Africa - totally in the hands of America?

Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim

Has Africa become totally in the hands of America? In other words, has she become the sole influential power in that continent? Also, Has Gaddafi taken over the role of Mandela in terms of settling disputes and mediating between African states? In other words, has he become America’s agent in Africa? Answer:

The United States dominates Africa but she is not managing all the African crisis single-handedly, for France still has some presence in there.
As for the American dominance, it is clearly reflected in the meeting that took place last month in Algiers. Perhaps the most important resolution adopted by the delegates is the resistance of any regime seizing power through a military coup in Africa. This indicates America’s control of the situation.
Despite the fact that there are some agents loyal to France still in power, such as Omar Bonjo, who was exposed by one of the newspapers as having received a bribe from the French Oil Company Elf. This occurred when a photocopy of the cheque he had received was published. Omar Bonjo is however under the American will. The French Oil Company Elf is deemed as the main cornerstone of the Degaullists in France and an important tool in executing the French foreign policy.
As for the fact that America is not single-handedly and totally controlling the affairs of Africa, this is because of the French influence in some Francophone states. It is also reflected in the presence of the Francophone League of nations, who are linked to France, which enables France to interfere and solve the crises of those countries.
As for Gaddafi assuming the role of Mandela by intervening to settle the various disputes and undertaking the role of mediator between the African States. This is true and Gaddafi is more capable than Mandela to play such as role because he comprises the main party in supporting some regimes against others and lending his hand to the opposition movements in those countries.

As for his recent intense activity before the settlement of the Lockerby problem, namely his mediation between a host of African states and the opposition movements of those countries. This is aimed at improving the image of the Libyan regime from an international perspective and serves as a prelude for the lifting of the ban imposed upon Libya. Also this is aimed at preparing her for the opening of Libya towards the world once the reputation of terrorism is effaced. This is what the statement of Kofi Annan indicated, when he said that he would recommend the lifting of the ban imposed on Libya due to her full cooperation in solving the Lockerby problem. Which was also due to Libya’s role in helping to generate security and stability and peace in Africa. 
The Media Forum of Hizb ut-Tahrir
23 August 1999