Political Observation - The Nice Attack in France

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Political Observation - The Nice Attack in France

A Muslim youth carried out a knife attack this morning Thursday 29 October on a few French citizens near the Basilica of Notre-Dame in the French city of Nice. French media outlets said the church was the target of the attack which was followed by widespread condemnation by the state, regional organisations and religious institutions. Three persons were killed, and several were injured in the attack.

During his visit to Basilica of Notre-Dame in Nice, the Kafir Macron announced in a crusader-like tone filled with hatred and resentment that “the entire nation stands behind our Catholic citizens in the face of the Islamist attack.” With a persistent exaggeration that reflected his crisis, and in order to cover up his failure Macron confirmed the deployment of 7000 soldiers to protect the security of the country, in addition to increasing the alert level in response to the threats to protect places of worship and schools. “If we have suffered an attack, it is because of our values related to freedom and our determination to not give in to terror”, Macron said. This latest attack came amid a clamorous crisis with the Islamic world caused by the French president’s campaign on Islam and its prophet ﷺ under the pretext of “free speech”. 

Attacks described as “terrorist” are by and large accompanied by political issues and a host of aims to be achieved, which casts a doubt closer to certitude that such operations are programmed to serve a catalogue of political designs in which easily guided and recruited zealous Muslim youths are duped and exploited. Western states possess ample monitoring tools enabling them to control the movements of Muslims in general, and the activities of the so-called terrorist operatives and even the sleeper cells already known to intelligence agencies in particular. 

Despite the presence of a catalogue of indications suggesting that this recent attack in the city of Nice serves the US intention to deter France against her attitude towards NATO and dampen her aspirations to lead the European Union, a narrative corroborated by the statement of British Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, on the issue of vilifying the prophet ﷺ under the guise of free speech in which he said “NATO allies and the wider international community must stand shoulder-to-shoulder on the fundamental values of tolerance and free speech”, which implies the presence of a message to Macron pertinent to his stance towards NATO that he has previously described as brain-dead, the more plausible scenario is that the operation was the work of French intelligence services par excellence.

The attack was designed in the same horrific and repulsive manner as the operation against the teacher Samuel Paty who was decapitated: to incite French and European public opinion and increase the numbers of the resentful Western secularist herd, drafting them into the political confrontation with Turkey and the direct doctrinal war against Islam and Muslims in its revolting secularist format. It was also designed to justify Macron’s stance as he started to lose control of the situation and the general mood turning against him due to the floppy stance of the European states on his tussle with Turkey and provocation of the Islamic world combined with the slack attitude of the US whose agents denounced the French vilifying the prophet ﷺ, and Russian neutrality expressed by the Kremlin as “wrong to kill people and equally wrong to provoke the emotions of the believers”.

The charade of the “terrorist” operation and its aims are clearly reflected in the first statement of the Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi: “Enough is enough,” he said. “It's time now for France to exonerate itself from the laws of peace in order to definitively wipe out Islamic fascism from our territory.” And in order to mobilise public opinion and emotionally influence it, and to accentuate the demonisation of Muslims, Estrosi said the victims had been killed in a “horrible way” and called for providing churches throughout the country with extra protection or closing them as a precautionary measure, a call to which Macron immediately responded.

This indicates that the attack had been prearranged and all this comes within the context of corroborating the soundness of Macron’s stance, justifying his actions and turning the table on Muslims, stripping them of their loyalty to Islam and its prophet ﷺ, and within the context of demonising Islam and adopting animosity towards it as a commodity in the electoral market to win over the extremist rightwing.

In fact, this operation and the events preceding it is reminiscent of the Gladio operations, a security organisation set up by NATO in the last century following World War II to operate behind the Soviet Union’s lines in case it invaded European countries. Gladio carried out a host of terrorist acts in Europe to terrify people of communism and justify NATO’s continuance. The organisation was then upgraded in the 1990s under the name of “Gladio B” and fascists were replaced by Muslims who were even equated to the fascists as is evidently witnessed nowadays. Gladio B continued to concoct false flag “terrorist” attacks in Europe in the name of Islam with the aim of demonising it, while bin Salman and former Qatari prime minister Hamad bin Jassim confirmed that their countries had provided "jihadists" in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq with the intellectual incubator and financial support at the behest of the US. Also, former Iraqi prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, conspired to release fighters from jail while Qassim Soleimani conspired to handover Mosul with all its weapons and funds to Daesh, in order to preserve the Iraqi and Syrian regimes and justify Iran’s intervention in Syria and Iraq as reported by the Sunday Times.

This is how the sentiments of the Muslim children yearning for Jihad were manipulated, exploited and recruited to carry out “terrorist” operations to terrify the world of Islam and Muslims, turn them into the alternative enemy to communism, entrench the foundations of capitalism, compelled Europe into retaining NATO and dissuaded it from establishing a parallel European force that would reduce her dependence on the US.

Some of those suspect false flag operations include the Manchester attack on 22 May 2017 immediately after the Arab-Islamic-American Summit held in Riyadh on 21 May 2017, and three days before the NATO Summit in Brussels; the attack was carried out despite the warnings issued by security agencies four hours earlier, not to mention the ability of the executor to travel from London to Manchester unchallenged. They also include the Paris attack on December 2015, the Nice attack of 14 July 2016, the Brussels attack on 22 March 2016 and the Stockholm attack of 7 April 2017. All those operations took place under specific political circumstances and served a number of political aims in favour of either America or the European states, depending on the side exploiting the executors.

The indications suggested that the Nice attack had been orchestrated, not only to justify the enactment of the unjust laws against Muslims, but also to legalise the belligerence towards Islam, criminalise Muslims, abuse their dignity and violate their sanctities in Europe and beyond, as well as terrify the Europeans of Islam and deter them from embracing it or sympathising with Muslims when the most horrific crimes are perpetrated against them.

Hence, denouncing “terrorist” acts by those who have been agitated in our countries sends the wrong message to Muslims and the world about Jihad, the most dangerous of which is accepting the accusation of “terrorism” and portraying Muslims as utterly naïve and stupid because they criminalise themselves and their religion rather than the generators of “terrorism” and the “terrorists”, namely Western powers, America and the regimes affiliated to her.

“They plotted their plots, but their plots are (known) to Allah, even though their plots were so great as to move mountains. Never think that Allah would fail his messengers in His promise: for Allah is Exalted in power, the Lord of Retribution.” [Surah Ibrahim 46,47]

12 Rabi’ al-Awwal 1442h
29 October 2020