Communiqué to the Islamic Ummah

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

Communiqué to the Islamic Ummah

What has been occurring in Iraq is not unintentional. Steering Iraq towards drawing sectarian and ethnic borders is part of a plot that has been executed meticulously and gradually to portray that the children of the Ummah are the ones who want to slaughter one another and divide their lands.

The events of Iraq - which is part and parcel of the Islamic lands - are but a continuation of a despicable plot announced ten years ago at the G8 summit and dubbed the "Greater Middle East Initiative". Three drafts, French, German and American, had been reviewed before the final formula of the "Initiative" got based on the US draft. In fact the three drafts of the "Initiative" did not differ in their ultimate objective, namely resisting what they had called the Islamic awakening, which in fact reflected the omens of the Ummah's penchant for returning to her Deen, shaping her revival and resuming her life by establishing her state on the basis of Islam.

Dear Muslims

After she had occupied the lands of Islam in Iraq with the abetment of a host of European states, America hastened to exploit this sectarian aspect by working towards consolidating it in life, the state and society: America conferred the post of Prime Minister, the de facto ruler, upon the Shia, executed Saddam Hussein on Eid al-Adha, plotted the destruction of the two shrines in Samarra that led to the killing of hundreds of Sunnis, and burned and destroyed tens of mosques. America's choosing of Nuri al-Maliki, a notoriously chauvinistic Shia, was deliberately designed to fan the flames of al-Fitna in Iraq.  Al-Maliki was instrumental in integrating "Shia" militias into the Iraqi army, but he prevented the integration of the "Sunni" Awakenings who had fought alongside him against al-Qaeda in al-Anbar. He placed all the pillars of the state and all the key posts in the hands of the "Shia". When the "Sunnis" protested against his bias, injustice and marginalisation of "Sunni" areas, and when they organised peaceful sit-ins, al-Maliki refused to budge and dispersed the sit-in by force, killing dozens of protestors in the process. However, when he launched his recent offensive on the cities of al-Anbar, the "Sunnis" responded to the calls of their chieftains to work towards establishing their own entity in order to rid themselves of al-Maliki's regime. Hence, the masses fell for the trap of fragmenting Iraq under the guise of Federalism, after they had been fiercely resisting this narrative.

Before the recent elections, the Council of Iraqi Scholars called on the masses to choose the candidate whose electoral agenda fitted with the project of the provinces, thus allowing the "Sunnis" to rid themselves of injustice and marginalisation. To quote from their statement: "The voter should choose the candidate whose manifesto is in line with the project of the provinces, in order to salvage the "Sunnis" from oppression and marginalisation."

Hence, the Americans, with the largest embassy in the world in Baghdad and who yield the real power and influence, have succeeded in conducting the plot through their puppet al-Maliki and their agents from among the "Sunni" and "Shia" chieftains in a very shrewd manner. Those who had been averse to the federal system, which in our region denotes a prelude to fragmentation and secession, have now started to call for it under the pretext that coexistence under a unified system has become untenable. Some of the theorisers of federalism have even gone as far as claiming that the federal system of the provinces would preserve the unity of Iraq in one country encompassing three cultures, namely Kurds, "Sunni" and "Shia"; as if the Muslims of Iraq, Kurds, Sunni and Shia alike, had a culture different to the Islamic culture, and as if the Muslims of Iraq did not live for many centuries under the shade of the Islamic Khilafah of which Iraq as a whole was part of her entity.

Dear Muslims

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has been placed at the forefront of events in Iraq for two main reasons:

First:  To fan the flames of strife between the Muslims, "Sunni" and "Shia", since they tend to easily declare infidelity (Takfir) on others, especially the "Shia", and since they also sadly tend to be trigger-happy and ruthless under the guise of responding to the practices of those who declare the "Sunnis" infidels and exacting retribution against the oppression of al-Maliki and his cronies.

Some of the "Sunnis" have embraced ISIS who helped them fight al-Maliki in al-Anbar and emerged as a prominent constituent in the endeavour to break free from his regime in some of their areas; and as the bloody struggle intensifies, the thrust towards halting the killing, destruction and displacement will gather momentum. Thus, both factions of the factitious struggle would be compelled to accept fragmentation and secession, and the solution of federalism would be viewed as the lesser of the two evils even by those sceptical towards it.

Second: There seems to be an aim that is still under evaluation by the American administration, namely allowing ISIS to declare the rise of the Islamic Khilafah in some of the Iraqi and Syrian lands. The aim behind the presence of such an entity under the auspices of ISIS is to corroborate the animosity between the "Sunni" and the "Shia", thus promoting the bolstering of the "Shia" Crescent and the cloning of a rival "Sunni" Crescent. Hence, America would ensure the enfeebling and the dividing of the Muslims, and more calamitously, sowing the seeds of animosity amongst them to the point of infighting and diverting them away from their real struggle against the Kuffar headed by America.

The most dangerous aim is the obliteration of the Muslims' aspiration to resume the Islamic way of life by allowing the rise of an Islamic Khilafah state in an isolated area, which would be susceptible to annihilation once the aspiration of the Muslims to convey the message of their Lord and free themselves from the shackles of the Kuffar, America and the West, has been portrayed as being barbarism and backwardness; it could even make the Muslims wish for the destruction of ISIS. Thus, America the criminal, with the Kafir West behind her, would dash the hopes of the Muslims in establishing the Khilafah and kill many Muslim youths full of zeal and determination to defend their Deen and perform Jihad for the sake of Allah in order to uphold His word supreme.

