6th January 2003