America’s Objective Behind Jordan Joining the GCC

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

America’s Objective Behind Jordan Joining the GCC

The request of Jordan to join the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which was welcomed by the member states, and the request made by the GCC to Morocco to join the Council and which was turned down by Rabat under the pretext of preferring to revive the Maghreban Union, should not be interpreted as a domestic Jordanian issue nor as a regional Maghreban issue or a Gulf regional issue. It should rather be viewed from the angle of the US foreign policy’s interests, even though it may yield domestic or regional benefits.

It seems that America does not wish to generate changes in the Gulf States and Jordan akin to those in Tunisia and Egypt, i.e. to change the heads of the regimes. America wants to introduce a host of gradual reforms and changes with the current leaders in office for the time being. The changes will occur within a regional body, whereby the cultural divergence between the states would help the entry of the thoughts to the states that suffer from a virtual cultural isolation, which is not easy to change with the imposition of laws and regulations.

Raising the hopes of the people of Jordan for instance with the possibility of approving Jordan’s membership is designed to pacify the Jordanian public, who have been blighted by the dreadful standard of living and the resentment against corruption and corrupt officials who control the pillars of the state. Jordan’s GCC membership in the near future is designed to reassure people about the possible revitalisation of the budget and against the haemorrhaging of foreign currency reserves; the Jordanian Central Bank mentioned that it had lost the equivalent of $1 billion in foreign currencies last month. The membership will also enhance the security of the GCC member states, who are threatened by sectarian division and the impact of the Arab revolutions, as was the case in Bahrain. However, the main issue is that Jordan would become the gateway for the Jewish covetous designs for the Gulf markets; this may also act as a tempting carrot for the Jews to proceed seriously towards the final solution alongside the stick of the pressures exerted on “Israel” from various sides, notwithstanding the Arab initiative that stipulates integrating “Israel” in the region soon after the signing of a peace treaty with the Palestinians.

13 Jumada al-Akhirah 1432
16 May 2011