Political Observation - Divisions & Rivalries between US Lobby Groups

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Political Observation - Divisions & Rivalries between US Lobby Groups

The divisions and rivalries between lobby groups in America, which in turn impact on the performance of the two parties, are pertinent to the priorities of politics and the interests of influential forces in the decision-making mechanism even within the one single camp. The situation was not always like this, but by observing domestic political proceedings in the US during the last four decades and since the Vietnam war, we have concluded that there exists a difference between the two parties that had no substantial affect on steering the political programmes according to the function of each party, the interaction between domestic and foreign issues, and their reciprocal impact on the interests of the elites’ clubs and lobby groups in accordance with the requirements of each phase based on the assessment of the decision-makers.

Hence, the Republicans assumed the issues of wars, the policy of confrontation, hard power, trade and tax reforms that serves US capitalism; and this was conspicuously exhibited during the tenures of Reagan, George Bush Senior and George W Bush. The Democrats for their parts assumed social reforms, education, the policy of containment and soft power in collaborative foreign affairs, and this was prominent during the tenures of Clinton and Obama. Hence, seldom do we find a Democrat attending to legislatures pertinent to reducing taxes or a Republican attending to legislatures related to civil rights.

Nevertheless, the state of disorientation and uncertitude amidst the American people will continue to dominate political and societal life due to their failure to perceive that the political guardianship blighting their life is but the construct of the capitalist values and doctrine in which they believe. They fail to perceive that the injustice of the system and its ghoulish comportment towards the masses is an execution of the group of concepts, criteria and convictions, and a reflection of their volition. If the Muslims perceived that what the rulers are implementing on them has nothing to do with their Aqeedah, they would be one step ahead of other nations towards liberation and salvation with the leave of Allah the Almighty. 

16 Shawwal 1441h
8 June 2020