The Islamic Aqeedah is the basis of the political work to liberate and revive the Islamic Ummah

Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

The Islamic Aqeedah is the basis of the political work to liberate and revive the Islamic Ummah

Politics is from Islam and the Islamic Aqeedah is a political idea as well as a spiritual Aqeedah; and to the Muslims, it is even the basis of the political thought. Islam makes it incumbent upon those who embrace it to have their affairs governed by the Islamic Aqeedah and what emanates from it in terms of rules. The political actions are those undertaken in order to govern people’s affairs. The undertaking of such activities is one of the most important duties prescribed upon the Islamic Ummah and one of her major exigencies. This necessitates first and foremost, fighting the idea of forsaking politics and political work on the basis of Islam. This idea must be fought because in addition to being contradictory to the reality of Islam,-for its Aqeedah is a political Aqeedah-, and contradictory to what Allah (swt) decreed upon the Muslims with regard to the obligation of governing their affairs and those of mankind by the rules of Islam, forsaking politics and political work is aimed at alienating the sincere Muslims from interfering in politics so as to keep the coast clear in the Islamic world  for the disbelieving West and its political designs, and for the collaborators of the West so that they impose upon the Muslims their political thoughts and govern them with what achieves the aims and secure the interests of those disbelieving enemies.

The Islamic world started to sense revival since the middle of the 18th century through the attempts made by the Muslims to adopt the thoughts which they had deemed to be the cause of Europe’s revival; and when the Islamic Ummah began in the fifties to sense her way towards revival on the basis of Islam in a sound and profound perception and when she began to move in order to build her life upon the basis of Islam, with the aspiration to salvage the world with it, the political activities that could lead to reviving the Muslims and changing their situation started to take root within the Islamic Ummah. 

In addition to this sound and fruitful action to revive the Islamic Ummah by the Islamic Aqeedah, other actions were occasioned in the Islamic world, since it began sensing  revival. These actions were described as political actions, but in fact they were nothing but deceptive politics that rely on distorting facts and fallacies and whose aim was to give vent to people and discharge their supply of zeal and sometimes to dupe them with partial or alternative solutions. The result of these actions was the perpetuation of decline and disintegration in the Islamic world but somewhat in different shapes.

On the basis of these deceptive actions, a host of organisations were established; it would be a crime against the truth to call them political organisations if we meant politics in its sound sense, which is looking after people’s affairs.

Nationalist and patriotic organisations and parties as well as physical actions aimed at fighting colonialism were established within the Islamic Ummah. Speeches, rallies, conferences and demonstrations for partial issues were used to give vent to people’s anger. Other efforts were drained through the works of syndicates and charity organisations. As for the Islamic movements, a host of movements were established with the aim of reviving the Ummah on the basis of morals and on an erroneous and even contradictory basis, which is “reform the individual and society will be reformed.” Others concentrated on exploring and researching one branch of the Islamic studies while others engrossed themselves with calling to rituals and luring people into the mosques.

Then the notion of generating change through representative participation in parliaments and the notion of calling to the implementation of the Islamic Shari'ah through the use of parliamentary platforms came into being. Some Islamic movements went as far as duping the Muslims with the idea of gradual implementation of the rules of Islam and using this as a pretext to enter and take part in governments and to implement the rules of Kufr upon the Muslims. 
The parties and organisations that carry contradictory thoughts and objectives endeavoured to establish alliances and fronts, which make the tally of their efforts and agreement nil in the best of circumstances. Furthermore, these parties endeavoured to seek permissions in order to work under the auspices of the state and under the umbrella of its constitution which these parties and associations should have worked towards changing.

All these actions are currently coupled with the establishing of associations that work towards resisting the policy of normalisation with the Jewish entity in Palestine. Those in charge of such associations fail to realise the fact that such a role did not fool the Muslims when the Arab states used to adopt the boycotting of Israeli goods.
This is a picture that depicts many of the actions that took place in the Islamic world and which were considered political actions aimed at reviving the Muslims and changing their situation, or at least achieve their partial objectives, for which the actions had been specifically undertaken. The result of such actions was that those who conspire against this Ummah were biding their time and preoccupying the Muslims and diverting their attention away form their vital issue and from the sound work to instigate revival.

The disbelieving West and its collaborators, the rulers in the Islamic world, kept shifting from one style to another in order to strengthen the hegemony and dominion over the Islamic lands, ranging from the military occupation at the beginning of the century, to the slogans reiterated today and the actions undertaken in order to impose the American hegemony over the whole world and not just the Islamic world. Examples of some of these thoughts, slogans and actions are reflected in the globalisation, the call for democracy, human rights, market economy, political plurality and the pursuant activities  such as the conferences on family planing, women’s liberation, the environment, the GATT agreement, multinational companies. The revolutionary progress in telecommunications is being used as a bracket to market these thoughts in the Islamic and other lands, in addition to the other actions undertaken to fight what they refer to as terrorism, extremism and fundamentalism. All this is taking place nowadays while the Muslims move from one battle to another where their efforts and their energies are drained and their status remains stagnant or in some cases moves from bad to worse.

