Political Comment - Afghanistan: Taliban Takeover

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Political Comment - Developments of the Situation in Afghanistan

Two decades after the barbaric military occupation of Afghanistan, the US decided to withdraw its troops and signed the unconditional withdrawal agreement with the Taliban in Doha on 29 February 2020 which stipulated the completion of this withdrawal by 1 May 2021. However, the Biden administration deferred this withdrawal until 11 September 2021 to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks which America used as a pretext to invade and occupy Afghanistan.

Since 9 July 2021, and within 30 days, the Taliban has succeeded in seizing control of the three largest cities outside Kabul, namely Herat, the strategic city in the west of the country, the city of Lashkargah, the capital of the Helmand province, and the city of Kandahar, the second-largest city and stronghold and birthplace of the Taliban , which was reported to be under the control of the Taliban on Friday 12 August 2021. This was preceded by the capture of the city of Ghazni, which is close to the capital and the border crossings with Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Iran, and the capture of border areas with China.

The speed in which the government forces have collapsed in the face of the Taliban onslaught which seized a significant quantity of US military hardware, is reminiscent of the Iraqi army’s withdrawal from Mosul, leaving behind billions of dollars and US military equipment as booty for ISIS.

This indicates that the Taliban’s advance is, by and large, designed to arm the movement and grant it the ability to spread rapidly and besiege the capital from all corners, with US intelligence expecting its fall within 30 to 90 days maximum.

With the aim of causing further tension and security anxiety in Central Asia, which is one of the American aims designed to preoccupy China and Russia by reviving China’s security challenge in the Afghan province of Badakhshan and keeping Afghanistan as a hotbed of tension on China’s border, America announced she would send 3000 soldiers, followed by Britain with 600 soldiers, to “provide security and safe passage to evacuate some personnel from the embassy”, according to the statement of a State Department official spokesperson, knowing that the US has been reducing the embassy’s civilian staff since April, following the speech of Joe Biden in which he announced the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan by August 2021.

It is clear that this process and the swiftness in which it has been carried out and sensationalised is designed to provide the government of Kabul the cover to concede to the Taliban during the ongoing negotiations in Doha and to achieve the objective of replanting the Taliban in power, so as to act as a minefield in the New Silk Road and a breeding ground for what the West refers to as “terrorism” near Russia’s southern flank.

The Chairman of the British Foreign Affairs Committee and retired officer Tom Tugendhat commented on Twitter that “the decision to withdraw is like a rug pulled from under the feet of our partners,” and the Washington Post wrote in its leader article “Mr Biden’s precipitous withdrawal, as well as his refusal to offer more meaningful assistance to Afghanistan’s government, risks disaster”.

These actions emanate from the US plan that Biden revealed with some of its outlines during his speech to the American people last April. He announced that “only the Afghans have the right and responsibility to lead their country, and that more and endless American military force could not create or sustain a durable Afghan government.” He added: "I believed that our presence in Afghanistan should be focused on the reason we went in the first place: to ensure Afghanistan would not be used as a base from which to attack our homeland again. We did that. We accomplished that objective. We did that. We accomplished that objective... the threat has become more dispersed, metastasizing around the globe". This means a trap is being laid for China and Russia, in addition to Iran, Tajikistan, and the Central Asian states. This is corroborated by the unanimous statement of the United Nations Security Council members, stipulating that “any force that seeks to take control of Afghanistan with the barrel of a gun, through the barrel of a gun, will not be recognized, will not have legitimacy, will not accrue the international assistance that any such government would likely need to achieve any semblance of durability,” and by the call of the members of the Security Council “on both the Islamic Republic and the Taliban to engage meaningfully in an inclusive, Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process in order to make urgent progress towards a political settlement and a ceasefire.” This is also what High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Joseph Borrel expressed by saying “The Afghan government should engage with the Taliban to reach an inclusive settlement.” He added: “We encourage the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to settle political differences, increase representation of all stakeholders and engage with the Taliban from a united perspective.” This reflects a clear collusion between Europe and America on a new agenda towards China and Russia; in other words, America seeks to impose a new reality whereby the Taliban Movement will officially be present on Chinese and Russian borders.