The rise of ISIS has coincided with a remarkable warning made by the US Department of Homeland Security, Mohammed Elibiary, against the rise of an Islamic Khilafah, saying that America's only option was to contain it in order to make it like the European Union. He was quoted on Twitter as saying: “As I’ve said b4 inevitable that Caliphate returns” adding “Choice only whether we support [European Union] like Muslim Union vision or not. Mentioning the EU in this context seems to be designed to remind Europe of the threat looming on her doorstep and keep her under the American hegemony.

Dear Muslims

Islam is a system of unity and not a federal system. Islam commands unity and does not discriminate between ethnicities and colours. It deems the followers of Islamic schools of thought such the Shafi'i, Ibadhi, Zaydi, Jaafari and the like, as Muslims who should not be separated by any borders. As for federalism, it stipulates that each province could have its own canons and constitution if these did not contradict the federal constitution. This in our region amounts to laying the foundations for secession, and a vivid example of this is the preparations being made for the independence of an Iraqi Kurdistan. The Kurds found in the calls for the rise of a "Sunni" entity an opportunity to weaken the central government in Baghdad and achieved a host of aims on the ground.

If the fears are growing about the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan from the federal republic of Iraq in the near future, now that the Kuffar have succeeded in deceiving the Muslim Kurds with the patriotic propensity and the aspirations to establish their own entity, the fears should be even greater about the breakaway of the "Sunni" and the "Shia", after all this aggravation and incitement in the mosques and the husseiniyas, and through the satellite channels sponsored and directed by the Kuffar and their puppets, to the point where fierce fighting and the Muslim's gameness to easily shed the blood of his Muslim brother became prevalent.

Dear Muslims

The Greater Middle East Initiative that America has been executing in the Muslims' lands is observably nothing but a furtherance of the process of colonising the Muslims' lands and spreading hegemony and influence over them. However, this is executed this time through the shaping of the masses so as to dupe them into calling for what the Kafir West covets under the themes of democracy, freedom, the right to self-determination and protecting minorities. As America places the region under the threat of division, she is exploiting the local people to achieve her objective under the theme of federalism, as is the case in Iraq today, which is a continuation of what she started few years ago.

America is forging ahead with the completion of what she started in 2005, in terms of dividing and fragmenting Iraq into frail entities on sectarian and ethnic grounds, by activating her tools from among the various militias and tribes to threaten yet another bloody civil war. America has been working towards generating a powerful public opinion among the "Sunni" Arabs, the Kurds, the "Shia" and the Turkmens that coexistence has become untenable, thus paving the way for the implementation of the federal system that the constitution of Paul Bremer, despite its amendment, brought to Iraq.

Dear Muslims

The Kuffar have been plotting against the Muslims and competing over weakening them further through their strife and the fragmenting of their lands on sectarian and ethnic grounds, after they had succeeded in weakening them by destroying their state and dividing their lands on geographic grounds. And just like they were divided in the past, when the Kafir succeeded in establishing borders between them, concocting national flags and armies to protect those spurious borders, the Kuffar now seek to divide them further by fragmenting them on sectarian and ethnic grounds by deceiving them yet again and making the restoration of their might, dignity and pride, namely the conveying of Allah's message, beyond their reach. The Kuffar have even been contenting themselves with inciting the Muslims to kill each other, gloating as they watch them slaughter one another and destroy their homes with their own hands, and supplying them with weapons that are paid for with the resources of the Muslims' lands.

Dear Muslims

The noble month of Ramadhan is upon us, the month of the Qur'an in which Allah (swt) has ordered us to hold to his Deen and not to be divided; "And hold fast all together by the rope of Allah and be not divided among yourselves" [TMQ 3-103]; He (swt) has also ordered us not to allow disputes and differences to creep in. He (swt) says: "And obey Allah and the Messenger and fall into no dispute lest you lose heart and your power depart." [TMQ 8-46] Allah (swt) has also ordered us not to turn a blind eye and incline to the Kuffar by saying: "And incline not to those who do wrong or the fire will seize you." [TMQ 11-113] He (swt) has brought us the glad tidings that the malice of the Kuffar will come to an end and that they will be vanquished. Allah (swt) says: "The unbelievers spend their wealth to hinder from the path of Allah; and so will they continue to spend. But in the end they will have only regrets and sighs; at length they will be overcome and the unbelievers will be gathered together to Hell." [TMQ 8-36]

The victory of the believers is achieved but through helping the cause of Allah. Allah (swt) says: "If you aid the cause of Allah, He will help you and establish your feet firmly." [TMQ 47-7]  And the end is best for the righteous who perceive the Shari'ah rules of their Lord who has prohibited them from fighting each other and destroying their homes with their own hands. The end is best for those who fear Allah and keep away from the Fitna of Shaytan and his surrogates and those who even exhort other Muslims to eschew division and strife and not to fall into the traps of the Kuffar, the Americans and their puppets. The end is best for those who work towards resisting the propagators of Fitna, the champions of dividing the ranks of the Muslims and those who have appointed themselves to serve the enemies of Allah in terms of weakening the Muslims, lest they should return as the leaders of the world as the beacon of guidance to salvage humankind from the deceptions of America and the West, their corrupt secular merchandise and their putrid capitalism that has brought nothing but misery to them and the whole world.

Allah (swt) says: "O you who believe, Answer Allah and His messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life." [TMQ 8-24]  Allah (swt) also says: "And fear a trial which will not strike those who have wronged among you exclusively, and know that Allah is severe in penalty." [TMQ 8-25]


30 Sha'aban 1435h

28 June 2014