The actions of fighting normalisation, for instance, reflected in the association led by Laith Shbeilaat in Jordan, who in the early nineties declared in one of his press interviews that he was an individual programmed according to the American system, some people may mistake such action as a political move that is heading in the right direction; despite the fact that such an action is fully concordant with the aims of those who had initiated the peace agreements with the Jews from among the Muslims’ rulers, such as king Hussein, the Egyptian rulers and the PLO leadership. This is so because the resistance of normalisation carries the same meaning and purport, that is to discard the military option and politically submit to the existence of Israel; also that the peoples who had fought in order to remove Israel should renounce their belief in the obligation of removing it and prepare themselves for the cultural battle ahead and for the boycotting of Israeli goods as well as the boycotting of the normalising economic projects. Besides, the actions of fighting normalisation are used by America sometimes as a weapon to pressurise Israel in order to conclude the peace process that has as one of its objective the establishment of Israel as an acceptable and natural state in the region.
If the founders from among those who resist the normalisation process had any sincerity, they would under no circumstances address the issue of Palestine but at its original level, which is regaining Palestine and eradicating the Jewish entity. Any address of this issue below such a level is cheating the Muslims and their causes, consolidating the brackets of Kufr in the Muslims’ lands and a horrific treachery whose sin touches all those who take part in it.

This is an example of an act of political deception practised within the Islamic Ummah. As for the second example, it is the current attempts at generating agreement and forming blocs out of organisations that differ in the aims and the thoughts, such as the National Islamic Front which is headed by the American agent Hassan Al-Turabi, and the Islamic Action Front in Jordan. The yield of the efforts exhausted in such blocs must be nil or even below, because the aim or the objective for which the merged organisations had been established will remain confined to a mere attempt at maintaining harmony between them, sinking into debates about the meeting points between them and continuing to hold conferences in order to achieve this harmony and this meeting point, but it is impossible for the opposites to meet. In reality these blocs will endeavour to organise rallies, seek permission for peaceful demonstration and take up the cheap role of opposition through the filthy democratic game, just like all the other authorised parties. As for the third example, it is the call for the implementation of the Islamic Shari'ah and the demands made by some of the Islamic movements in the parliament of the country they live in, in order to change some articles in the constitution of this Kufr state so that these articles become compatible with the Islamic Shari'ah. Even if these demands were to succeed, they would merely achieve the implementation of some Shari'ah rules as laws only and within a Kufr constitution from A to Z and within one single country from among the Islamic countries whose borders have been defined by the Sayx- Bicot agreement.

Besides, the mere implementation of systems and laws does not lead to revival. Revival occurs rather by establishing the rule on the basis of the reviving idea. What is meant by establishing the rule upon the idea is to make the Ummah perceive the idea with which we aim to revive her and make her shape her life according to it and proceed in the realm of life upon its basis; only then the rule can be established through the Ummah on the basis of this idea and revival will inevitably occur.

Revival is in essence to gather the Ummah around the idea and making her proceed in her life on the basis of this idea, then to establish the rule according to this idea. When Europe achieved her revival, it was on the basis of the idea of separating the Deen from the state and the idea of freedoms; and so did America. It is the Islamic idea, brought by Mohammed (saw) from Allah (swt), that generated revival for those who embraced it and established the rule upon its basis. This serves as a proof about the fact that what causes revival is the establishment of the rule on the basis of an idea. On the other hand, proof of the fact that establishing the rule upon a host of systems and laws does not generate revival is what Mustafa Kamal Attaturk did. He adopted the Western laws and systems and set about implementing them. He effectively managed to implement them but he did not generate a revival, for Turkey never revived but on the contrary declined even further. Turkey today is one of the most declined countries. While Lenin, who came about the same time as Mustafa Kamal, did manage to revive Russia in a formidable manner when he established the rule on the basis of the communist idea.

O noble Ummah!

Only the Islamic Aqeedah, in its quality as a political Aqeedah, is capable of liberating and reviving the Islamic Ummah. It is alone capable of ridding the whole world of the injustice under which it is succumbing, and from the dominion, exploitation and influence that controls it. If the Islamic idea is adopted and carried, and if it is embraced by the Islamic Ummah as a whole, and if the rule in the Islamic lands is established upon its basis, it will lead to the radical transformation of society’s status quo and the conditions in the Islamic world. Hence, it is imperative to remedy the Islamic Ummah with the Islamic idea, in its quality as a political idea, so that it can be brought into being  within the Ummah as a political idea upon which we aim at establishing the rule. This has and still does necessitate preparing the Ummah for the political work on the basis of Islam so that she can be prepared to carry the Islamic Da'awah.
The political activities which will lead the Ummah to embracing this idea are not confined to the mere arousal of people’s emotions and their motivation for the sake of partial demands. These activities should rather be focused on exposing the plans of the Kuffar and their agents and on disgracing them. they should be  focused on targeting the relationships between the Ummah and the authority and on warning the Ummah against the wretched situation in which she live and against the impending threat of her enemies, and on exhorting her to undertake the serious work that will salvage  her from this threat and rid her of this reality. Measures should also be taken in order to launch an onslaught on the all the activities and disposals of the rulers, provided that this is dominated by the management of people’s affairs, by applying the thought to the reality and linking to the state’s activities.

O noble Ummah!              

Allah (swt) has made it obligatory upon the Islamic Ummah to shoulder the responsibility of salvaging herself and also of salvaging the whole world and lead it from darkness to light. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the Islamic Ummah to think about salvaging the world while salvaging herself and to shoulder the task of ridding the world and not just liberating herself, for she is part of this world and she has come into being in order to guide mankind and after she has embraced the Aqeedah of Islam it has become incumbent upon her to salvage mankind from the misery and to rid people from injustice and unhappiness, and from the humiliation and exploitation.

As long as the Islamic world is not freed from the shackles of the capitalist idea and the hegemony of the covetous states, there will be no hope for anyone in this world to be liberated. There is no excuse for any Muslim to refrain from working towards reviving the Muslims, carrying the Da'awah and liberating the Islamic Ummah and the whole world from the hegemony of Kufr and Kuffar.

Allah (swt) says: [8 -24] “O you who believe, respond to the call of Allah and to the Messenger when He calls you to that which will give you life.”

Hizb ut-Tahrir
Wilaya of Jordan

11th May 1998 
15th Muharram 1419