Death of Bin Laden and the New Direction of American Policy

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

Death of Bin Laden and the New Direction of American Policy

The announcement of Bin Laden’s killing came to serve Obama in the next presidential elections, as it seems that the decision-makers in America want to keep him in office for another term. This aim is indicated by the American administration’s insistence on undertaking the operation single-handedly; Washington mentioned that it executed the operation without the help of the Pakistani army and security services. Also, Obama announced the success of the operation in person and deemed it as one of his major achievements.

The most important aim for America was to change the image of the Muslims and the Arabs in particular after the series of revolutions that had adopted democracy and secularism as a banner and as content. Attributes such as “the cradle of terrorism” and “terrorism production lines” are no longer suitable and conducive for the new approach, which has been meticulously planned for the region to alienate it from its Islam. America chose this timing that coincided with the fall of the German leader Hitler, the icon of Nazism, to herald the new phase of post-terrorism, once its top icon was eliminated, namely the phase of democracy in its quality as the alternative to the police-rule which dominated the region for decades and which was sponsored by the West and whose presence in the current format impedes the region’s adherence to the Western values in their new cloak.

Hence, America is working assiduously and is deliberately pushing the region towards clinging to the new direction towards democracy, which has been portrayed to the masses as being the fruits of their rebellion against their rulers. She is also working through the reforms and the revolutions towards eradicating the conditions generated by the regimes, which had driven the masses of the region towards embracing or supporting terrorism. At the same time, America wants to prove to the Muslim people of the region that the peaceful trend that carries the secular banner and content has succeeded in changing the conditions of the Ummah and that the Islamic tendencies and organisations, dubbed as radicals, have for decades been failing to reach power and salvage the Ummah from the wretched conditions and tyrant rulers; also, that the Islamic organisations, dubbed as moderate, are the only candidates to have a role in the reforms and the change, since they are the only true representatives of “the modern and tolerant Islam”.

The people of the region’s image is complemented by the new, deliberately projected outlook before the Westerners and the American people, thus “Israel” is no longer the only oasis of democracy, knowing that this has been one of the main reasons that led Westerners to sympathise with it and exhort their states to shower it with assistance.

It is also worth mentioning the new approach adopted by the so-called Salafi Jihadi movements, namely their participation in the peaceful protests, as was the case in Jordan. It seems that the approach al-Qaeda was known by, namely assassinations, strife and domestic struggle, will be gradually phased out by integrating such movements into the new popular regimes, while maintaining what is required in terms of pretexts for “terrorism” in limited doses, once the repercussions of Bin Laden’s killing begin to wane.

As for the recent statements of the Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Gilani, in which he appeared to be vehemently refuting the implicit American accusations of the Pakistani army and security services of complicity and incompetence, they are designed to give the Pakistani government a fitting pretext to purge the army and the intelligence apparatus of the undesirable elements. By lashing out at the Americans and asking who had been behind establishing al-Qaeda in the nineties of the past century and who had hyped up the image of Bin Laden, Gilani is in fact accusing al-Qaeda of having been established by America and having the image of its leader hyped up. This will raise questions over the integrity of al-Qaeda in the eyes of the Muslims, especially among its numerous supporters in Pakistan and Afghanistan, from which the US forces are preparing to withdraw.

13 Jumada al-Akhirah 1432
16 May 2011