This in turn explains the collusion of Europe, America and her agents to allow the Taliban to advance and dominate a third of the 34 provinces’ main cities within one week, and to seize control of the second and third largest cities in full view and within earshot of the Afghan army. The cities were brought under control through deals concluded with the governors of the cities and the provinces, indicating that the whole issue had been secretly concocted. The Taliban’s operations have generated an appropriate political climate in Kabul to accept the political participation of the Taliban, which is deemed a radical change in the Afghan government’s standpoint, which in the past used to reject such a notion under the pretext of “terrorism”. However, it has recently approved the concept of holding elections and expanding the political representation of the Taliban in government. Some diplomats told the British newspaper, the Independent, that the Afghan government proposed the forming of a joint government and the proposal was conveyed to the Qatari government which has been sponsoring the talks between the two warring sides.

It is common knowledge that major powers tend to achieve their interests; hence, they would either resort to their own forces for these interests, or exploit the forces of other states to achieve them on their behalf. Such exploitation entails being fuel and firewood for the wars of those powers, sacrificing the riches, lives and faculties of one’s country, in total disregard of the interests of his own country and Ummah, and turning his people and his Ummah into a mount for the powerful nations to achieve their interests.
It is tragic to see Muslims being lured into the trap of the guided media, which portrayed the American withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq as a triumph for Muslims, whereas in fact it is but a change in the form of colonialism and its evil styles, from direct colonisation to colonisation by proxy, and from direct military occupation to occupation through agents represented by the ruling gangs, warlords, oppressive bodies, intellectual setup and the media and judicial systems.

Therefore, we urge the sincere members of the Taliban not to enable their leaders, who have shaken hands with those who have slaughtered their children, raped their women and declared war on their religion, to seize the reins of power; and we urge them not to turn Afghanistan into a paw in the hands of America, with which she would preoccupy America’s adversaries, and not to be stung from the American hole once again. They were previously used to deplete the Soviet Union and dismantle its unity and power, and turned Afghanistan into a training ground for their forces and a laboratory to test their weapons. We urge them not to lean towards America as she is a volatile evil, and goodness will never come from such evil under any pretext.

Dear Muslims

The Muslims are not destined to remain pawns on the international chessboard, nor tools that America exploits to achieve her own goals, nor to remain mounts for the Kuffar through whom they achieve their aims and then slaughter them once they have served their purposes.

The destiny and the status of the Muslims is to be leaders of the world, bringing its peoples out of darkness and into the radiance of Islam, and carrying the beacons of guidance to the nations and peoples of the world, and thus, fulfilling the command of their Lord. Allah the Almighty says: “And thus have made you the Ummah of wassat (best and just) , so that you may be witness to mankind.” [al-Baqarah-143]. They will also be fulfilling the glad tiding of their Prophet ﷺ who said: “Verily, Allah drew the ends of the world near me until I saw its east and west, and the rule of my Ummah will reach what has been drawn near me.”

Fulfilling this glad tiding will not be through inclining towards the Kuffar, proceeding in their path, and achieving their interests, but rather by knowing that they are Kuffar seeking to alienate Islam from life and world politics, exploiting Muslims to serve their interests, and preventing them from breaking free from the yoke of their colonialism.

Dear Muslims

The real victory is resuming the Islamic way of life and establishing the Khilafah State that implements Islam domestically and carries it as a message to mankind. This is the victory Muslims would welcome and shed tears of joy to witness. Only the dictatorial collaborating regimes stand in the way of achieving this victory. If they removed them with their own hands, they would disappear, and with them, colonialism; and the influence of the Kafir West would disappear and its false glow will fade away for good.

“For, Allah always prevails but most people know it not.” [Yusuf-21]

Hizb ut-Tahrir   

7 Muharram 1443h
15 August 2021